A fish called Wanda

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                                                            A FISH CALLED WANDA


                                              JOHN CLEESE AND CHARLES CRICHTON


1A.       EXT.    OLD BAILEY.     DAY.    

            Busy London scene.      St Paul’s in the background.

            Super impose:  MGM CREDIT


            Legal folk meander through Lincolns’s Inn Fields

1C.       Deleted.

1D.      INT.   LAW COURTS.   (OXFORD)  DAY.

            Legal folk throng the building and behave importantly.


1E.       INT.   LAW COURTS.   (OXFORD) DAY.

            A court in session. A judge and jury are enthralled by the forens poker of Archie Leach.

            SUPERIMPOSE:         JACK CLEESE

2          EXT.    HATTON GARDENS.   DAY

            We start to close on a sign reading  “London Diamond Merchants”.  We pull back to reveal other similar signs, and then the street itself.

            Out of a doorway comes a smartly dressed young woman. Sche is Wanda Gershwitz. She pauses and surveys the street, as the camera closes  in on her.


            She holds a bag. The camera is now so close, thet when she moves her hand, we can see a lens wich she has been cancealing. We hear a fain click. Wanda adjusts the position of  the bag, a second faint click.

3          INT.     OTTO’S  PAD.    DAY.

            A bare basement room whth minimal furnishings, part Japanese bedroom, part gymnasium. On the bed sits a figure in full lotus position. It is Otto West. He holds a book, “Beyond Good and Evil”. But he is doping. And alarm clock goes off and in a flash, he wakes, draws a pistol  crossbow and dires the bolt so that it wedges itself between the two vibrating bells of the distant alarm clock,  thus silencing it. He yawns

SUPERIMPOSE            :           KEVIN KLINE

4          INT.    KEN’S ROOM.   GEORGE’S  FLAT.      DAY.

            A model   of a strongroom is aduste.  Ken Pile is comparing it with a photograph. He’s satisfied.

            SUPERIMPOSE:           MICHAEL PALLIN

            Putting the photograph down, he walks a couple of steps, collects two tubs of fishfood and leaves shot. On the walls behind him we see several animal rights posters.

5          INT.    LIVING-ROOM.    GEORGE’S FLAT.      DAY

            A room furnished in strong but confused taste, dominated by a beautifully furnished aquarium, which Ken is approaching. Among some npretty tropicals is a superb angel fish. Ken put his face closet o her.

KEN      Hullo Wanda.

SUPERRIMPOSE:         A fish called Wanda

Ken feeds Wanda.      She eats.

A burly, aggressive fish anters the shit, along with a slightly tired ornate one.


As Ken continue sto feed the fish, the front door opens behind him, and Wanda enters, follone by


WANDA           Hi Ke,.

KEN                 Hullo Wwwnda.

WANDA           Ken, this i Otto.

WANDA           Hi Ken, Wand’s told me a lot about you. Hey! Grat fish.

KEN                 Th th thank….

OTTO              A squeese of lemon, a little tartare sauce, fantastic.

Wanda nudges Otto.   Otto squeezes her boob.  Samoothly and quickly.  Wanda removes Otto’s

hand  as Ken turns.

KEN                 Wwwwhat?

WANDA           George back yet,  ken?  

She makes for kitchen.

KEN                 Nnnnno. He had to ggggo ttttto the bbbbbank.

Otto stares  at Ken.  Ken looks at him.

KEN      Wwwwha…

OTTO   That’s a nasty stutter you’ve got ther Ken.

Ken is dumbstruck.

OTTO   Hey, don’t worry, it doesn’t botte me. So…I hear George needs a weapons man for the job.

Ken looks sharply at Otto.  Wanda calls from the kitchen.

WANDA           Cupo f tea, Ken?.

KEN                 Yyyyy….

OTTO   Yeay, he wants one. (To Ken) I had a goof friend in the CIA had a stutter. Cost him his live, dammit.

The front door opens and George enters.  Wanda runs to him from the kitchen.

WANDA           Hi, George.

She embrice him and he returns the affection condescendingly.  Ken is hot on her heels.          

KEN                 Hullo, George.  Ggget you a Scotch?

GEORGE          Yeah.

Ken scampers off.  George eyes Otto.  

WANDA           George, this is Otto.

GEORGE          …..So…you’are Wanda’s brother.

OTTO              It’s good to beh ere, George. England’s fine country.

GEORGE          Did sche explain what we need?

Otto makes a rapid movement, causing a knife to appear in this hand  and then throws the knife

so that it sticks perfectly between the eyes o fan animal on one of Ken’s posters in the alcove.

George and Ken stare, impressed.

OTTO              Something like that?

GEORGE          Something like that, yeah.

Delede.                                                                                                                     6

Delede.                                                                                                                     7

Delede.                                                                                                                     8

Delede.                                                                                                                     9

10        INT.   LAWCOURTS.   DAY.

Archie watches intently. In the jury  box the foreman is standing up.

FOREMAN       Not guilty.

Scout of joy from the gallery. Archie smiles quietly to himself, nods to his junior and the prosecu-

ting counsel.


Varius folk hurry up to Archie to offer their congratulations, the sollecitor, the defendant and his



Archie shakes hands graciously and accepts their congratulations.


DEFENDANT               Brilliant Mr Leach. Bloody brilliant, sir.

DEFENDANT’S  WIFE  Thank you sir. Thank you.

ARCHIE                       Not at all. glad to be of  help .

SOLICITOR                  Mr Leach, I really must congratulate you. The way you….


DEFENDANT    Do you have a moment Mr Leach? Just for celebratory drink?


ARCHIE           I’d like to but…I’ve got get on to my next case. I’m afraid.


Gang sit round table with papers and models. George toushes model car.

GEORGE          They’re worth about one hundred thousand each and there’s a tundre and thirty of them – thst’s thirteen milion, my friends.

Ken is impressed.

WANDA           Dollar or pounds?

GEORGE          Pouns pet. It’s the big one. So the police will watch all the airports, so we don’t

                        meet up at Heathrow util Tuesday. And that’s it.

George looks at Wanda.

WANDA           …Ok.

George looks at Ken who nods. They all look at Otto. Pausa.

GEORGE          Otto?

OTTO              Yes?

GEORGE          …Ok?

OTTO              What?

GEORGE          The plan.

OTTO              Yeah! Great. No problem. What was…what was the middle part about the police?

GEORGE          We don’t meet up until Tuesday because…

OTTO              Yeah, yeah….

GEORGE          I haven’t finisched yet…because the police’ll only watch the airports for 72 hours.

OTTO              I know, i know.

GEORGE          (tossing otto his ticket) Here’s your ticket.

OTTO              Let’s do it.

WANDA           What do we get for the stuff in Rio, George?

GEORGE          Kevin Dalaney thinks we’ll get 70-75$

Wanda whistles.

KEN     You wwwant mmme to ggget a bbb….

Otto is staring.  Ken’s stutter gets worse.

KEN                 BBBig…cccar…fffor the…ggg….ggg…

GEORGE          Yes, Ken, a limo, Ok? And put diplomatic plates on it.

Ken rise, and goes to the fiish.

OTTO              what if he ha sto say something during the break-in?

GEORGE          …Nobody speaks during the break-in, otto.

WANDA           It’s Ok, Otto. Ken’s good.

GEORGE          So next week, we won’t need to look for work and it won’t need to look for us. (to

                        Wanda) Oscar Wilde.

George leans overn the kisses Wanda.  Otto elude malice,rises and crosses to Ken.

OTTO              You really like animals don’t you Kent? What’s the attraction?

KEN                 You can ttt…ttt…trust them and they don’t sh…sh…sh….

OTTO              Shit on uou?

KEN                 Show off all the ttt…

OTTO              you know what Nietzche said about them? He said they were God’s  second  blun-

                        der. Bye, sis!

Otto walks to the door,  Wanda leaves George’s side.

KEN                 Wwwell you tttell him from mmm….

OTTO              See you, Georg.

GEORGE          Seven a.m. here….

OTTO              Right! (he pecks her while whispering) Don’t let him touch you.

WANDA           One more day we’re together.

OTTO              (loudly) If you call Mun I’ll send her the money next week.

Otto leaves.  Wanda goes to Ken.

WANDA           Sorry he’s a bit…..insensitive, Ken. It’s sad but…Dad used to beat him up.

Ken nods understandingly.   Then

KEN                 (to himself) Ggggod.

12        EXT.  GEORGE’S BLOCK.  DAY

Otto, lithely, descends the staircase and comes out of the main doors. Suddenly, he freezer and

Flattens himself against the building. A gun is in his hand.  He screws a silencer in place and waits.

A pussy-cat appears. Otto fires. A “plop”, follonowed by loud receding hiwling.  Otto walks forward

OTTO              (quietly) Nice shooting.

He picks up the cat’s tail and pop sit in his breas pocket.

13          EXT.  GARDEN.  ARCHIE’S HOUSE.

            Wendy, Archie’s wife, sits reading a paper.  Archiie comes out of the house into the garden.

ARCHIE           Hallo dear.

No response.

ARCHIE           Had a good day?

WENDY           I spend the morning trying to get the waste disposal man to come, have lunch with

                        Mariyorie. Brooks who takes up the entire meal complaining abaut her husband,

                        then i have to play three rubbers with that half- wit Philippa Hunter and I get back

                        here and Sanderson’s have sent the wrong flowers….

ARCHIE           Oh, no!....Would you like some tea?

WENDY           YES.

ARCHIE           ….I won the case.

WENDY           This is the first moment I’ve had to myself…..

Archie   re-enters.  Portia, his teenage daughter is at the fridge, full riding gear.

ARCHIE           Hallo Portia. Haw was the show?

PORTIA           Awful. Honestly, I’ve got to get a new horse Daddy.

ARCHIE           I thought you liked Smokey….

PORTIA           She’s not fit  dog meat, honestly. Can I change her please Dad, it’s absolutely vital. It

                        Cost much, Ok?

She pecks him on the cheek and moves off.

ARCHIE           Well, bughtn’t we to…

Wendy enters.

WENDY           Ithought you were making the tea, Archie.

ARCHIE           I am Darling.

WENDY           I suppose I’d better geti t.

ARCHIE           No, no, I’ll do it.

WENDY           No, I’ll do it.

She starts getting it, noisily. She picks up a cup.

ARCHIE           I won the case….

WENDY           Oh! Now this is cracked.


Something ciolent is happening in a Hatton Garden establishment.

Employees are rising in alarm. They disappear from view when the reinforced glasso f the office

Is splintered by a blast from a sawn-off shot-gun. The gun swings round and shatters the lock of

the office door.

Three balaclaved figure burst througt the door, pusching a terrified custode before them.

The first (otto) draws on a gun and fires two shots at T.V. cameras covering the room. A monitor

on a desk in foreground goes blank. Otto sweeps it from the desk. During these brief seconds the

other two villains, George and Ken, have forced the terrifield employees to lie on the floor, hands

on their heads. Otto moves swiftly to the steel grido f the strong room, producing a small cross-

bow as he goes. Ken runs back to the entrance past him.

The startled Manager comes out of the office and encounters

George’s shot gun.

Otto is peering through the grill of the strong room. On the wall opposite to him is a small panel

With a push button in its centre. Otto unhurriedly loads fis bow with a bolt, thrusts the business

er.d  through the grid, takes careful sim at the button and fires. The bolt finds its target. The steel

grill swings slowly open.

Ken rushes by, pushing something odd-looking on weels into the mamager’s office.

Otto replaces George guarding the employees. At the same moment Ken comes from the

Manager’s Office and he and George enter the strong room were they start shovelling the conten-

ts of the safes into pouch-like sacks hanging from their shoulders.

All this is  done with military precision and without a word spoken.

INERCUT….George and Ken rifling the safes with Otto terrorizing his captives. He is unnecessarily

vicious,delights in coking the muzzle of is gun into panic-stricken faces and intermittently amuses

himself by vandalizing the office. He catches the Manager cautiously reaching for the secret

button of on alarm bell, and forces him at gun point to stand erect. An apple from a lunch box is

placed on the Manager’s head.

GEORGE          You’are being watched, see? Anybody moves and….

He blasts off a round from his gun.

George goes through the glass door of the Manager’s office just as Otto vandalizes it. He is showe-

red in splinters.   Ken has climbed onto the window sill.  He disappears from sight.

16        EXT.   JEWELLER’S   DAY.

From aoutside, we see Ken rapidly descending Roger’s fire escape. The others follow. Emerging

at the botton, the balaclaved figures hurry across a narrow alleyway into the back of another


17        EXT.    STREET.    HATTON GARDEN.  DAY.

A Black Mercedes Limowaits at the kerb with engine running. In the driver’s seat suits Wanda,

disguised in moutache, horn-rimned spectacles and chauffeur’s uniform.  She is watching the

driving mirror intently. An Old Lady, Mrs Coady, passes un-noticed with three small dogs on leads.

Wanda stiffens. We see George, Ken and Otto walking, quickly towards the Limo. They are dressed

In nondescript clotes, with one or two diisguises. The jump into the car, wich accelerates away

From the kerb. But is brakes sharply. They are all thrown forward and George stares through the

Windscreen, startled.

Mrs Coady has frozen a few yards into the road, beyond the next car, and is staring at him. Wanda

Swings the wheel and accelerates again round the Old Lady, just missing a dog. Mrs coady puts her

Hand to her heart and scrabbles for some pills.

18        EXT.   LONDON STREETS.   DAY

The Limo hurries through the traffic.  Ken’s face stares out of the back window.

19        Deleted.

20        Deleted.

20°       EXT.  LONDON STREET.    DAY.

The Limo screeches to a halt.   The gang pile out the car, Otto first, and hurry to a Metro on the

Other side of the road, Ken stuttering the wile.

OTTO              That was fun.  What wimps!

GEORGE          What is it Ken?

OTTO              I love robbing the English, they’re so polite.

KEN                 Ddog!

WANDA           We didn’t hit the dog, it’s ok, Ken.

They are living stuff to Ken.

OTTO              Twenty million bucks and he’s worried about an insect.

KEN                   It’s n….nnn….n.n

OTTO              The stutter’s getting worse Ken. Have you thought about surgery?

GEORGE          Shut up

A police car screams by, obscuring them.  Pan with the car.  Cut to the Metro roaming off and Ken

Leaving in the other direction  on his motor cycle.

21        EXT.     ANOTHER STREET.  DAY

Ken is passing a large refuse collecting van. He tosses his bag into the dark interior and speed on

Without stopping.


The Metro round the corner and drives straight into a lock-up garage.  Otto close the garage door

As the others get out.

Inside, they now all carry bried case sto a safe in the corner, and George starts putting the jewel-

lery  into it.  They move very fast.

George slams the door.

GEORGE          OK, let’s split.

George starts fixing the combination.

OTTO              (glancing into the mews)  See you Heathrow Tuesday George.

GEORGE          Lie low.  No celebrating.

Otto disappears into the mews.   George glances round at Wanda.

GEORGE          See you in a couple of hours.

Wanda leale.  George  comes out, pulls down and locks the roller dorr, sees wanda departing, and

Goes off right, in the other direction. Otto’s head appears from a conceled doorway. He watches

George until he’s gone, and then leale in the direction taken by Wanda.

For a moment, the mews is empty.  Suddenly, a      Mercedes sports car drives up.  George gets


23        INT.  OTTO’S PAD.  DAY.

Champagne is flowing as Wanda and Otto celebrate, amongst pachked suircases.

WANDA           To twenty million!

OTTO              To a beautiful robbery!

WANDA           To us.

OTTO              The gratest broche-and-sister team since…since…

WANDA           Burton and Taylor.

OTTO              (throwing himself on the bed) Can you believe those cockney klutzes bought that

                        Story? Climb on, sis.

WANDA           (doing so) Otto, i want you to know that if you really were my broche, i’d still want

                        To fuck you. Now make the call.

OTTO   Subito casissima, senza moratorio.

WANDA           No, Otto, no italian!

OTTO              Per cominciare, due insalate verde con peperoni, un cotoletto di vitello…

WANDA           No! No!!! Not yet! Make the call first! Quick!

She gives Otto the telephone. He dials. Wanda writes on a piace of paper.

WANDA           Do you really have Italian blood?

OTTO              Absolutamente. Sì. say arrivederci a Georgio.

WANDA           Goodbye George.

OTTO              (italian accent) Ah,  I wonda ifa you coulda putta me troo to polles, per favore.

WANDA           (sharply) Otto!

OTTO              ((immediately serious, Irisc accent) Good afternoon. It night interest you to know

                        That the Hatton Garden robbery today was pulled by George Thomason, who lives


He reads off the paper Wanda gives him.


OTTO              (v.o.)…Flat 3, Kipiling Mansions, Murray Road, London w.9.  (fx pfone down)

                        Ahora bellissima…

George strides througt the main entrance  and runs up the steps.

25.     GEORGE’S FLAT.  DAY.

George hurried in, and calls out.

GEORGE          Wanda! Change of plan.  Let’s move….(He scecks, puzzled) Wanda?

Nothing. George looks at hid watch, perplexed. Then picking bits of glass  off his trousers, he walks

Towards the cedro, loosening his trousers. He glances out of the window and stiffens. He hurries

back towards the door of the flat, but is halted by a knocking.

George freezer. His hand goes to his pocket and finds the safe deposit box key. He holds it and

Looks around. He sees a small cartono f fishfood by the tank, open sit, puts the key inside, runs

to the window, and keeping low, lobs the carton out of the window as the knocking restarts.

VOICE             Open the door or we’ll knock it down.

George thinks about the trousers, gives up on that problem and goes the door. Several Policemen

Are outside. One steps forward.

INSPECTOR MARVIN              George Francis Thomason?


Otto and Wanda, in a car, watch George being brought to one of three police cars and getting in

the back seat.  Wanda checks her bag.

WANDA           Passport?

Otto nods.

WANDA           Tickets….

The police car drivers off.

WANDA           Momey.

Otto pulls out withhout looking and drives off fast in the opposite direction.

27.       INT.  GARAGE.  DAY.

Otto, with a stethoscope, is kneeling by the safe.   Wanda hovers.

WANDA           How’s it coming?

OTTO              Hard,  very hard. Should take me wath?.... Oh God…ten more seconds. Sing to

                        Me honey.

WANDA           (quietly) Oh, say can you see, by the dawn’s early light, which so proudly we


OTTO              (removing the stethoscope) We’re rich, Wanda.

WANDA           Seriously rich.

OTTO              Give me a kiss. (He kisses her masterfully) I bet these are the best two weeks

                        you  ever had with anyone.

He holds the door of the safe triumphantly.   Wanda produces a cosh from her bag.

WANDA           You sait it.

Otto opens the safe door.  They stare in.

OTTO              OK. Where is ti?

Wanda gets the cosh back in her bac and starts thinking.

OTTO              Sonofabitch!  What do’ya have to do in this life to make people trust you?

WANDA           Shut up.

OTTO              Everybody trie sto take advantage of me.

WANDA           Shut up and think! Where’s he moved it?    

Otto thinks, then draws his gun and fires three shots at the safe.

WANDA           What are you doing?

OTTO              I’m thinking!!!  I’m thinking what I’ll do with him. I’ll sew hedgehogs inside him,

                        then I’ll hang him up eith piano wire. Then I’ll where are you going?

WANDA           We’are going to talk to him.

OTTO              Then I’ll make carpaccio out of…talk to who?

28.      INT.  ROOM.   JAIL.  DAY.

C/U George.  He sits with his solicitor , Bartlett, and Archie.

ARCHIE           So in the course of installing these windows for your parents, you were knee-

                        ling on the floor, where there was broken glass, fromm the pane you’d drop-


GEORGE          That’s right, sir.

ARCHIE           And your mother and father can confirm this?

BARTLETT       Yes, and his aunt, Georgina Thomason.

ARCHIE           Good.

The door opens and a Warder looks in.

WARDER         Sorry to interrupt, sir.

ARCHIE           Yes?

WARDER         Thomas, there’s a young lady to see you.

BARLTLETT      (to Archie) Anything else?

ARCHIE           No, that’s everyting for the moment. Thank you Mr Thomas.

George rises and Barlett goes with him.   Archie looks up at Bartlett.

ARCHIE           You don’t have to dash off, do you?

BARTLETT       (to Archie) No absolutely not. (to Georgr, quietly)  George…your nephew has the

                        fishfood. He’ll be in later.

George is delighted but very restarne.

GEORGE          Thanks.

BARTLETT       De nada.

George leale and Bartlett returns to Archie.

BARTLETT       What do you think Mr Leach?

ARCHIE           We may be all right on the glass. But what else are they going to come up with….


Wanda  enters the room.  Otto is some way behind.  George is sitting, looking impassive.   Wanda sees him and runs to him.

WANDA           Oh George….

She throws herself on to the chair opposite him, staring at him tearfully.

WANDA           Oh darling.

She breaks down.    George is not the emoziona type.

WANDA           Are you all right?

She is convincingly upset.  She stares at him.

WANDA           Darling? Oh, say something.

George relaxes a little.

GEORGE          I’m all right.

Wanda cries again.

WANDA           I can’t believe it.  Oh George, it can’t handle this.

GEORGE          (almost Kindly)  Ok. Ok doll, leave it out.

Wanda tries to pull herself toghether.

GEORGE          Now listen (more quietly). I was with you at the flat.

WANDA           (nodding as she’s anticipated this) Yes.

GEORGE          We slept late, you made me breakfast, I called father at just after eleven.

George has seen Otto hovering.

WANDA           What?

GEORGE          …What’s he doing here?

WANDA           He wanted to see you.

OTTO              Who was it, George? Kevin Delaney? (Sitting) You want me to rub him out? (He

                        eyeballs George) Anyting George, just name it.

GEORGE          I have friends making enquiries….

OTTO              Good.

GEORGE          The money is very safe….

Wanda and Otto nod, enthusiastically. George eyes Otto.

GEORGE          Right. If it get sent down, it all gets handed back, to cut the sentence. Now to out

                        my  sentence even more, I could tell them who did it with me. If I wasn’t happy

                        about everything.

There is a silence.  Otto thinks.

OTTO              …What was the middle part?

GEORGE          If was…piss off.

Otto rises, puzzled, looking round the room.

OTTO              George…you want me to spring you?

GEORGE          Now.

George eyeballs him.  Shrugging, Otto moves off.  Wanda staring at George as Otto disappears.

WANDA           You don’t think…?

GEORGE          What do you thinks?

A pause.  Wanda doesen’t believe he did but there’s just a doubt.

WANDA           No! No….no.   

GEORGE          Ok. Now….

WANDA           George….

GEORGE          What?

WANDA           (her eyes going after  Otto) You’are sure the garage is safe…?

GEORGE          Trust me. We slept late….

30.       EXT.  JAIL.  MAIN GATE.   DAY.

Otto is waiting outside the jail.  Wanda  comes out smilingn charmingly at a solicitous warder who

Has opened the door for her.

OTTO              So…?

WANDA           Well, he’s not sure it was you. That’s something I suppose.

OTTO              How about you?

WANDA           He believes me. That’s why he can’t figure out about you.

OTTO              Figure out what?

WANDA           Whether you turned him in stupid.

OTTO              Don’t ever call stupid.

Wanda is staring ahead.  Otto looks.  He see Bartlett and Archie walking ahead, talking.

OTTO              What?

WANDA           That’s George’s lawyer.  The other guy must be the barrister.

Wanda starts hurring.  Otto follows but Wanda checkes him.

OTTO              What are you doing?

WANDA     Trust me.

She hurries ahead.      Otto looks doubtful.

Archie and Barlett reach Archie's. They spilt up and Archie starts to fumble for his keys. Wanda

saunters past, glances at hiim, looks back again and stops.  Archie about to open the car door

becoms aware of her.  He looks at her.  She smiles.

WANDA           Hi!  Excuse me...Do  I recognise you?

ARCHIE           No, I don't think....

WANDA           You're a famous barrister, aren't you?

ARCHIE           ...Oh well, hardly.

WANDA           Can I have your autograph?

Archie is very surprised.

ARCHIE           Er....yes.  Yes, certainly. Er....

He looks for pen and paper.

WANDA           I'm studying aspects of your system. I'm American.

ARCHIE           Oh, really?

WANDA           Only just started. It's fascinating.

ARCHIE           (indicating the prison) What brings you here?

WANDA           (smiling so charmingly) It's a little embarrasing.....have a friend...(she indicates

                        the prison)

ARCHIE           Oh! Oh! (laughs) Well...there you are. (he hands her the paper)

WANDA           I knew it! You're Archie (misreading) Leash!

ARCHIE           Leach, yes.

WANDA           I'm a big fan yours. Oh, I really...sespect your work. I love the way you...


Archie is surprised

WANDA           (fishing>) I saw you is court about, two weeks ago?

ARCHIE           The casino break in?

WANDA           That was it. You were terrific. The way you...wow. I think you're great.

ARCHIE           Oh thank you.

For a moment they look at each other.

WANDA           Well...I guess I'm keeping you.

ARCHIE           Oh, fine. Right. Well...au revoir.

WANDA           Oh you speak French too, huh?

She moves off.  Archie gets into the car and looks in the mirror.

Wanda glances back and smiles. Archie reacts.

On the other side of the road, Ken is slipping into the main gate of the jall.  As Archie's car drives off, Otto accosts  Wanda.

OTTO              What's going on?

WANDA           Whatever George decides to do, he'll tell Leach first.

OTTO              ...Why?

WANDA           (sharply) Cos he's his lawyer.

OTTO              Yeah, yeah. I know that!

WANDA           So I'm going to get Know Mr Leach.

OTTO              Will George tell him wherw the diamonds are?

WANDA           That's what I'm going to find out.

31        iNT.   VISITING ROOM, JAIL.   DAY.

We open on Ken's closed hand. It opens cautiously, revealing the safe deposit box key. It closes again quickly.   George, leans forward.

GEORGE          You've done well my son. Where are going to keep it?

Ken leans forward and whispers. There are many visiytors round them and George is checking his neighbours.

GEORGE          …..All right. And no word to Wanda, right? Otto might get things out of her. Now....

KEN                 (with emotion) George...are you gggoing to get off?

GEORGE          Sure. Don't you worry Ken. We'll fix it. Now...

KEN                 Nnnot yet.

GEORGE          Keep an eye on him.


Otto lurks, suspiciously.  At the topo of the steps Wanda is opening the door to George's flat.

33        INT.   GEORGE'S FLAT.  DAY.

Wanda opens the door and calls.

WANDA           Ken?


WANDA           Ok!  The police  have been over it. Let me just change, we'll start looking.

otto enters.  Wanda goes towards her bedroo.  Otto surveys the scene.  He sees the fish tank.

OTTO              Hallo, Ken's pppets. Like some entertainment?

He picks up a ruller and calls to Wanda.

OTTO              So haw are you going to get friendly with the lawyer?

He stirs the tank.

WANDA           I don't Know...I'll think of something.

OTTO              (stopping stirring) Fucking fish. I thought Englishmen din't like women, the way the                   way they talk.

He comes into Wanda's bedroom.  She is in underwear, finding a shirt to wear.

WANDA           He's straight. And kinds cute in a pompous sort off....

Otto envelops her.

OTTO              (facetiously) You got the hots for him?

WANDA           I'm not into necrophilia thanks.

OTTO              Hump-a-limey week is it? Otto doesn't approve. Otto might get jealous. E' molto

                        pericoloso, signorina. Molto pericoloso.

Wanda gets turned on.  They fall on the bed.

WANDA           Oh yes, speak it, speak it!

OTTO              Oh carissima. Un ossobuco milanese con piselli, un melanzane parmigiana con

                        spinaci e pomodori fritti....

WANDA           Oh yes, I want you, you slimy bimbo....

OTTO              Now?

WANDA           No! No, not here....

OTTO              Yes! Now! (singing) Nessuno dorme....

WANDA           No, no, no! Let's go to youe place. Quick........

She tears herself away, recovers her shirt, and starts to put it on  when she freezes. So does Otto.

They can hear Ken opening the flat door.

KEN                 Wanda?

They stay frozen.  Ken is at the main door, listening. Satisfie he crosses to the tank and holds up the fishfood carton.

KEN                 (whispering) Look what I've got, Wanda. Treasure!

He shous the key to Wanda the fish.  As he does so, Wanda the girls pees through the bedroom door which has been left slightly ajar.  Seeing Ken preccupied, she opens it a crack chest on the floor of the aquarium. She checks on otto. He's safely in the bathroom doing his hair.  Ken withdraws his arm from the water and dries in on the cloth always kept by the tank for this purpose.

KEN                 (to fish)  Sssssh!

As Ken starts to feed the fish, Wanda wanders aout of the bedroom, casually towelling her hair.  Ken jumps.  Wanda starts.

WANDA           Didn't hear you come in. Hi!

KEN                 (suspiciour for a moment) Wh...wh...where...?

WANDA           Have you seen George yet?

Ken thinks.  Wanda kisses him.  Ken is thrown.

WANDA           Ken homey, I have a terrible headache. Could you yust pop round to the drugstore

                        for me and get a couple.....

there is a noise from the bedroom area.  Ken starts.

KEN                 What's that?

WANDA           Hm? My brother's using the bathroom.

Ken's eyes flash with suspicion and dislike.

KEN                 Otto?

WANDA           Yeah, we've just been to see George and....

but Ken in the bedroom in a flash.  Otto stands by the mirror in the bathroom.

KEN                 Wh wh wh wh....

OTTO              Isn't it terrible about George? I love that man, Ken.

KEN                 Wh what are you doing here'

OTTO              Wanda's cut up about him, Ken. She needed to talk to family.

KEN                 She's just had a shower.

Ken, looking around, sees the bed  is slightly disturbed.  Otto notes Ken's eyeline and takes his arm.

OTTO              Ken. I got talk.

KEN                 Wwww...?

Otto leads the way into the living room.  Wanda is starong out of the window.

OTTO              Can you manage now sis?

WANDA           (controlling her tears) Yeah. I,m fine now.

Ken does a take on Wanda's apparent mood change.

OTTO              Call me if you need me again.

WANDA           (bravely) I'll be ok now. Give my love to mum.

Otto and Ken go out of the door, Ken staring at Wanda.


They  come out onto a landing.  Otto slams the door and turns  to Ken.

OTTO              What's the matter with you? Can't you think of her feeling?

KEN                 ...There's something ffffunny going on.  Wwwhat....

OTTO              Oh dear. You don't even know  why you're excited do yoi.

KEN                 The bbbed....

Otto claps his hands together to get Ken's attention.

OTTO              Ken! Ken! Ken>!  I didn't want to say this while George was around.

                        But isn't it time you faced up to certain realities.

Ken is fairly surprased.

OTTO              Come on!  You're a very attractive man, Ken. You're smart, you have wonderful

                        bones, great eyes and you dress very interestingly....

KEN                 ….Wwww...?

OTTO              We could have a lot of fun together. And I really think we'd be goog for

                        each other. What do you say?

Ken finds it difficult to speak.

KEN                 You mmmust be jjjj....

OTTO              Ken, may I kiss you?

He leans towards Ken who struggles and pushes him away.

KEN                 NnnnotT FFF.....

OTTO              Just a peck. No tongue.

35        INT.   FLAT.   DAY.

Colse on Wanda looking at the key and drying her arm. She hears the sound of the struggle outside the door and Ken stuttering in protest. She pops the key into her locket, thinks for a moment, goes to the phone, lifts it and stands frozen in his position.

36        INT.   STAIRCASE.  DAY.

Ken has managed to push Otto and is breathing heavily.

OTTO              (incredulous) You didn't realize I was gay? What is this?! Ok. I'm sorry, Ken. I've

                        handled this badly. Look, the physical side can wait. You need time. But will you

                        think about it...?

Ken breaks away and hurries back upstairs.    Otto goes off down the stairs.

37       EXT.  GEORGE'S BLOCK.   DAY.

Otto appears through the door, runs three paces, and throws up.

38        INT.   GEORGE'S  FLAT.    DAY.

Wanda is standing in her frozen position when the door opens and a shattered Ken

entrers.  Wanda suddenly looks alarmed.

WANDA           OH my God.

She stares at Ken.  Ken is too distracted to have heard.

WANDA           (much louder)  Oh my God!

She drops the phone.  Ken looks towards her.

WANDA           Somebody just called.

Ken is still not taking thing in.   Wanda graps him by the arm.  He starts back.

WANDA           Ken! They said the police know the loot is in garage in Fulham. We must

                        get it. Quick!

She hurries him to the door.

WANDA           Come on!

Ken is bewildered.  She pulls him after her through the door.

WANDA           Come on, Ken!!


Wanda pulls Ken down the stairs.

KEN                 Nnnnnn.....

He sresists more strongly.

WANDA           Please!

KEN                 Nnnn...it's all right!

Wanda cheecks

WANDA           What?!

KEN                 It's all right!  Ge...ge...

WANDA           ….George?

KEN                 (nodding)   Mmmmmm.....

Wanda's  brow is furrowed with concentration and anxiety.

WANDDA        M....m...moved?

KEN                 Yyy....

Wanda is astounded.

WANDA           George....moved the loot?!

Ken nods,  embarrassed.  Wanda graps Ken and shakes him.

WANDA           Where did he move it? Quick! There's no time Ken! Where did he move to?!

Ken can't get a single consonant out.  Wanda reacts, thinks, and then suddenly howls.  Tears bubble out.  She puts her hand to her mouth, runs upstairs and disappears.  Ken is totally confused.  He chases after her.

40        INT.   GEORGE'S FLAT.   DAY.

Ken runs into the lounge.  Wanda isn't there.  He hears the sound of sobbing coming from the bathroom.

KEN                 Wwwwwanda.....

WANDA(oov)   (sobbing)  It's ok,, Ken.  Really

Ken tries the door.  It is locked.

KEN                 Wwwwhy are you ccc....

WANDA(oov)   (sobbing)  It's very painful for me when people don't trust me.

KEN                 Bbbb....

WANDA(oov)   Ken, it's all right. It's my problem.

A primal scream.  Ken is heart-broken.

KEN                 I ddddo trust you. I ppp...

WANDA(oov)   Put it somehere?

KEN                 ….pp promise. There's a a kkk....

WANDA           (an inspiration) A key!!!

KEN                 Yyyyes, that's all I know.  Ilovee you, Wwwanda.

Wanda opens the door in a flash.

WANDA           Oh Ke. You sweet, sweet man.

KEN                 Ssss....

WANDA           No. Don't be sorry. If it wasn't for George...

Ken is deeply touched.  Wanda strokes him.

WANDA           So George moved the loot somehere, you don't Know where, but he gave

                        you the key to it.....

KEN                 (nods) It's in the tt...

WANDA           No! Don't tell me.

KEN                 Bbbb...

WANDA           Trust me. And don't tell  George you told me about the key. You know how angry he

                        can get. Ok?

Ken nods.  She starts thinking.

KEN                 Otto tried to kkkkkiss me.

WANDA           ...I thought he might.

41        DELETED.

42        EXT.  PRISON YARD.  Day.

An identification parade. Didtant yapping can be heard.  The old lady who witnessed the getaway, mrs Coady, is walking along a line of men holding cards. She approaches George, whose fase looks

slightly odd, as he is trying subtly to distort his features. The old lady spots him immediately, and says to the policeman, Ibsen, who accompanies her, and Inspector Marvin, who is watching.

MRS COADY   That's   him. That's the one who tried to kill my dogs.

The rest of the line are interested.  Inspector Marvin in his book.

42A      INT.  GARAGE.   DAY

Otto, breathless and grym, has the garage apart.  The car is in 17,128 piece. He looks round.

OTTO              oK. So...what?  It's not here. So he's moved it to...where?|... Think...bastard! I'll

                        get his think!  What?  Wheew? Ah! He's moved it to...think!!  to....yes! Make....

                        a....fool of me!.

He fires three more shots at the safe.


A Locksmith is  examining the key through an eyeglass.

LOCHSMITH    No....nothing.  No marks at all.

WANDA           But is  it safety deposit box key or.....

LOCKSMITH    Oh yes, but...could ne any in England, millions of 'em. Banks, offoces,


he hands they key back.  Wanda grimly replace it in her locket and thinks.

43        INT.   ARCHIE'S CHAMBERS.   DAY.

Archie sits at his desk, working on a brief.   Wanda comes into view outside.  He gets up, pulls out a legal tome and turns to the right page.  As he does so he becomes aware of being watched. He looks aut of the window.   Wanda waves.  Archie stares, them returns the waves.  Archie stares,  then returns the wave. Wanda mimes ”Can I see you”.  Archie waves her round to the main door.  He hurries across the room, opens the door on to the corridor and calls to his Clerk.

ARCHIE           Davidson.

Davidson appears from his office.

DAVIDSON      Yes, Mr Leach.

ARCHIE           Er...there's a young...legal student at the door, wants to see for a moment. What

                        time's  Sir John here?

DAVIDSON      Half past twelve, sir.

Davidson goes, and Archie hurries back to his room, hesitates hurries to his desk, and sits, studying deeply.   The door opens and Archie loks up, rises and stides across the room to Wanda.

ARCHIE           Well, how very nice to see you again.

WANDA           Am I interrupting?

ARCHIE           Absolutely not.

WANDA           You're sure?

ARCHIE           Delighted to see you.

He offers his hand but Wanda steps forward and kisses him on the cheek, which startles him.

WANDA           Iwas at the courts this morning.

Archie moves to offer her a chair.

WANDA           What are you doing?!

ARCHIE           …..Offering you a chair.

WANDA           Oh....

ARCHIE           Sorry! Please. I'm afraid I only have a few minutes before....(he glances at his watch)

Wanda sits.   Archie goes round desk to sit.

ARCHIE           Well done. Still, till then I'm all yours. As they say. So... what, what can I do for you?

WANDA           Well, I'm having some problems understanding preleminary criminal procedures.

ARCHIE           Ah. Good!

WANDA           What exactly is a committal?

ARCHIE           Interesting. Um, it's basically a preliminary investigation where the prosecution

                        presents prima-faci evidence that the accused has a case to answer for trial.

WANDA           Well, that's what it says in the books, but look...take for example...(she smiles

                        rueffully).....my “friend” in jail, George Thomason, when he appears at the

                        committal on Wednesday....

ARCHIE           Thomason?

WANDA           Yes.

ARCIE              George Thomason?

WANDA           Yes, he's.....

ARCHIE           I'm defending him!

Archie is rather pleased.

WANDA           ….What are you talking about.

ARCHIE           I'm his barrister – his lawyer.

WANDA           Oh that's so weird. Great! I'm so glad you're defending him.

ARCHIE           (taking the compliment a little eagerly)  Thanks you.

WANDA           Fantastic.  So I can really watch you work.

ARCHIE           Please.....

WANDA           So at the committal George will plead....?

ARCHIE           (obviously) Not guilt.

WANDA           Really?

ARCHIE           Oh yes, the evidence is largely circumstantial.

WANDA           But there's been an identification.

ARCHIE           True, but a very....elderly lady. I think they've got the wrong man.

WANDA           ...You don't think he did it?

ARCHIE           ...No.

WANDA           Oh. But, er, let's  juast say, theoretically, that you did.

ARCHIE           ...If more evidence against came to to light you mean.

WANDA           Right. Then you might advise him him to plead guilty and get his sentence cut by                      handing back the diamonds, via who? You?

ARCHIE           ...Theoretically. Yes, well, you see....oh....how embarrassing....

WANDA           What?

ARCHIE           I'm really most frightfully sorry...I've forgotten  your name.

WANDA           Wanda.

ARCHIE           What a fool,  what a fool.  Well Wanda, THERE ARE REALLY THREE....


AECHIE            (can't be) Not Wanda Gershwitz?

WANDA           Yeay

ARCHIE           (quietly) Oh my God.

WANDA           What's the matter?

ARCHIE           (almost speechless) You're his alibi! I can't talk to you.

WANDA           Why not?

ARCHIE           My dear young lady, you are a defence witness. (He rises) I must ask you to leave                     immediately. I'm sorry.

WANDA           What did I say?

ARCHIE           ….It is not ethical for me talk to a witness.

WANDA           ….Everyone does in America.

ARCHIE           Not in England. It's strictly forbidden. I'm very sorry, I must insist. Please!

Wanda is looking at Archie oddly.

WANDA           Oh Archie....

Archie takes a step back to her.

WANDA           Ididn't come here to talk about legal procedure.

Aechie stares.

WANDA           Come on! You  know. You Knew the moment I walked in here.

Archie experience truly profound puzzlement.

WANDA           I want you, you fool.

ARCHIE           What?

The intercom buzzes.  Archie answers it automatically.

ARCHIE           Yes?

DAVIDSON(oov) Sir John is here.

ARCHIE           Tank you. Show him in.

WANDA           (spelling it out) I want you to make love to me.

DAVIDSON(oov) Pardon?

ARCHIE           Nothing.

WANDA           Will you take me to bed with you?

ARCHIE           ...No. Sorry.

WANDA           Please! You make me so wet.

The door opensrevealling Davidson.  Wanda pecks Asrchie on the cheek and walks out past Sir John.

WANDA           By uncle.

Archie sees Sir  John.

ARCHIE           ….Hi!

Sir John looks at him strangely.

44    DELETED.


As Wanda walks away, Archie's face appears at his window, staring a after her.

45        INT.  OTTO'S PAD.   NIGHT.

Wanda lets herself in.

WANDA           He's pleading “Not guilty”

Otto is doing Tai-Chi, to the sound of a recording of a battle.  Wanda takes a deep breath.

WANDA           So you're safe till trial, unless new evidence come up.  And Leach doesen't think he

                        did it.

Otto laughs.

WANDA           And Ken says there's a safe deposit key but only George Knows where it is. (She

                        throws herself  down on the floor) Thanks you Wanda. So what have you found out?

                        (She opens her People magazine)

OTTO              Not a lot....

WANDA           You realize he's in court tomorrow.

OTTO              Yes I know. I know that!

WANDA           ...Nothing eh?

OTTO              Nix. Zip. Dick. (He pauses in mid-swoop) Niente.

Wanda stiffens.  Venetian gondolier music replaces the small-arms fire.


C.U.  A  brief is laid down on a bed-side table. “THE CROWN VERSU GEORGE THOMASON”.  Archie

aits on the bed.  Portia is complaining to Wendy, who sits aat her dressing-table, smearing on cold cream.

PORTIA           Oh it's too big...

WENDY           It isn,t, Portia

PORTIA           Oh, it is, it's much too big. It's absolutely enormous. Oh please, mother!

WENDY           No, absolutely not.

PORTIA           You don't care. I'm so miserable.

WENDY           Oh do shut up, Portia. All I get, all day, is people complaining to me. Huh!

Portia runs out.

ARCHIE           Oh dear....

Archie starts to remove his trousers.

47       INT.   OTTO'S  PAD.   NIGHT.

A belt buckle pings.  Otto is removing his trousers more interestingly.

OTTO              Ecco l'uomo.


Archie's shirt comes off, revealing a slightly baggy vest.  Wendy is absorbed by her dressing table activities.

49        INT.   OTTO'S PAD.   NIGHT.

Otto's shert comes off, with a flourish.

OTTO              Due capuccini con zucchero.


Archie gets into bed.    Wendy  is peeling off her blouse.

51        INT.   OTTO'S  PAD.  NIGHT.

So is Wanda.

OTTO(oov)      Le due cupole grande della cattedrale di Milano.


Wendy gets into bed.  Archie is deeply engrossed in his brief.  Wendy glances at it.  She sighs.

53        INT.   OTTO'S PAD.   NIGHT.

In the gloom, spectacular humping is taking place to the sound of Wagner.

OTTO              Dov'è la farmacia. C'è nel vicino qui nella Piazza San Marco a Venezia. Allore,

                        vogliamo bevere una bottiglia di Chianti classico e di San Pellegrino.


Wendy reads a 'Horse & Hound'.   Archie is engrossed in the brief.

WENDY           Archie, Iwant you to speak to her about plastic surgery.

ARCHIE           Hmmm?

WENDY           I do wish you'd listen to me. I want you speak to Portia.

ARCHIE           Oh! Yes. Right, I'll have a word with her in the morning.

WENDY           Good night, Archie.

She sings and turns the light out on her side.

WENDY           Good night, Archie.

ARCHIE           Good night, Wanda.  

Pausa.    Wendy's head comes back up.

WENDY           Good night who?

ARCHIE           Oh!....Oh, sorry darling, just some stupid case I've got tomorrow some...lousy old


55        INT.   MAGISTRATE'S COURT.    DAY.

Wanda, sufficiently disguised to be not immediately recognised, sits on one of the pubblic benches in a fairly relaxed but busy coutyoom.  George stand in the dock, with a P.C. By him.  Archie and Bartlett are sitting at the front of the court, and Otto and Ken separately further back among the pubblic. The court is presided over by a woman Satipendiari Magistrate, and run by the Clerk of the Court. No-one wears robes except the Uscher.

CLERK             Are you George Francis Thomason, of Kipling Mansions, Murray Avenue, London


GEORGE          Yes, sir.

George catches Wanda's eye.   She makes an encouraging face.

CLERK             The charge is one of  armed robbery. Sit down Mr Thomason. Are we ready for

                        committal today Mr Percival?

Percival, the prosecuting counsel, rises.

PERCIVAL        Yes, it will be under Section Six, Two, madam.

ARCHIE           That is so, Section Six, Two.

Otto, at the back, is keeping a general eye on things. He is sitting some way from Wanda ad Ken.

PERCIVAL        Here are the statements, all to be fully bound, please.

MAGISTRATE  Stand up then, Mr Thomason. You are hereby committed to stand trial at the

                        Central Criminal Court.

George now indicates to Ken that the wants to speak to him. Ken nods.

PERCIVAL        There is some urgency about this case, madam, as the main witness, Mrs Eileen

                        Coady, is elderly and has ad certain heart difficulties recently; is there any possibility

                        that this case might be but down for an early trial.

Wanda looks at Otto.  Archie confers quietly with Bartlett.

CLERK             This is for the Listing Office at the Old Bailey, Mr Percival. (To the P.C. With George)

                        Take him down to the cells, please officer.

The Copper with George stands and rummages for his Keys.  Ken darts forward.  Otto, alert watches.  The Magistrate and Clerk converse privately. George says something to Ken and slips him a piece of paper. Otto's eyes narrow. The Copper turns to take George out, and waves Ken away.  Ken hurries away.  Otto moves in his direction.

56        EXT.   COURTROOM STEPS.   DAY.

People spill out doun the steps, Ken among them.  Otto falls in beside him.

OTTO              Hi, Hon.

Ken starts but keeps moving.  Otto stays with him.

OTTO              You look great.  Time for a coffee?

Ken declines, vigorously shaking his head.

KEN                 Nnnnn....I've gggot to gggg...

OTTO              Have you thought it over?  On, one thing Ken...why did he give you this?

Otto has stopped. He has George's piece of paper in his hand. He reads aloud.

OTTO              Eileen Coady, 22 Lincoln House, Basil Street.

Ken's eyes pop. He graps at his pocket, realizes and dashes to Otto.

OTTO              What's he want you to do? Send her flowers?

Ken tries to grap the paper back.

OTTO              Do her shopping? Sho her a good time'

KEN                 (snatching vainly)  Gggggg....

OTTO              Rub her out?  Have a bit of noo....

Ken jumps a foot in the air.  Otto stares at him.  Ken looks furtive.

OTTO              What! What??! He wants you to rub her out?!

KEN                 (suddenly nonchalantly)  Nnnn....

OTTO              (addressing three passers-by) He's going to kill her.

Ken makes a panicky move to hush Otto.  The passers-by, ggawp.

OTTO              (to punks) Funck off or I'll kill you.  You limey fruits.

The passers-by disappear.  Otto starts shaking with laughter.

OTTO              So...Granny's going to mmmmeet with an accident is she?

KEN                 Sssshhh....sshhhh! (Suddenly angry)  What's so funny?!

OTTO              Wasting old ladies usn't nice....

KEN                 It's bbbetter than bbbggering people.

Otto is helpeless with mirth.  Ken gets the paper back.  Otto controls himself.

OTTO              Ken...I bet you a pound you don't kill her.

KEN                 (deeply, deeply angry)....All right.

His  jaw set, Ken stalks off.  Otto calls after him,  attracting attention.

OTTO              Look at the man's aas when he walks. Is that beautiful or is that beautiful? No!

                        Keep going....

Otto turns and sees something.  It's Archie with another lawyer.  Watched by Wanda.

He is folling Wanda, who is herself following Archie.


Wanda, still disguised, stands near Archie, who is talking with a legal friend, Zebedee.

ARCHIE           I'm tied up the whole day....

ZEBEDEE         So how soon could you look at it?

ARCHIE           Let's see. Thursday's hopeless, dinner Thursday night, Friday...ah!

Wanda is close enough to hear, as they slow down.

ARCHIE           My wife's going to the opera on Friday evening. I'll look at it then.  Call me at the

                        office Saturday morning?

ZEBEDEE         I'd really apprecite that. Thanks Archie. Bye.

ARCHIE           Bye.

Wanda moves to Archie and he sees her.

WANDA           Hi.

Archie double-takes on Wanda's semi-disguise.

WANDA           I know.  We mustn't be seen together.  (She puts a pink note in his breast  pocket)

                        Call me.

ARCHIE           We're not allowed to talk.

WANDA           We don't have to. I don't want you for your conversation.

ARCHIE           Lool....

WANDA           Please...

ARCHIE           I can't...

WANDA           Oh Jesus!

She lets out a strangled cry and hurries off.  Archie stares after her.

ARCHIE           Sorry....

He's upset.

So is Wanda, who keeps walking.  Otto appears as Archie stares after her.

OTTO              What's happening?

WANDA           Got a date Friday.

58        DELETED.


C/U of gas meter. Whistling. The back of a man's head comes into shot as he peers at the meter. He writes in his notebook. He glances into the corridor. It's empty. He suddenly grabs a piece of underwear from a pile, and stuffs it inside his shirt, still whistling. Mrs Coady appears.

MRS COADY   Will you stop that noise. The dogs are trying to rest.

There is a frightful yapping and Mrs Coady's doglets rush into the room. Ken puts put his hand making kissing noises, on of the dogs bites him.  Ken shakes his hand in pain.


Ken emerges, sucking his hand, and mounts his mootorcycle.

58C      INT,  ARCHIE'S CAR    DAY.

Archie, Wanda's pink note in hand, is dialling her number on his car pfone.  He is parked in a suburban street.  He's nervous. It starts to ring.

58D     INT.    GEORGE'S FLAT.   DAY.

Wanda near the start of her enening primping picks the phone up.

58E      INT.   ARCHIE'S CAR.    DAY.

Archie xhichens and puts the phone down.

58F      INT.   GEORGE'S FLAT.  DAY.

Wanda smiles, and goes to choose a dress.

59        EXT.  GEORGE'S BLOCK.  DAY.

Wanda emerges, looking stunning, just as Ken dismounts from his motor-cycle and runs up the steps, with Coady's underwear in his hand.  Ken hides the underwear behind his back, and then stares at Wanda's clothes.

WANDA           Hallo darling.

She kisses him and notes his surprise. She indicates her outfit.

WANDA           What? Oh don't worry about this. Otto's taking me to at gay club and I just wanted

                        to be safe.


He watches Wanda for a moment as she goes down the steps, and ther he hurries inside.  Wanda goes up to Otto's car, and opens the door.

60        INT.  OTTO'S CAR.  DAY.

Otto is in full lotus-position in the driver's seat, meditating.

WANDA           What are you doing?

OTTO              It's a Buddhist meditation technique. (He opens his eyes end unwraps his legs) It

                        helps you focus your aggression.  The monks used to do it before they went into

                        battle.  (He starts the engine).

WANDA           ...What kind of Buddhism is this, Otto?

60A     EXT.   GEORGE'S  BLOCK.   DAY.

Otto drives off suddenly, causing a car to brake noisily.  Otto hitd his horn.

60B      INT.    OTTO'S   CAR.       DAY.

OTTO              Asshole!  It's an early Tantric....(He takes on Wanda)  What is this?

WANDA           Otto, to get the information, I have to be friendly with him, ok?

61        INT.   ARCHIE'S HOUSE.  HALL.    DAY.

Archie is mounting the stairs, carrying  a brief. Wendy appears below. Portia lurks unenthusiastically.

WENDY           Right! (sighs).  Well, we're off now, at last.

ARCHIE           Good! Well...enjoy the opera....

Portia pulls a face.

WENDY           Your dinner's in the fridge, Archie.

ARCHIE           Marvellous! Thank you darling.

WENDY           Be good.

Archie reacts.

62        INT.  OTTO'S  CAR.   DAY.

OTTO              When you say “friendly”...what are we taking about here? Cordial? Corteous?

                        Supportive? Familiar?

WANDA           I don't know exactly Otto, we'll  just have to see what happens.

OTTO              Fine. So    ...friendly might include actual what? Penetration, yes.

WANDA           LooK! I don't need ypur jealousy right now.

OTTO              ...Jealousy!?   

WANDA           Yes!

OTTO              Look, I am merely curious about....yealous!?  Ha! Of that fop.


Archie is looking into the fridge.  He sees a pork pie and a few tired lettuce leaves on a plate. And two apples.

64        INT.   OTTO'S CAR. DAY.

WANDA           (very quietly)....What about my tits?

OTTO              (casually) Does he get to handle 'em?

WANDA           That's my forecast, yes. I'll stand by that.

OTTO              Nuzzling?

WANDA           I think 20 million dollars is worth a little nuzzling. So, an 80% chance there.

OTTO              (meanly) Sucking?

WANDA           (coolly) I thought you were't jealous.

OTTO              I'm not! I don't belive in jealousy.  It's dumb!  One thing though. Touch his dick and

                        he's dead.

65        EXT.   SUBURBAN ROAD.  DAY.

Otto's car roars past. We stay on another car, stationary at the side of the road, with a puncture.

Wendy ans Portia examine it. Wendy sighs and looks at her watch,

66        INT.  DEN.   ARCHIE'S   HOUSE.      NIGHT

Archie sits on a sofa, nibbling a lettuce leaf and reading a brief.


Otto has opened the front door with some CIA device. Wanda slips inside.  Otto closes the door again quietly, turns, sees something by his car in the drive.  In a flash he's on the ground rolling for cover, a gun in his hand.  He sims and fires. Plop. Cat noises.  Otto smiles coolly.

68        INT.   DEN.   ARCHIE'S HOUSE.  NIGHT.

Wanda, looking Wandaful, stands inside the door behind Archie.

WANDA           Do you despise me?

Archie jumps and spins round.  He stares at Wanda.

WANDA           Hi.  I couldn't keep away.

ARCHIE           Tank God.

WANDA           Can I stay?

Archie smiles and rises.

ARCHIE           Ofo course.  Look, Wanda....

WANDA           I know, your wifw's  coming back.

ARCHIE           No, no it's not that, she's gone for hours.  It's about what I said to you....it is all right

                        for us to talk....

WANDA           It is?

ARCHIE           Provided we don't discuss the case.

WANDA           Fine.

ARCHIE           But if anyone saw us together, theyd think,,,,

WANDA           They won't.


ARCHIE           ...Sorry if I'm...I'm not used to...

WANDA           You're the best.

ARCHIE           ….Can I get you a drink?

WANDA           Please. Voska.

ARCHIE           ...You are the sexiest, most beautiful girl I have ever....

From outside comes a heart-rending feline yowl.

ARCHIE           ….seen in my entire life.

WANDA           (softly) Get the drink.


Otto is examining a fine, fluffy tail from a second cat.  He waft it in the cool air.

OTTO              That is a beauty Siamese...

He blows on it, pops it in his breast pocket, and moves off, making kissing noises. He glances up at the window. Archie appears and begins pouring a drink.  Behind Archie, Wanda appears. She turns Archie round and Kisses him.  It's a big kiss.  Otto stares. Archie and Wanda sink out of sight.  Otto's  lip twitches slightly. He looks thoughtfully at his gun, and absent-mindedly tightens the silencer.  He is torn.

70        INT.  DEN.   NIGHT.

Archie and Wanda are on the floor, caressing, and staring into each other's eyes.

WANDA           I want to have a long affair with you, Archie.

ARCHIE           Do you really?.

WANDA           Yes.  It'd  be esasier if George was guilty, wouldn't it? (She kisses him) I wonder if he

                        really is.

ARCHIE           Is what? (He kisses her)

WANDA           Guilty? (She kisses him)

ARCHIE           ...But he was with you.

Wanda kisses him hard to cover her logical error.


Otto is on the roof paering into the den.  Due to the configuration of the furniture, he can see only feet. He thinks.

70B      INT.   DEN.    NIGHT.

ARCHIE           Anyway darling, we mustn't talk about the trial, Ok?

WANDA           But is affects us Archie.

ARCHIE           But darling...

WANDA           Kiss me here. Doesn't it?

ARCHIE           (kissing her) How...how does it affect us?

Archie moves Wanda's locket out of the way.

71        INT.  HALL,  ARCHIE'S HOUSE.    NIGHT.

The latch is being opened a second time.   The door yawns silenty. Otto enters and listens.  And hears a moan.

72        INT.   DEN.   ARCHIE'S  HOUSE.      NIGHT.

Archie is nuzzling contentedly.   Wanda is moaning loudly.

WANDA           Ooh, where did you learn to do that? Oh Archie! So, say someone like George

                        decided to plead guilty, he'd tell you about the loot first, wouldn't he? He'd tell you-

                        oh you're gorgeous – where the diamonds were before he told the police, yes?

ARCHIE           (muffled)  Mm, the normal proprocedure when the defendant changes his

                        instruction to his legal representative, especially in regard to the plea, is fully and in

                        all aspects to re-instruct.

Wanda has seen Otto.  She mouthes “Fuck off”.

ARCHIE           What's the matter?

Wanda waves Otto away with a hand behind Archie's back.

WANDA           Oh yes. That's wonderful.

ARCHIE           ...I'm not doing anything.

WANDA           Yes but it's the way you're not doing it.  (Loudly) Ohhh!

ARCHIE           What?

WANDA           Darling...you're getting me too turned on.

ARCHIE           Sorry, I....

WANDA           I've got to stop for a moment...Could I have a drink.

ARCHIE           (reaching for her vodka)...Here.

WANDA           A cold one?   Have you got anything...on ice,  or...?

ARCHIE           (smiling)  Champagne?

WANDA           Oh my favourite!  Thank you darling.

ARCHIE           (leaping up)  Don't go away.

He hurries out of the room.  Wanda flies at Otto, very very quietly. The locket lies on the floor, unnoticed.

WANDA           What the fuck are you doing?

OTTO              Relax.

WANDA           Get the fuck out of here!

OTTO              He won't see me.  If he does, I'll kill him.

Wanda hits Otto hard.

WANDA           Will you get out!

OTTO              (slightly surprised) I heard the moaning. I was worried.

WANDA           I'm faking it you stupid fuckwit.  Now get...

OTTO              (grabbing her wrist) Don't...ever call me stupid. And I'm not jealous.

WANDA           So leave then.

OTTO              Ok.  Nice place.

WANDA           Out!

Otto laughs, and begins to leave. He wags an admonishing finger.

OTTO              Don't make me kill him.


Otto comes down the stairs like a cat. He listens for Archie.  Satisfied, he opens the front door, goes to leave, stops, retreats, closes the door, does a mini-panic, regains his cool and shoots up the stairs again.

74        INT.   DEN.   NIGHT.

Wanda is arranging herself for Archie's re-entrance.  Otto runs in.

OTTO              His wife's back.

In a flash they have both disappeared. A moment, and Wendy and Oortia come up the stairs.  Wendy walks in and goes  straight to the drinks cabinet. Portia pos upstairs.  Archie bounds into the room with a champagne bottle and two glasses on tray. As wendy has her back turned and is wearing the some  dress as Wanda, he doesn't realize it's her for a moment.

ARCHIE           Champagne!

Wendy turns.  Archie sees her and screams.

WENDY           What's the matter?

Archie's eyes flicker round the room.  Wendy eyes the tray.

WENDY           What are you doing?

ARCHIE           Champagne dear...to welcome you home.  I'lll pour you glass.

He puts the tray down, checking the room for Wanda. He starts pouring.wendy watches him, puzzled.

WENDY           Whose is the car?

ARCHIE           The car?

WENDY           Blocking the drive.

Archie's pouring gets worse. He's rilled two glasses.

ARCHIE           There you are dear. Cheers!

He drinks.

ARCHIE           Nice to see you again.  How was the opera? Finished early....?

WENDY           Whose car is it?

Wendy is looking at Wanda's abandoned glass.

ARCHIE           Oh!....er....

Otto appears from nowhere.

OTTO              It's mine.  Where did I leave my glass Archie?

Archie does not believe this happening.    Otto looks around.

OTTO              Ah!

He goes and picks up Wanda's  glass.

WENDY           (quietly) Who is this?

ARCHIE           (quietly)....Don't you know?

OTTO              (to Wendy) Hi.  Harvey Clone. I'm with the CIA to know Mrs Leach.  (he drinks)

WENDY           ….CIA?

OTTO              Yeah, I was just telling your husband before I visited the bathroom. We've got a  

                        high-ranking KGB defector in a safe house near here.....

Archie is staring into space....

OTTO              ...We're debriefing him as of now so we're just checking all the houses round here.

WENDY           For what?

OTTO              For KGB.

WENDY           (slightly irritaded) Is there any danger?

OTTO              No, no. Not now. We just wanted to keep everyone informed.  Ok.  (He finisches his

                        drink) Thanks Archie. Sorry to have troubled you folks.  I'll see myself out.

Otto makes to move off but   Wendy puts a hand on his arm.

WENDY           Keep everyone informed...?

OTTO              So there's  no panic.

WENDY           But isn't it secret?

OTTO              You have no idea how secret, Mrs Leach.

WENDY           Well, why are you telling everyone?

OTTO              ….It's a smokescreen.

WENDY           ...What?

OTTO              Double bluff. Listen, you obvioisly don't Know anything about intelligence work

                        lady.  It's an XK Red 27 technique.

WENDY           My father was in the Secret Service, Mr Clone, and I know perfectly well that you

                        don't keep the general pubblic informed ehen you're de briefing KGB defectors a

                        safe house.

OTTO              Oh, you don't huh?

WENDY           Not unless you're congenitally insane or irretrievably stupid, no.

OTTO              Don't call me stupid....

WENDY           Why on earth not?

Otto glowers, boiling.  Archie sees Wanda, who waves to him surreptitiously from behind Wendy.

OTTO              You English, you're so fucking superior, aren't you? Well, would you like to know

                        where you'd be without us to protect you? I'll tll you – the smallest fucking province

                        in the Russian Empire, that's a what! And what thanks do we get? Nothing! Zippo!

                        Diddley-squat!! because America's rich and powerful and you fucking English don't

                        like einners. So don't call me stupid, lady. Just thank me.

He turns and starts to leave.  Wendy follows.

WENDY           Well, thank you for popping in and protecting us, Mr Clone.

As Otto and Wendy disappear downstairs, Wanda pokes her head out of hiding.

OTTO              ...If it wasn't for us, you'd all be speaking German.

WANDA           That's my brother.  He was covering for me.

ARCHIE           ...Oh....

WANDA           Get her out of here and I'll split.

ARCHIE           Right. Yes, I'll think of something.

PORTIA           Who are you talking to?

Portia is standing at the door.

ARCHIE           Myself, darling.

PORTIA           Who was that shouting?

ARCHIE           The brother of a...of a firend of mine.

Wendy's coming back up the stairs.

WENDY           Archie!

ARCHIE           Yes, dear?

WENDY           Who on earth...

ARCHIE           I don't Know....extraordinary!  He rang the bell, I opened the door....       

WENDY           I need a drink.

ARCHIE           Let's go down to the pub.

WENDY           ...What?

ARCHIE           Let's go to the pub. Have a drink there. Do you want to come Portia?

Portia has seen the locket.   It is very near Wanda's hiding place.

WENDY           We haven't been to the pub for fifteen years....

ARCHIE           Be nice for Portuia to see it....

PORTIA           What's this?

She bends down to pick the locket up.  Archie realizes and moves fast.

PORTIA           Look!

ARCHIE           (snatching it) Oh yes. Thanks Portia. Ok. Coming us?

WENDY           What was that?

PORTIA           A sort of locket...

ARCIE              Nothing. Nothing. Ok, let's go.

WENDY           What's going on?

ARCHIE           Nothing darling.

WENDY           Can I see it?

Arcie looks mystified.

WENDY           In your hand. Your other hand.

Archie is paralysed.  Wendy taken his hand, opens it and takes the locket.

ARCHIE           Portia, go to youe room. I can explain everything dear. I left some papers at the

                        office   (to Portis) Now!  (to Wendy)  And they sent a new girl over....

WENDY           Oh Archie!

ARCHIE           No really, she's Canadian, and she mentioned it was her birthday...so....

WENDY           It's lovely. Thank you.

Wendy kisses him.  Archie is stunned.  Portia leaves the room, shaking her head.

WENDY           It's the mosto beautiful thing you've ever given me.

Wanda, alarmed, peeps out, registering the loss.

WENDY           And you've had it engraved......

She shows the “W” on the Locket.

WENDY           Oh darling. Thank you.

She kisses Archie again.   Archie suddenly graps her and kisses her passionately, waving Wanda out of the room.  He holds Wendy very tightly.

WENDY           Archie......this isn't like you.

Wendy responds. The embrace intensifies.  Wanda slips from her hiding place and out of the door.  Archie watches jer go.  He moans quietly.  Wendy moans loudly.  Outside, a cat howls.

75        Ext.  ARCHIE'S HOUSE.  NIGHT.

The house.  A light goes off in the den.  At the side of the house two figures depart, arguing futiously in muted tones.

WANDA           What the hell do you think you were doing.

OTTO              I saved your ass baby.

WANDA           I had him just where I wanted him, and you....

A car door slams.

76        DELETED

77        DELETED

78        INT.      DINING ROOM.  ARCHIE'S HOUSE.    DAY

The Leaches are finishing breakfast.  Wendy is reading the paper looking very relaxed.   Archie. Pre-occupied, is trying to concentrate on a brief. The telephone rings.  Portia runs in …?..picks it up eagerly.

PORTIA           Hallo? (didgruntled) Oh. Dad.

She leaves, dumping the phone.  Archie comes to pick it up.

ARCHIE           Hallo....Not at the mment, no....uh huh.

He glances at Wendy's lochet.

ARCHIE           Yes, I'm not absolutely sure when I'll be able to get hold of that....yes I appreciate

                        that....yes I appreciate that.

Wendy glances at him, sees him looking at her and happily indicates the locket.  Archie beams uneasily.

ARCHIE           As soon se possible, yes.  Uh, huh.  Well that would be very nice, obviously. so...see

                        you soon I hope.

Wendy rises.

ARCHIE           (quickly) Goodbye, Frank.

He puts the phone down.

79        DELETED.

79A      INT.   OTTO'S PAD.   DAY

Wanda puts down the phone, and returns to her breakfast, preoccupied and irritable.  Otto is nearly reading “The Portable machiavelli”, but what little intuition he has makes him suspicious.

OTTO              That guy is so stiff and awkward and pompous and....

WANDA           He's English, Otto.  It's normal...

OTTO              Why are you so bothered about that lochet?

WANDA           I'm not.

A pause as Otto stares.

WANDA           It's just George gave it to me.

OTTO              So....?

WANDA           He might ask where it is. 

OTTO              Tell him you lost it.

WANDA           I like it. What's the matter? Don't you trust me?

OTTO              No.

WANDA           Oh that's nice.  That's a real sweet thing to say  to me this morning, thanks you.

OTTO              It's not personal. I don't trust anyone. And I don't want you to trust me either, I

                        couldn't handle it.

WANDA           I'm only just realizing how far down the food chain you are.

OTTO              Why do you think so many relationaships break up? Trust it puts too much pressure

                        on people. The spontaneity goes.

WANDA           Remind me, Otto....why are we together...?

OTTO              Twenty million bucks and I like playing hide-the-salami with you.

WANDA           Do you ever write poetry Otto?

OTTO              Yes. Why.

WANDA           Speaking of twenty million, what I'm doing to get it is keeping George happy, seeing

                        if Ken finds out anything, and setting up Archie so we know what George is going to

                        do. What are you doing, Otto?

OTTO              ...What was the last part?

WANDA           Where do you go when I'm talking to you?

OTTO              Look there's a lot going on up here.

WANDA           Your mind wanders Otto.

OTTO              If you could only understand the concepts...

WANDA           What are you doing for your half, Otto, apart from mangling Machiavelli.

OTTO              (still and angry) I do not mangle....

WANDA           Stgart making enquiries Otto.

OTTO              ….Beginning where, for instance?

WANDA           Beginning anywhere.


A slightly dirty black van with minimal windows is parked about 30 yards from the entrance to the block.

Inside the van are Ken and a huge fearsome dog called Maggie. The dog is half Dobermann Pincher ad half Dragon. It is growling fearsomely. It has a muzzle on.  Ken ties to keep it calm.

KEN                 Easy, easy, Mmmmmmmggie. Easy ggggirl.

Through the small window in the back, Ken sees Mrs Coady and her three little dogs coming out of

the block.

KEN                 Here!  Smell, smell!

Ken produces the stolen underwear and holds it to Maggie's muzzle. Maggie gets more excited.

KEN                 Kkkkkkill, kkkkkill.

Inside the van, carnage.  Suddenly the van doors fly open.

Maggie lands outside the van, knichers around her head. Sche tosses them off and sniffs.  She looks in the direction of Mr Coady and sets off towards her at a terrifying lope.   Mrs Coady hardly sees Maggie before she is upon her.   In one deft movement, Maggie takes one of the small dogs in her jaws and disappears down the street with it.   Mrs Coady puts her hand to her heart.

The black van drives off.


A very bandaged Ken lurks behind a tree.  He is watching the burial of Mrs Coady's little dog.  A Vicar presides.  The moment of interment arrives.  Sad music plays.

A tear rolls down Ken's cheek.


C/U  photograph of George.

OTTO              (V.O. English accent)  Did this man deposit anything here on the morning of May


The Clerk looks at the photo askance.

CLERK             Who's ashing?

OTTO              (flashing a card)  M15.

CLERK             ….I didn't see it.

Otto flashes the card again.

CLERK             I still didn't see it.

OTTO              This is important old chap.

CLERK             Sir, we are unable to divulge confidential information of the Kind you're seeking,

                        without proper identification and authorisation....

otto grabs him by the throat, puts a grenade to his head, and pulls the pin put.

OTTO              Did he?          

CKERK             (terrified) No! No! Never seen him before. I swear it.  Jesus!

OTTO              (looking at a list) Ok. Now where do I finf Barclays Bank, Craven Road?

The petrified Clerk points.  Otto replaces the pin.

OTTO              Thank you.  Good morning.

Otto leaves.

82        DELETED.

82A      INT.    GEORGE'S FLAT.   DAY.

Close on Otto knocking on the door, ao that we don't recognize for a moment where we are. The door opens, revealing the bandaged Ken with a black armband.

OTTO              Allo Angel.   (Seeing the bandages) What happened?

KEN                 Nnnnthing.  (He retreats, trying to conceal the armband).

OTTO              (pointing to it) What's that?  Not Granny is it?

KEN                 Not yet nnn....

OTTO              Who's it for then?

KEN                 A fff.....

OTTO              A faggot? A phone operator?  A Frenchman?

KEN                 A fffffriend.

OTTO              Four-legged one? Hard luck. Where's my sister?

KEN                 She's in the bbb...lavatory.

Otto wanders towards the bedroom calling....

OTTO              Wanda?

Wanda emerges from the bathroom, altert.

WANDA           (quietly but slightly excited) Anything?

OTTO              What? no....

Wanda goes back into the bethroom.

WANDA           (louder) Why are you here?

OTTO              Becouse I'm bored. Bored with wandering round London showing George's pic....

                        (He glances out towards the main room).....talking to a lot of notty, tight-assed,


He sees Wanda's handbag and moves to it.

OTTO              ...English shirtlifting neard, Jesus!  They're uptight.

Otto pokes around in the bag and sees an envelope addresse “Miss W Geershwitz”  “Private and Confidential”. He glances at the bathroom and sneaks the letter out.

OTTO              They get rigor mortis in the prime of life in this country, standing there with their

                        hair clenched, just waithing for the weekend so they can dress up as ballerinas


Unfolding it, he starts as he sees something in the letter.

INSERT:  “See uyou at the flat at four.    2B  St Trevor's wharf,  E1.”

OTTO              …..whip each other at the flat at four, 2B St Tr...(he looks towards the bathroom.

                        Loudly) To be honest....I despise them.  (He shoves the note back in the envelope)

                        Pretending the're so fucking superior (He puts the envelope in the bag) with those

                        phoney wharfs. Accents I Pfoney accents. (Rising, the see Ken peeping into the

                        room) Not you Ken. You have a beatifukl speaking voice.

Ken disappears, embarrassed.

OTTO              When it works...bastard!!

Wanda appears.

OTTO              (quietly) Heard from fim?  (Loudly) So, want some lunch

WANDA           (quietly) Who?

OTTO              Archie.

WANDA           (louder)  No, I've got to finish hair.  (Quietly) No....

OTTO              (quietly) No plans to see him?

WANDA           (quietly) No. (Louder) Bye, bro.

Otto wanders out of the bedroom, and sees Ken walking along.

OTTO              See you Wanda.

He picks up a photo of her and puts his first through it.  Ken turns.

OTTO              Oh! Sorry....

WENDY(v.o.)   What!?


ARCHIE           It wasn't theirs to sell An old woman gave it to them to be engrved, she's about 80

                        snd dying and it's of  great sentimentl value and somebody put it in in the display

                        cabinet by mistke. So....

WENDY           That's their problem.

ARCHIE           Well not really, legally they can't give title to it if.....

WENDY           You paid for it.

ARCHIE           And they accept their mistake so they're offering you this...(producing a stunning

                        pendant)  which is worth over three times as much and.....

WENDY           (putting a hand on the locket wich she's wearng) This is the nicest thing you've ever

                        given me that I abosutely love, and now you want me to give it back.

ARCHIE           I don't want you to give....

WENDY           Well they can't have it.

ARCHIE           Wendy.

WENDY           No.

ARCHIE           Wendy!!  pa 71

WENDY           Tell them they can's have it. You're the barrister.

She runs into the garden.     Archie fumes impotently.

84        EXT.   FRIEND'S FLAT.    DAY

Wanda comes along the street, looking at the numbers of the house. Sche pauses and checks the number con Archie's letter.

85        INT.    FIEND'S FLAT.   DAY.

Archie is preening the flat.  He checks the champagne, turns the music up, looks round, cheks his apparance.


Wanda is outside the door of the flat.  She opens her bag and prepares to go into combat.   A squirt of scent up her skirt, a smudging of the eye make-up, a deep breath.  She rings.

87      INT.       FRIEND'S FLAT.    DAY.

Archie opens the door.   Wanda enters.

WANDA           Hi.....Hey!   It's nice.

ARCHIE           You like it?   It belongs to someone at the chambers.

WANDA           Where is he?

ARCHIE           Hong Kong. He's awey for weeks. Don't worry, we spoke this morning.

WANDA           It's lovely.  Hmmm....nice rug.

She admires a thick wite rug by the fireplace.  Archie turns the music up.

ARCHIE           May I have the pleasure?

He polkas with her, rather well and flamboyantly, for a few seconds. Wanda is surprised.

ARCHIE           You make me feel so free!

WANDA           ….Free?

ARCHE            Wanda, have you any idea what it's like being English? Being so correct all the time,

                        so stifled by this drad of sayng the wrong thing, of asking someone whether they're

                        married and hearing “My wife left me this morning”, of saying “Do you have

                        children?”, or getting somebody's name wrong or having our flies open at a State

                        Funeral.   Wanda, we're terrified of embarrassment. That's why we're so....dead. 

                        Most of my friends are dead you know.  But you're alive, God Bless you. And I want      

                        to be. I'm so bored with  all this....I want to make love with you Wanda. I'm a goog

                        lover.  At least I used to be, back in the early Fourteenth century. Can we fo to bed?

WANDA           I thought you'd never ask.

Archie suddenly sweeps her up in his arms, carries her into the bedroom and lays her on the bed.  Otto is watching through the louvered doors of the wardrobe.

ARCHIE           I think I lovee you Wanda.

WANDA           Oh you sweet men. Can I ask you something?

ARCHIE           Anything. Anything....

WANDA           Where's the locket?

ARCHIE           Icouldn't get it, Wanda....

they are speaking so quetly that Otto has to strain to hear

WANDA           What?!

ARCHIE           Wendy won't give it back.  Look, (producing the new pendant) I got you this....

WANDA           …..Archie, that's no good.  (She eyeballs Archie) Have to have mine.

ARCHIE           Really?

WANDA           Yes 8she slokes) My mother gave it to me. On her d...(she cries).  Sorry....

Otto missed this.  He's frustrated.

ARCHIE           Oh, ok.  All right. I'll get it for you.

WANDA           ...Can you?

ARCHJIE          Yes...I'll find a way.

Otto can't hear a thing, and gives up.

ARCHIE           Don't worry. You'll have it.

WANDA           Promise?

WARCHIE        I promise.

Wanda starts loosening something.

WANDA           And promise me....you'll tell me if George decides to plead guilty....

The guardrobe door is opening slightly in the background.

ARCHIE           Wanda.

WANDA           It affects us Archie.

ARCHIE           …....Ok.

WANDA           And especially if he says something about my jewlels.

The wardrobe door is open wide.  Otto is moving closer to the bed.

ARCHIE           What?

WANDA           He has some jewels of mine and he won't tell me where he's put them.  You might

                        be able to find out.....

ARCHIE           Wanda, I can't....

WANDA           Archie! Please! Promise me.  Sex is difficult for me....if I don't completely trust


ARCHIE           ...Ok.

WANDA           Oh, I love you Archie.  (She kisses him:)

Otto, crawling to a better listening position, reacts, and makes a noise. Archie hears it. His head comes up.

ARCHIE           What was that?

WANDA           What?

ARCHIE           I thought....you're brother didn't bring you here this time?

WANDA           No! Archie! (she laughs)

ARCHIE           I just...he's no idea?

WANDA           You can say that again.

ARCHIE           ….What?

WANDA           Oh he's so dumb.  He once told me the Gettysberg address was where Lincoln lived.

ARCHIE           Oh.  And those terrible lies he told about the CIA! Oh dear....painfu...

Archie smorts with laughter.    Otto is silently imploding.

WANDA           And when he heard your daughter was named Portia, he said “Why did they name

                        her after a car?”.

Otto, bemused for a moment, struggles for calm.  Archie laughs and laugs. And laughs.   Wanda watches Archie with curiosity.

WANDA           (Not lying).....I like the way you laugh, Archie.

There is a moment between them.

ARCHIE           And I like you.  You're funny.  How can someone as.....bright as you, have a brother

                        who's so....

otto's head appears over the side of the bed, about two feet from them. There is another moment between Archie an Wanda.

OTTO              (reasonably)  Don't call me stupid.

They both see Otto is there and cry out,  and leap away from him across the bed.

ARCHIE           Jesu Christ!

WANDA           What are you doing here?! Get out of here!!

In a flash, Otto has entangled Archie in the be dspread, grabbed Wanda by the wrist and is pulling her out of the bedroom.

WANDA           Stop it, let me go you idiot, for Crhrist's sake let me go or I'll....

Otto shoves her out for the door of the flat into the corridor.

OTTO              I'll deal with you later.

He slams the door on her and is back in the bedroom in an instant.   Archie is just standing up.  Wanda hammers on the flat door.

ARCHIE           What have you done with her?

OTTO              She's all right. Now apologise.

ARCHIE           ...WHAT!!?

OTTO              Apologise!

ARCHIE           ….Are you totally deranged?

OTTO              You pompous stuck-up English giant twerp scumbag dickhead butt-fucking asshole.

ARCHIE           How interesting.  You're a true vulfgarian aren't you.

OTTO              ….I've never been near the place. I'm American.

ARCHIE           I said Vulgarian....

OTTO              OooH!  Vulgrian. Well, you're the vulgariam,  you fuck! Now, apologise....

ARCHIE           To you!?

OTTO              Apologise!

88        EXT.    FRIEND'S FRAT.   DAY.

Close on Archie.

ARCHIE           All right.  All right. I apologise...

OTTO(ovv)      You're really sorry.

ARCHIE           I'm really, really sorry.  I apologise unreservedly.

OTTO              You take it ckack....

The camera is turning through 180 degrees and mow pulls back rapidly, to reveal Archie dangling upside down out of the window of the flat.   Otto is  holding him by hid ankles.

ARCHIE           I do. I offer a complete and utter retraction. The imputation was quits uncalled for

                        anf was totally without basis in fact, nor was it “fair comment” and i deeply regret

                        any distress my remarks my have caused you or your family....

People  in the street below are staring up.  Archie is being hauled back in.

ARCHIE           ….And I hereby undertake not to repeat such a slander at any time....

He disappears into the window.  People look at each other.

89         INT.    FRIEND'S  FLAT.   DAY.

OTTO              So....don't ever, ever call me a stupid Vulgarian, Ok. (He moves off but turns) And if

                        you try to fuck my sister again, I'll drown you a bucket of your own blood.

Hammering is still audible.    Otto strides to the door.

OTTO              Think about it.  It's part of your life now. (He opens he grabs Wanda and slam the

                        door behind him)

In the bedroom, Archie is kneeling, trepid.

ARCHIE           I'm alive.  Thank you God.


The road is deserted.  A beaten-up Ford waits,  revving its engine, without its lights on. From inside comes reggae music.

Mrs Coady appears with her two remaining dogs from the entrance to her block and turns away from the Ford. The Ford moves slowly off after her, and the reggae music is swtched off.

Mrs Coady walks a few paces and then prepares to cross the road.  One of her dogs starts pulling her across the road. The Ford accelerates. But the second dog tangles its leach round a lamp post and hauls Mrs Coady back onto the pavement.

Close on Ken as rasta, horrified. He swings the wheel to avoid the dog in the road.  He fails.  It is flattened.

KEN                 Aaaah.....oh  ffffff.......

the Ford, swerving, hits a council rubbish bin and crashes to a halt.  Mrs Coady, realising what's  happened, runs towards the Ford and belabours Ken as he emerges three-quarters stunned.  He  takes a terrible battering before he runs off.

KEN                 Sssssss.....

Mrs Coady takes several pills.

91        INT.  OTTO'S PAD.   NIGHT.

A row is in progress.  Otto is bckpedalling.

OTTO              You said you loved him!

WANDA           Yes, otto, that's correct. Now here's a multiple choise question foro you. Ok? a)  Wanda was lying b) Wanda was telling the truth....Which are you going to chose, Otto?

OTTO              ….You told me you weren't planning to see him.

WANDA           Right.  Because I knew you'd come along and funck it up. And sure enough you

                        came along and fucked it up, Otto. I was dealing with something delicate there,

                        Otto.  Delicate as in “Don't give it to  a brain-damaged gorilla”. I was setting up

                        a guy who's incredibly important to us, who'll tell me if they're going to arrest you,

                        and where the loot is....and you come lopin..?.in, like Rambo without a jockstrap

                        and you dangle him out of a fifth floor window. Was that smart Otto?

OTTO              (calmly)  Ok.....

WANDA           Was that shrewd?  Was it good tactics? Or was it stupid!!

OTTO              Don't call me stupid.

WANDA           You're right. I'm sorry. To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people. I've

                        known dresses with a higher IQ.  But you think you're interllectual don't you, ape?

OTTO              Apes don't read philosophy.

WANDA           Yes they do, Otto. They just don't understand it.  Let me tell you a couple of things,

                        Otto.  Aristotele was not Belgian. The central message of Buddhism is not “Every

                        Man For himself”.

OTTO              You read....

WANDA           And....the London Ubderground is not a political movement. Those are mistakes,

                        Otto, I looked them up.

Otto, for once, is deflated.  Wanda sits on the arm of  the chair.

WANDA           Now......you have just humiliated the man who can keep you out of jail and make

                        you rich. What are you going to do?....What would an intellectual do? What would

                        pLATO DO?

OTTO              (quietly)...Apologise.

WANDA           What?

OTTO              (louder, defiantly) Apologise!!

WANDA           Right. (She rises)

OTTO              ...I'm sorry.

WANDA           Not to me!  You ape. To him. And make it good, or we're dead. Or at least, you are.


A tiny wreath lies on tiny grave.  Above it a tiny headstone - “Lucky”.  A pause.  A tear falls on the wreath. And another. Ken is crying. A wide shot shows him on his own among the trees. Yearning

music plays.

93        DELETED

94        DELETED

94A       EXT.  LOCK BRIDGE.    DAY.

The yearning music continues over distant figures of Wanda and Archie. Archie is behaving emotionally, making points insistently. He pauses.  Wanda throws herself at him and after a

moment he embraces her passionately.

C/U  of the lovers.

WANDA           You're wonderful

ARCHIE           …..You're wonderful.

WANDA           It'lll never happen again, I promise.  He understands now.  He feels terrible.

ARCHIE           …..Really?

WANDA           Please just speak to him, you'll see. He's so sorry.

ARCHIE           Ok.

95        INT.  OTTO'S PAD.    DAY.

Close on Otto, so we're not sure where he is.

OTTO              ...I don't know got into me. You know me Italians are – impulsive, spontaneous

                        ….you've seen the Godfather, well....you called me stupid and I just...wanted to

                        kill you, like this and this and this......

Otto delivers Karate blows, but we realize he is on his own, rehearsing.


Ken peeps out of doorway.  Satisfied the coast is clear, he hurries out carrying a rifle-shaped package, looking around furtively, and dumps it in the boot of his battered van.

97       DELETED

98        INT.    LARGE STORE.    DAY.

There are plenty of shoppers about.  Archie is at a pay phone, carrying three champagne bottles and a gift-wrapped package. He is wearing a raincoat over spronsier outfit, and gloves. He's laughing happily.

ARCHIE           Wonderful.  See you at five then. Neither can I. I love....No, I won't forget it.  I'm

                        going to get it now. I'm going to steal it. I'll explain everything later. What? No, I

                        won't forget it. I'm going to get it now. I'm going to steal it. I'll explain everything

                        later. What? No, no, he hasn't contacted me yet, but....

98A       EXT.   LONDON STREET.    DAY.

ARCHIE           ….it doesn't matter. See you at five. I love you. (fX phone down).

Close on Otto emerging from bank.   He crosses a name off  a list and walks off,  muttering to himself.

OTTO              I'm very....very....s....i want to apolofize because I really am very....very....very

                        ….funck you! Funck you you expect me to apologixe to you, you slimy Limey bast


Passers-by are staring at Otto.  He glances at them and double-takes.

OTTO              Yes?...Yes??  You English. Look at you. You stand therer a forest of Redwood trees

                        upnyour big pink hairless butts, looking so shocked and superior- what the matter?

                        Haven't you ever seen anybody before who was actualy alive, you miribund dorks?

Upper Class Woman bristles.

UPPER CLASS WOMAN          Don't you speak to me  like that.

OTTO                                      You ungly old witch. I'm going to throw you out.

He picks  her up and stuffs her head first into a trsash can.

OTTO              Who's next?! Form a line here....come on....

he points. The others didperse rapidly, including two big men.  Otto calls after them.

OTTO              Sorry!  Do forgive me.  Don't know  that came over me. So sorry.

A small crowd of children applkaud.

99       INT.    OTTO'S PAD.     DAY.

The door opens and Otto enters, still talking to himself. He go to a vase and puts several cats tails in it from his pocket.

OTTO              So I' d just like to say......I really do apologise, and well, what else can Isay,


He turns to one of the cut-out figures. It is now that of Archie. Three shots hit the Archie figure between the eyes.

OTTO              Sorry!

Wanda has been warching from the bathroom door.

WANDA           Otto....

Otto throws himself scross the room and rolls,   covering Wanda in an instant.  Wanda ignores this.

WANDA           (deliberately)  The trial is tomorrow.

100        INT.    OTTO'S CAR.    DAY.

Otto is pulling up near Archie's driveway, rehearsing.

OTTO              ...Really am, really, rreally sorry and it was very, very wrong of me to....to dangle

                        you out of the windo.

The corner of his mouth fliuckers.   And straightens.  He gets out of the car.


Otto approaches the house, muttering. He notes the absence of cars  from drive, and looks at his watch.  He pulls his gun and starts looking for cats,  when he hears a distant breaking of glass.  He is curious.


Archie's black-gloved hand is opening the back door from the outside, through a broken pane.  He enters, and hurries along corridor and upstairs.


Archie enters and opens Wendy's jewellery drawer. He takes the locket and a few other pieces, puts them into a bag, scatters she drawers, and runs downstairs.

104      INT.     GROUND FLOOR,   ARCHIE'S   HOUSE.      DAY.

Otto comes   through the back door, sees a movement  - no more – at the end of the corridor, creeps into the hall and glimpses a Archie keeling at a chest of drawers in the living room, rummaging.   Archie rises.   Otto  disappears.   Archie goes out into the hall, and almost immediately comes spinning back in, with a raincoat over his head and his arms pinned to his sides, followed by Otto.  Archie falls over a small table, and Otto, in a trice, trie his hands behind his back.

OTTO              So......try to rob  Mr Leach would you?  Well,  I'm going to teach you lesson. He just

                        happens to be a very good friend of mine.....

He stamds and reaches a large copper warming pan down off the wall, as Archie, making muffled noises, tries to stand up.

OTTO              ….ans he's going to be very pleased with me, when he finds you.....

ARCHIE           (muffled)  No!  Otto!

OTTO              ...trussed up here all ready for the police.

Otto brings the pan down on Archie's head with an awful bong.

OTTO              And don't call me Otto. TO YOU i'M mR.....

He stops.   Archie slumps unconscius.   Otto  has disturbing thoughts.  He drops to the floor and pulls the raincoat off Archie's head.  He stares.  And panic.

OTTO              …..Aaaaagh!! Oh my God!! (Dropping to his Knees)  Oh I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, oh my

                        God I'm sorry. I apologise! I didn't know it was you! I'm sorry!  (He tries to bring

                        Archie  round)  Please!! How could I know it was you?  How can you expect me to

                        guess, you stupid bastard!! (Rising)

                        What the fuck are you doing robbing your own house!?  You asshole!

He starts kicking Archie.

OTTO              You fuckwit!  You moron! You stupid, stiff, pompous English....

He stops, horrified.

OTTO              Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry....let me think

He ponders deeply and runs for it.


Ken in an empty room, holds the rifle. It is beautiful. Slow he squeezes the trigger.

106      EXT.   ARCHIE'S HOUSE.    DAY.

Bang!  Wendy slams the door of her car in the drive.

107      INT.  LIVING ROOM.   DAY.

Archie stirs and opens his eyes.  He suddenly comes to, and discovers his hands are tied. Then he hears Wendy coming trhrough the front door and reacts with horror. But Wendy goes upstairs.  Archie sees the bag.  He stares.  From upstairs comes a scream.  And another.  Archie picks the bag up with his teeth and scatters the contents.  Wendy is running down the stairs.  Archie sees the locket an somehow gets it and the chain in his mouth and slumps, feigning unconsciousness, just as Wendy bursts in.  She sees him and screams and runs to him.  Archie feigns waking up, making moanir noises.  Wendy kneels by him.

WENDY           Darling, are you all right?  Oh Archie.....

Archie groans.

WENDY           Are you hurt?

Archie shakes his head, moaning.

WENDY           Speak to me....

Archie groans sympathetically and indicates his tied hands.

WENDY           Can't you speack Archie!  What has happened?

Archie, hands free, stages a coughing, fit and gets the locket into his hand and then his pocket.

WENDY           Archie, we've been burgled.

ARCHIE           Oh no!

WENDY           Are you all right?

ARCHIE           Yes, I'm fine. Bit of a headache. Ha! Icame in he..?.. someone must have hit me, I

                        felt, a blow, a Kind of blackness.

He's rubbing his wrists. Suddenly he sees his watch, starts and stares at it.  Waendy looks at him.

ARCHIE           Oh my God! Is that the time?!

WENDY           …..What?

ARCHIE           I didn't realise it was so late.

WENDY           What?!

He gets up. Wendy stares at him in astonishment.

AECHIE            I'm late for a conference.

WENDY           ….A conference!! You're yust been attacked....!

ARCHIE           It's nothing, really. Look I, I must run....

WENDY           But Archie....

ARCHIE           I'll help you tydy up when I get back.  Sorry.

Archie hurries out.   Portia wanders in casually.

PORTIA           What's happened?

WENDY           Oh go to hell...

The front door slam.   Wendy reviews her sense data.


Further down the road, Archie's car roars off.  In the distance curioously worried Otto is watching from behind some greenery.


Ken has his ritle set up, with telescopic sights, pointing out the window.

110      INT.    ARCHIE'S  FRIEND'S FLAT.    DAY.

Archie bursts in,  breathless. He looks at a clock, wich shows 5.03 p.m.  He hurries to the kitchen.  The appearance of flat has altered a little, but due to Archie's haste, and the …?.. of lingering shots, only the sharpest members of the cinema audience notice anything.   Archie shoves the champagne into the freezing compartment of the fridge, and puts some music on.  As the music swells, he checks his appearance.


Outside the door,  Wanda      prepares to ring.  But this time she  do?so. Differently – quite demurely, by her standards.  Then she reaches for the bell.

112      INT.    ARCHIE'S  FRIEND'S FLAT.     DAY.

Archie opens the door.    Wanda steps in.

WANDA           Allo.

Archie gives her a big Kiss.  She likes it.

ARCHIE           How do you do.

He gives her another kiss.  Half-way through, Wanda stiffens. They part slowly.  Half the locket protrudes from Wanda's mouth.  She takes it out, looks at it, looks at Archie and smiles.

WANDA           Thamk you.  That's....

ARCHIE           Champagne?

WANDA           Great.

Archie makes for the Kitchen.   Wanda quickly opens the locket, sees the key, reacts with delight, puts it back and puts the locket on.  Archie appears with two glasses. He gives her one.  Wanda drinks.

ARCHIE           It's not very cold I'm afraid.  Ha!  I went back to.

WANDA           Let's make love.

Archie looks at her.   She put her glass down.

ARCHIE           ….If you insist.

He takes her hand and takes a step towards the bedroom.

WANDA           No.

ARCHIE           What?

WANDA           There...

She points to the thick white rug.

WANDA           Take your clothes off.

She disappears into the bedroom.

ARCHIE           Why no, indeed.

He starts to undress, and calls to Wanda.

ARCHIE           Afterwards.....

WANDA           Yeah?

ARCHIE           Let's go to South America.

Wanda's face appears at the door.

WANDA           What?

ARCHIE           Let's fly to South America.

WANDA           Why South America?

ARCHIE           Ok.  Iceland.

Wanda, more or less ressured, disappears.  Archie takes his shirt off.

ARCHIE           Wanda?

WANDA           Yes?

ARCHIE           What do you really want out of live.

WANDA(oov)   I don't know....

ARCHIE           Why do I like you so much?

Wanda thinks.  Then smiles.

WANDA           Archie?

ARCHIE           Yes.

WANDA           Do you speack Italian?

ARCHIE           I am Italian. Sono italiano in spirito ma ho sposato una donna che preferisce

                        laborare nel giardino a far l'amore passionata.  Uno sbaglio grande.

Archie's accent is better than Otto's.  Wanda breathes in sharp.  Archie is  in his underpants. He checks his appearance in the mirror and pulls his stomach in.

ARCHIE           But it's such an ungly language.  Haw about.....Russian?

He unleashes a flow of superb Russian.  Wanda inhales sharply,  leans against the wall and strrrruggles to remain conscious, as a drop of saliva creeps downwards from the corner of the mouth.

Archie cavorts round the room, maintaining the flow of luscious Russke chat.  Wanda, hardly undresses at all, appears at the door, and watches.  Archie sees her and stops.

WANDA           Archie?

ARCHIE           Yes?

WANDA           Do you have money?

ARCHIE           Not really, no.

WANDA           What about the house?

ARCHIE           That's Wendy's.  She's the rich one.  Why?

WANDA           ….Never mind.

She disappears.  Archie starts up the Russian again, removes his underpants, flicks them up with his foot and tosses them away, a cavorts.  The door of the flat opens and in walk the Johnstone family.  A couple in their forties, three children, 13, 11 and 6, and a nanny and a small child. They are all through the door before they see Archie and Wanda.  They now all stare at each other for a very long time.  The parents are so astonished they do litt to restrain their children's natural curiosity.  Eventually the small child starts to cry.

MR  JOHNSTORE        What the hell are you doing???

Archie conceals his private parts with a photograph of Mrs Johnstone, smiling.

ARCHIE                       I might ask you the same question.

MR JOHNSTONE         Who are you???

ARCHIE                       What?

MR JOHNSTORE         Get your clothes on.

ARCHIE                       Would you leave immediately please.

MR JOHNSTORE         What??!!!

ARCHIE                       You're in the wrong flat.  This belongs to George Sherlock, he's in Hong Kong,

                                   he grave me the Key.  Now get out.

MR JOHNSTORE         …..We lessed it from the agents last week-end.

ARCHIE                       ….....Well, that obviously changes things a bit.   er....

Wanda appears from the bedroom, immaculate.  The Johnstones jump.

WANDA                       Well, I must be going.  Third time lucky eh,  Archie.  (To Archie) Thanks for

                                   the locket.

She goes out through the door as the Johnstones shrink back.

WANDA                       Call me.

ARCHIE                       My live.

Embarrassed silence.

MR JOHNSTONE(oov)            Aren't you Archie Leach?

Archie reacts.


Ken is in position behind a telescopically sighted rifle, on a stool.

There is a movement below.  Ken peers.  Mrs Coady is eneging slowly.  Ken's eje goes to the telescopic sighted rifle in position.

We see the telescope's POV.  The cross wires are focussed on some apparatus on the scaffolding.

Mrs Coady moves  out of the door towwards the pavement leading her hanging from the scaffolding right above her.

Ken watches her for a moment, and then returns to the sight.

His  non-telescope eye flickers between the stone ball to Mrs Coady. She moves to the edge of the step. Ken fires.  The bull hits a pulley.  A pause.  The rope through the pulley suddenly. Starts to feed through and the block descends. Mrs Coady checks for rain, as she always does.  Hearing a thunderous roaring sound she steps back on to the steps, pulling the dog back with her, to put her brolly up.

The stone block plummets on to the dog behind her.   Ken screams.  Mrs Coady gets the umbrella up and walks off.  The leash tighter  she returns for her dog.  But the leassh terminates in a concrete block, from which a stain emerges.  She continues to look around for her dog.

Ken  screams again.  And topples off the stool.

Mrs Coady  begind to realise what's happened. She shrieks.  Ken shrieks.  Shw clasps her hand to her heart.  Ken rolls around making agonized noises.  Mrs Coady totters and falls to the pavement, twitches and is still.

114      DELETED.


Ken comes out onto the pavement, emittting groaning noises. He runs towards the block of stone and then notices a cluster of people near it.  He approaches, peers through the cluster and stares at the body of Mrs Coady. A policeman pulls a covering over her head..  gradually Ken undeerstands.   A smile spreads across his face..

115A    INT.     GEORGE'S FLAT.    NIGHT.

C/C  Wanda smiling.   She sits in her bath,  well covered with foard lisstening intently to the telephone at her ear.

WANDA           Yeah....Ok,  Ken, you do that..   Great!  GOODBYE kEN.

She puts the phone down and thinks.

WANDA           ….And godbye to you too, Otto.


Otto sits desponddently, waiting for Archie.  He looks at his watch.  He has a good collection of tails.


Archie stands, staringat the water.  Sad music.  He lloks up at the window of Wanda's apartment.  He suffers gallantly, sighs, takes a step towards the building, checkes, thinks, and goes to the car nd gets in.   Sadder music swells over the pretty scene.


Archie, holding the car phone to his ear, is dialling.  He takes deep breath.   The phone rings twice and is picked up.   He looks at the window.

ARCHIE           Wanda, it's Archie.  Listen – i've got to finish it.  I'm sorry.  I can't talk now.  There's

                        a cafe called Moll's in Fatter Lane just behind the Law Courts.  See me there after

                        the trial tomorrow.  I'm sorry darling but it's not fair on anyone, especially you.  I love you Wanda.

He puts the phone down and behaves sentimentally.


An elderly Armenian with a large hearing-aid has his ear to the receiver.

GUWDJIEFF     Who o you want to speak to...?  Hallo?  Who is this?

117        DELETED

117A      INT.  ARCHIE'S CAR.   NIGHT.

Archie driving to sad music. A tear runs down his cheeks as he turns the wheel.

                                                                                                                     PAGE  95 DELETE                                                                                                                             Continued Pag 96

She wanders off,  distracted.

ARCHIE           This is the hardest decision of my life, Wanda.  I've...never felt like this about

                        anyone, it my be my last chance of...joy. But it's not fair.  Not fair on anyone.

                        Least of all on you. Do you see?

WANDA           Sorry, what?

ARCHIE           I can hardly take it in either. I'm ending our relationship Wanda.  I'm not going to

                        see you again.

Wanda stares at him, uncomprehending.

WANDA           Oh! Ok.  Fine.  I mean...er....

ARCHIE           I'm sorry.

WANDA           (deciding to act regretful) Married man, you Know...(She exhales)  Whew! Life is

                        tough sometimes.  Wow!

ARCHIE           Sorry.

WANDA           It's Ok, I can take it.  I'm a survivor. (She takes Archie by the shoulders) Look, don't


ARCHIE           You're the only girl I've ever really loved, Wanda.

WANDA           Can I ask you something Archie.

ARCHIE           Anything.

WANDA           The old lady's had a heart attack. She's dead.  George'll get off won't he?

ARCHIE           ...Yes. Will you go back to him?

Wanda shrugs.


Archie's car turns into the driveway and stops.  Otto approaches it cautiously. Archie sits inside for a time.  Otto pauses.  Then Archie gets out brushing his cheeks, turns as he hears a noise, ad sees Otto.

OTTO              OK.

ARCHIE           No!, no! Please! Please!

Archie throws up his arms and backs away.

OTTO              I want to speak with you.

ARCHIE           No!  No!  I've just finished it! Please!

Archie runs away.  Otto gives chase, calling after Archie, as they run round the grounds.  We hear them faintly.....

ARCHIE           Please!  No. No! Don't beat me up again!

OTTO              Wait!  Wait....I want to apologise...Awant to say sorry....wait...I came here to

                        apologise for.....you stupid...!

ARCHIE           No!  No!  Please...I've endend it.  I swear it.

Archie stumbles and falls near the corner of the house.  Otto catches him up.  Archie cowers as Otto looms over him.

ARCHIE           Bo, please. It's all over between us.

OTTO              It's all right.

ARCHIE           Really! I swear it!

OTTO              Look, it's all right!

ARCHIE           Please! Please, believe me.  I've ended it.

OTTO              Will you calm down.

ARCHIE           I'm not going to see her any more.  Don't beat me up again, please!

OTTO              Listen!

ARCHIE           I've had a terrible day. Please!

OTTO              (loudly) Shut up!!


Wendy puts her bedside light on.   She can hear voices faintly.  She gets out of bed, goes to the window and peers out.   She can't  see anything.

120      EXT.    ARCHIE'S HOUSE.  NIGHT.

Archie is terrified.

ARCHIE           Oh Jesus Christ don't kill me please.

Otto is pointing the gun at him.

OTTO              Shut up then.

Archie shuts up, but still whispers a little.

OTTO              Ok.  Look.  I want to apologise...sincerely...for....


Wendy creeps along the corridor and enters another room, where thw voice sem louder.

122      EXT.    ARCHIE'S HOUSE.   NIGHT.

OTTO              And when I dangled you out of the window, well, I'm s....it was not a nice thing to do.

Wend's head appears and she sees the two figures.  Otto is putting the gun awy.

OTTO              And then when I attacked you in there.  Well, I'm really, really...but how could I

                        know you were burgling your own House?

Wendy's head stiffens.

OTTO(oov)      I was  just trying to help.

ARCHIE(oov)   Yes,  thanks.

OTTO              I wanted you to trust me.

ARCHIE           Please. It was my fault.

OTTO              That's true.  Now, about my sister.

ARCHIE           I've just fin...

OTTO              She's a very sexy girl, I don't blame you for wanting to play around with her.

ARCHIE           No, but....

OTTO              Look, I'm sorry I was jealous, just go ahead and pork away pal, it's fine by me.

ARCHIE           Otto.....

OTTO              Have fun. I just want to help you....

Otto moves off.  Wendy's head disappears.  Archie sits dedeated. The heart-rending  music builds.

123      EXT.   JAIL.   DAWN.

The sun rises over the jail.

124      INT.      JAIL.    DAY.

George is in mid-ecstatic-leap.  He capers about a bit, watched by startled Warders and a grinning Ken.

GEORGE          Unbe-fucking-lievable!

He tales a moment to calm, then sits again.

GEORGE          (quietly)  You done well my son.  Now    ...here's the plan.  Get four tickets for this evening.  Rio, first class....

KEN                 Ffff...?

GEORGE          Yes four.  We'll lose him later.   Then...back to the flat,  pack, collect me,  then to the

                        Cathcart Towers Hotel to pick up the jewels.


Archie stands at the telephone, jaw agape.

ARCHIE           When did this happen?  Yes...well...

Wendy appears at the door, very composed and smartly dressed.

WENDY           ...What case are you on today Archie?

ARCHIE           ...the jewel robbery, dear.

WENDY           Jewel  robbbery? What a coincidence....

Archie  doesn't understand.

WENDY           Well,  goodbye.

ARCHIE           (looking at his watch)  Are you off?

WENDY           I am as it happens.  See you later, duckie.

She leaves the room.  Archie is bemused.

126    INT.  GEORGE'S  FLAT.  DAY.

Wanda, in a coat, is hugging Ken delightedly, despite his scruffiness, and dancing a rumba, wile miming maracas.

WANDA           It's so grat!  It's wonderful darling!  Wonderful!

KEN                 He's sssssafe...

WANDA           Yes. Oh!  What incredible luck!

She gives him an extra hug and kiss, and looks at her watch.

WANDA           I gotta go....see you at the court.

She picks up her bag.   The phone goes.  Ken goes to answer it.

KEN                 Ggggggoood luck.  (To phone)  Hallo?...Oh hallo otto....

Wanda indicates dhe's not there, and leaves.

127      INT.   GEORGE'S FLAT.  DAY.

Otto is standing at the door.

OTTO              What?

Ken smiles smugly, and returns to his packing.

KEN                 You owe me a pppound.

OTTO              (unwillingly)...Not Granny.

KEN                 Mmmmmet with an accident.

OTTO              Bullshit.  You fucking liar.

He grabs Ken who coolly puts his hand out for the money.

OTTO              ...Dead???

KEN                 Heart attack.....

Ken sings to himself.

OTTO              I don't believe this.

KEN                 So George'll bbbe out this afternoon, off we go to Heathrow, ppppick up the loot

                        and...(He mines a plane flying off with appropriate noises.)  All  thanks to mmme.

OTTO              So the diamonds are at the airport, are they Ken.

Ken's face falls.

128      INT.    COURTROOM.  DAY.

A fgull, formal court is in session, well attented by the general public.  Archie and Percival sit on the benches.  George is standing in the dock, with two warders.  The Clerk of the court in full flow.

CLERK             ….on the 4th day March 1986, you did enter the premises of Nicholas Walt

                        Jewellers of Hatton Garden and there commit robbery and at the time of the said

                        entry had with a firearm contrary to Section 8 of the Theft Act 1968.  How do you                     plead?

George rises.

GEORGE          Not guilty, m'lord.

He sits.  The Prosecuting Consuel, Mr Percival, rises and addresses the Judge.

PERCIVAL        May it please your lorddship...Members of the jury, I appear on behalf of the

                        Prosecution and my learned friend (he indicates Archie) appears on behalf of the


Archie half rises and sits.

PERCIVAL        And  the Prosecution will endeavour to prove to you so that you sre sure and

                        satisfied that the defendant antered the promises in Hatton Garden, with two

                        others, threatened the ower and staff with a sawn off shot gun....

In the gallery above, Wendy is watching this.

129      INT.  LOBBY.  OLD BAILEY.  DAY.

Wanda is peering through the glass-pannelled door into the court. An Usher moves her awey. Puzzled, she looks at her watch.

130      INT.   GEORGE'S FLAT.   DAQY.

KEN                 www.....

OTTO              Hallo Kkkken.

KEN                 What's happening?

OTTO              Well, Ken. I'm going to ask you some questions......

Ken looks apprehansive.

OTTO              ….While I eat my chips.  First, who was the philosopher who developed the concept

                        of the Superman in Thus Spoke Zarathustra?

Ken looks suitably dumbstruck.

OTTO              No?

Otto eats a chip, takes another and inserts it in Ken's nostril.

OTTO              That's a chip up the nose I'm afraid. Friedrich Nietzche. Next.  In which book did

                        Nietzsche clain that almost all higher culture is based on cruelty?.

Ken is open mouthed.

OTTO              Are you thinking, or are you in mid-stutter?

KEN                 You're mmm...mad.

Ken gets a chip up the other nostril, with some kerchup on it.

OTTO              “Beyond Good and Evil”. What do they teach in English schools? Next. Nietzsche

                        said “God's second blunder was creating animals.”   What was his first?.....Oh dear!

                        We've run out of nostrils haven't we? Creating women. Oh well, I'll have to ask you

                        an easy one.  Er...yes!  Where are the diamonds?

Ken gets the point.

OTTO              Here's a clue.  It's near the airport.

KEN                 I'm nnnn...nnn

OTTO              No hassle, there's plenty of time. I'll just sit here and eat my chips till you tell me.

Otto eats one.      Ken almost relaxes.

OTTO              The English contribution to world cuisine.  The chip.

Otto eats another.

OTTO              Very boring.  What do the English usually eat with chips to make

                        them more interesting Ken? Sparrows, is it?  Badgers? Polecats?

Otto's eyes slowly come round to the fish tank.

OTTO              Wait a moment!  It's fish, isn't it?

Otto picks up a little net by the tank and starts fishing.  Ken stares with a Room 101 expression on his face.  Otto catches a fish, lifts it out of the water and niffs it appraisingly.

OTTO              Down the hatch.

He  swallows the fish. And smacks his lips.

OTTO              Delicious.  Take your time Ken.

Otto returns to fiishing.

KEN                 You...bbbbb....

OTTO              Better eat the green one?  Ok.

Otto gets a green one and shows it to Ken.

OTTO              What's this one's name?  Not Wanda anyway.

Ken reacts.

OTTO              I'm going to call her lunch.  Hallo lunch!

Otto eats the green one.  He makes a sour face.

OTTO              Yuck.  Avoid the green ones, they're not ripe yet. The chocolate one looks good...

Otto chases it.   Ken is almost fainting.

OTTO              You haven't forgotten the question have you Ken? (to fish)  Wanna see a stomach?

Otto shows it to Ken.

KEN                 Sharon!

Otto eats it with a chip.

OTTO              This is fun.  I think I'm going to open a resturant where you can do this.

131      INT.   COURTROOM.    DAY.

Archie is cross-questioning Inspector Marvin, who arrested George.

ARCHIE           You were in cort were you not, Inspector, when the forensic evidence was read?

INSPECTOR     ….Yes sir.

ARCHIE           The fact that Mr Thomas was installing windows the previous weekend, Inspector,

                        would account satisfactorily for the presence of small particles of glass on his

                        trousers, would it not?

The Inspector can't think of anything to say.

ARCHIE           No rush, Inspector...take your time....

132      INT.   GEORGE'S FLAT.    DAY.

Otto glances at his watch grimly and belches loudly. Tears roll down Ken's face.   Otto peers into the tank.

OTTO              Only two left.  Er....I think I'll have  the lemon one.

With a flourish, Otto scoops up a yellow one, tosses it in the air and catches it in his mouth.

OTTO              I'm almost full.  (He looks at Wanda the fish)  Almost.

KEN                 Sssstop!

Otto is interested.

KEN                 Pppppplease ddddon't eat wwww.....

OTTO              Where's it Ken?

Otto  goes back to the tank.

KEN                 Anything.

OTTO              Come on Wanda.  Gullet time.

He catches her, and shows her, in the net, to Ken.

OTTO              Fishes. They're the ones that can't breathe out of water aren't they?

KEN                 Ppppp....

OTTO              Pop her in my mouth?  Okey-dokey.  (Pause)   What are those hotels by  the airport?

Otto  pops Wanda in his mouth.  Wanda's tail protrudes between his lips.

OTTO              The Post House? The Airway Sheraton? The Cathcart Towers?

Ken's  face flickers.

OTTO              The Cathcart Towers!  Hmmmmm?  Hmmm?''

KEN                 (after a terrible struggle)  Yes!

OTTO              In a safe deposit?

KEN                 Yes!

OTTO              (indistinctly)  Who has the key?

KEN                 Wwww...?

OTTO              (clearer)  Where's the key?

Wanda struggles inside Otto's mouth, moving his cheeks.  Ken agonises. Then.

KEN                 In the ttttank.

Otto flies to the tank.

KEN                 In the tttt...

OTTO              ….Treasure chest!!!

Otto  pulls the treasure chest out, and opens it with a flourish. And stares. He shows it to Ken.  Ken is astounded.

OTTO              Where?

Ken, hopelessly, shrugs.  Otto swallows.  Ken screams.

KEN                 Aaaaagh.  You.....I'll kkkk.....

OTTO              Sorry Ken, but your answer was incorrect.

Otto twists a piece of cloth around Ken's head, covering his mouth.  Ken continues to make muffled noise.

OTTO              Still.....you really thought the key was there didn't you.ppppal.  So.....

He ponders, and glances at his watch.   Strange sounds are coming from Ken who is going purple.

OTTO              What?....Oh.

He removes the chips allowing Ken to continue breathing. He glances at the chips.

OTTO              Ugh!

Squeamishly, he tosses them into the tank.  Then.

OTTO              I know who'll have that key.



133      INT.  LOBBY.  OLD BAILEY.  DAY.

Wanda, flanked by a Court Usher, holds a tele phone.

WANDA           Yes?


Otto is holding the receiver. Ken, demented, his in the background.

OTTO              I know where the loot is....

135      INT.   LOBBY, OLD BAILEY.   DAY.

Wanda thinks.

WANDA           Where?

OTTO              ….Where's the Key?

Long pause.

WANDA           I have it.

OTTO(oov)      How soon can you get toGeorge's flat.

The same Usher appears. Wanda covers the mouthpiece.

USHER             Miss Gershwitz?

WANDA           Yes?

USHER             I'm sorry. You're wanted in court.

WANDA           (to phone)  Soon....what?  Of course.

She puts the receiver down and hurries off with the Uscher.

136       INT.    COURTROOM.    DAY.

In the courtroom, Percival is looking resigned,   Archie  impassive, and George downright smug.  Wendy sits forward to watch as Wanda anters the witness box.  Archie gives a furtive moonstruck look at Wanda who takes a bible from an Usher and reads from a card, fingering her locket as she does.

WANDA           I swear by almighty God that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Wendy has been the locket.   She is less than gruntled.   Archie rises.   He is being professionally casual.

ARCHIE           You are Wanda Gershwitz of Kipling Mansions, Murray Road, London ww.9.?

WANDA           Yes, I am.

ARCHIE           Do you know a Mr George Thomason?

WANDA           Yes.

ARCHIE           Do you see that person in the court today?

WANDA           Yes, he's over there.

ARCHIE           How o you know the defendan?

WANDA           We've a relationship for two years.

JUDGE             Relationship?

WANDA           We're lovers, my lord.

ARCHIE           Now, Miss Gershwitz, on the 4th of May of this year...in the morning, where were


WANDA           I was at George's apartment at Little Venice.

ARCHIE           Were you by yourself or was anybody else present?

WANDA           I was with another person.

ARCHIE           And who was that?

WANDA           My brother.

ARCHIE           And did....(He does a take)  Your brother?

WANDA           Yes.

George looks startled.

ARCHIE           ...Are you sure it was your brother?

JUDGE             Mr Leach, I'm sure Miss Gershwitz can recognise her brother.  She's had a relationship with him all her life.

ARCHIE           Well......was anyone else present that morning?

WANDA           Well George was there.

ARCHIE           Thank you....

George relaxes, still puzzled.

WANDA           But he left about five to seven.

ARCHIE           Wanda....

The Judge turns sharply to Archie.  Wendy sits up, eyes flashing.  Archie realizes his mistake.

ARCHIE           I wanda...I wonder...

Archie looks around the courtroom, wondering.  He sees Wendy.  And goes totally blank.  A long pause.   George is ominously still.

JUDGE             ...Yes Mr Lesch?

Archie tries to recover.

ARCHIE           I wendy, I wanda, Iwonder...when you say five to seven Miss Gerschwitz....how

                        could you be so sure?

WANDA           I looked at the clock, I thought “where can he be going now with that sawn off


ARCHIE           Darling!

Archie realizes and stares up at Wendy, who rises and starts leaving.  The Judge is astonished.

JUDGE             “Darling”, Mr Leach?

Archie is still staring after Wendy.

JUDGE             Mr Leach!  “Darling”?

ARCHIE           Yes dear?

George suddenly moves.  He vaults over the front of the dock and hurtles towards Wand.

GEORGE          You bitch! You lousy fucking bitch.

He is intercepted by a Solicitor or two who have been sitting at the central table; and by a Court Usher who has beeb standing by the jury.

JUDGE             Restrain that man!

But George breaks free, gets to the witness box and grabs Wanda who screams.  Archie graps George from behind, wrestling him away from Wanda.  George hits Archie who reels back and lands. He lies quietly in the well of the court, thinking about things. The activities around him take on a dream-like quality.  People pile on top of George.  Wanda plays shocked and innocent.  The Judge restores order.

JUDGE             Clear the court. I'm adjourning this matter for an hour. Take the prisoner below.

The Judge leaves by his private door behind his chair. The melee continues.

POLICE OFFICER         Clear the court!  Clear the court!

Everyone starts to leave, including alll the Solicitors at the central table, the Jury (via their own door), the Usher and the police who hustle George back to the dock and down the stairs beside it.

Wanda is ushered out by an Usher and a policeman.  She is passed by Wendy coming the other day. As a Policeman tries to stop Wendy she calls.

WENDY           My husband. He's been hit.

She approaches Archie who is rising unsteadily to hos feet.  He sees Ewndy.

ARCHIE           Ah.  You made it.

Wendy checkes.  She can't believe this.  Archie indicates his eye.

ARCHIE           Bit of a knock I'm afraid.

Wendy slaps hin right on the same spot.   He staggers, and falls.

WENDY           I enjoyed that.  Well, Archie, I know what's been going on. And that's it.  See  you in


She storms off.

ARCHIE           Very fair. Yes, I agree. That's it.

An Usher appears suddenly behind him.

USHER             The judge wants to see you and Mr Percival in his room in ten minutes.

ARCHIE           Tell him an hour...

USHER             ...What?!

ARCHIE           (emotionally) This is a fracture. I've got to get treatment.

He suddenly strides off towards the exit.  The Usher goes in the other direction. But instead of leaving the court,  Archie stops at the top the steps leading down to the calls.  He sees Wanda.

137      INT.  FOYER.  OLD BAILEY.   DAY.

A Policeman and an Usher are restraining Wanda by the entrance to court.

WANDA           Why can't I go?

COPPER          You're still under oath.  The court is being reconvened and.....

Archie disappears.   Wanda fakes a miny-breakdown.

COPPER          Are you all right?

WANDA           Poor George...I couldn't tell a lie you see.

She gasps for air and acts ill.

138      INT.  CELL.  OLD BAILEY.   DAY.

George is sitting looking pretty disappointed. The Two Waeders are with him.  Archie walks in.   George ignores him.

ARCHIE           George....

GEORGE          What?

ARCHIE           We've got to talk....

GEORGE          ...Tell those pigs to fuck off.

ARCHIE           Fuck off pigs.

This causes real surprise among our bluebottle friends, who stare open mouthed.  Even George is half thrown.

ARCHIE           Did you hear what I said?

The Policemen go.

ARCHIE           What's she up to

GEORGE          What are you up to?  You called her Wanda.  And darling.

ARCHIE           I've been helping her get her evidence straight you berk.  It slipped out.

GEORGE          ...You've been coaching her?

ARCHIE           Of course! Look, we've got ten minutes.  They're going to find you guilty

                        If you plead guilty now and say where the loot is, you may get away with eight

                        years, out in five and a half.....

GEORGE          Supposing I turn in Otto.  An Wanda.

ARCHIE           They did it with you?

George nods.

ARCHIE           Better still. Great. Maybe six, out in four.  So where's the loot?

GEORGE          Where's a Bartlett'

ARCHIE           He's upstairs trying to calm things down.  Where is it?

GEORGE          Tell Bartlett Ken'll show him where it is.

ARCHIE           George, it'll be a lot quicker if you tell me.

George remaind silent.

ARCHIE           Ok. I'll tell Bartlett.  Where's Ken?

GEORGE          At my flat.


Archie flying uo them. He reaches the top, emerging by the dock and looks out into the foyer. He sees a distraught Wanda with the Policemen and the Husher by the washrooms.  Wanda disappears into the Ladies.  Archie walks out into the foyer.

140      INT.   FOYER.  OLD BAILEY.   DAY.

Archie strides through the foyer into the street.

141      EXT.    OLD BAILEY... DAY.

Archie hurries along the side of the Old Bailey, turns a corner and sees Wanda coming through a window some way away.  She hurries across the road and tries to            hail a cab.  The cab  does not stop and Wanda goes in search of another.  Archie hurries across the road, takes her by the arm and hurries her away fron the Old Bailey.

ARCHIE           Come on.

WANDA           (recovering)  What are....where are you taking me?

ARCHIE           Buenos Aries....

WANDA           What?

Archie hurries with Wanda trotting beside him, along the relatively crowded pavement.

ARCHIE           But we're going to George's flat first.

Wanda stares.

WANDA           OK.

They get in.  Archie checkes his briefcase for his passport.  It's there.

ARCHIE           Ok.  Keep your head down.

He drives off,  in the direction the car faces, back towards the Old Bailey.  The young man shouts wimpily after them.

142      EXT.   OLD BAILEY.    DAY.

Archie ducks down as the car passes the Old Bailey.  Various Court Officials and Policemen are buzzing about.

143      INT.   CAR... DAY.

ARCHIE           Sorry I ended our relationship.

Wanda tries to recollect this.

ARCHIE           But it's back on.

WANDA           ...Fine.

ARCHIE           Now.   Why did you blow the alibi?

WANDA           I was telling the truth.

ARCHIE           I know.  Why break a lifetime habit, Wanda?

144     EXT.   LONDON  STREETS.   DAY.

Archie's car takes a corner pretty fast.

145      INT.  ARCHIE'S CAR.    DAY.

ARCHIE           ….Would you like me to repeat the question, Miss Gerschwitz?

WANDA           I wanted to be with you, Archie.

ARCHIE           What?

WANDA           ….I love you Archie.

ARCHIE           Oh, balls!

146      DELETED.


Archie's car drives by, fast.

147   INT.    CAR.    DAY.

ARCHIE           Otto....knows where it is.

WANDA           He must have found out from Ken.

ARCHIE           Ok.  We've got to move quick Wanda.

WANDA           Yes, but Archie....

She suddenly recognizes where they are.


Archie's car screams up to the curb.

148B   INT.   ARCHIE'S CAR.     DAY

WANDA           Archie!

But Archie kisses her hard and leaps out of the car

ARCHIE           Keep it running

He sprints into Kipling Mansions.  Wanda calls after him.

WANDA           No, Archie!...Archie.....

She starts climbing across the driver's seat after him, but Otto appears from nowhere, wearing a cat's tails hat.

OTTO              Hi!....I thought he'd finished it.

149      DELETED

150      DELETED

151      DELETED

152      INT.     GEORGE'S  FLAT.   DAY.

Archie files in and is astnished by the sight of Ken.

ARCHIE           Ken?

Ken's reply is muffled.  Archie sees the gag and gets it off.

ARCHIE           Are you Ken?

Ken nods. But car crash outside makes Archie run to the window, distractedly.

152A      EXT.  GEORGE'S   BLOCK.    DAY.

Archie's Pov:   Otto, in pulling out, has caused an accident.  The other driver has got out of his car and is advancing on otto, remonstrating.  Otto rolls the window down, and fires a shot, knpcking the driver's hat off.  The driver runs for his life.  Otto waves up at Archie and drives off, with Wanda staring back through the rear window.

152B    INT.    GEORGE'S  FLAT.    DAY.

Archie struggles with his amazement and turns to Ken.

ARCHIE           Where have they gone?!

KEN                 Wwww....ottttt.....Gggggg....

ARCHIE           What's the matter'

KEN                 Gggggg....ttttttt.

ARCHIE           Are you ill?

KEN                 Ttttttttt.....ccccccc...

ARCHIE           Have you got a stutter?

KEN                 (nodding)  A bbbbbbbbbbi....bi.....

ARCHIE           (calmly)  Ok.  Don't worry.  Where have they gone?

KEN                 Cccccccc........tttttttttttt.....

Archie unties Ken's a wrists and ankles as he stutters.

ARCHIE           Take your time....yes...yes....

Ken's attempt to say  “Cathcart Towers”  is a record breKING STUTTER.

ARCHIE    Oh come on!  Sorry!  Sorry.   Slowly.  Slowly.

KEN                 C.....c.....c......c....c.....

ARCHIE           Sing it.

KEN                 (higher pitch)   Ccccccc.....

ARCHIE           Wait!

Archie checks his pockets. Nothing. He sees a ballpoint pen on the desk and runs to get it.

ARCHIE           Here!  Write it!

Ken takes it, Archie finds a magazine.  Ken starts writing but the pen won't ork.  Archie shakes it.  Ken grabs it back.  Archie runs back to the desk but Ken has found a pencil.  He starts to write, very unsteadidly.  Archie waits.  Ken pauses.  Archie grabs the magazine and reads what Ken has written on it.

ARCHIE           She's....gone...to..... the....c....

Archie slams it back down. Ken resumes writing.  The lead breaks.  A moment of disbelief.  Ken tries to continue writing but it won't.  Archie runs around, sees a pentel with its cap off, but of course it's dry.  Ken is trying to find a knife to sharpen the pencil, but all the kitchen ones are useless.  Archie joins Ken in the kitchen, upends a drawer but can't find a suitable knife.

Then he seen Wanda's typewriter in the bedroom and runs to it. He hits a Key. Nothing. He stares and starts trying to switch it on.  Nothing causes it to work.  He checks the plug.  It's out of the socket. He puts it in,  switches it on, opens the drawer. No paper.  He's frantic.  He sees a Kleenex box and tries to feed a Kleenex in.  It gets mangled. Ken runs up with a toothpaste tube and tries to write with the paste on the dressing table surface but the past won't obey his wishes.  Archie suddenly sees a penknife on the window ledge.

ARCHIE           Look!  Knife....

He grabs it and opens it.

ARCHIE           Where's the pencil?

The look around. They have lost it.  They run around incredulously.  They can't find the pencil anyhere.  Suddenly Ken holds it up.  Triumph.  But they've lost the knife.

ARCHIE           I gave it to you.

KEN                 Nnnnnnn.......

ARCHIE           Ken! Here!  Write in this....

But the ketchump won't flow.  Ken appears, holding a newspaper as tourniquet.   Archie grabs the paper and runs to the typewriter with it,  tears off a sheet, and puts it in.  It goes dead.  He is him across the room and points to the wall.  He's written  “Cathcart Towers” there in blood.  Archie stares.

ARCHIE           Cathcart Towers?

KEN                 Cathcart Towers.

ARCHIE           Where?


ARCHIE           The airport!!


Ken hurtles along on his motorcycle with Archie clinging on behind.


Otto and Wanda run from Aechie's car.  They hurry into the hotel.

155     EXT.   LONDON STREET.  DAY.  

Ken and Archie pass “ Hearthron Airport”  sign.


Otto and Wanda conclude their busines.  Wanda holds her hand luggage with unusual affection.  Otto surrenders a key card to a Reception clerk.

CLERK             Thank you Mr Jackson.

The hurry off in the direction of the check-in desks.


Ken's motorcycle skids to a Halt, and Archie sees his car. Illegally parked, surrounded by a traffic warden ad a policeman. He runs to it, leans in and takes the passport out of the briefcase.

ARCHIE           Shan't be a moment.

He chases after Ken.


Wanda looks up at the Rio flight details on the Information Board, as Otto cheks in.

WANDA           BA 313.  Last call.

AIRLINE EMPLOYEE    Smoking or non -smoking?


Ken and Archie look around frantically.  They run off towards the check-in area.


Wanda's hand luggage passes through the security scanning  machine.  Wanda whose coat bulges, waits to collect it calmy.  Otto passes through the security frame and with a billiant and outtrageous manoeuvre involving physical dexterity and deceit, takes the gun with him.  Wanda is momentarily shocked, but bites her tongue as they hurry off together.  Wanda checks her handbag.


Archie and Ke look around hopelessly. No sign of their quarry.   Ken suddenly tugs at Archie's arm and points above a distant check-in desk.

THEIR POV:   A sign reading BA313 – RIO DE  JANEIRO.


Archie and Ken look around hopelessly.  No sign of their quarry.  Ken suddely tugs at Archie's arm and points above a distant check-in desk.

THEIR POV:  A sign reading BA 313 – RIO DE JANEIRO.


Wanda and Otto hurry. As they pass an empity departure lounge Wanda looks round, Gasps and pulls Otto into it out of sight.

WANDA           Look out!  Police!!

Otto peers back but can't see anything.  Wanda coshes him.  Otto falls.

162      INT.    CHECK-IN AREA.     DAY.

Archie is waiting breathlessly as an Airline Employee finishes a phone call, and puts the phone down.

EMPLOYEE      We can just do it Mr Leach.  Luggage?

He starts writing speedily.   Behind him Ken passes on a luggage belt and disappears down a chute.  Archie is startled.  The Employee looks at him.

ARCHIE           No! No luggage.  Don't really need it.


Wanda crams to rest of Otto into a broom cupboard, and close it.  It locks.  She sees Otto's boarding pass on the floor, picks it up, and stuffs it into a trash can.

WANDA           Ciao stupidissimo.

164      DELETED.


Archie running at full speed.

166       DELETED.


An Indian Cleaner is  sweeping near Otto's cupboard.  A silenced revolver starts shooting away the lock.  The Cleaner does not notice.

168      INT.  PLANE BA 313.    DAY.

Wanda is seated. She glances at the seat next to her, and sniffs hilosophically.  She pats her hand luggage and pulls out People Magazine.


The Indian Cleaner lies still as Otto gets the cupboard open and sprints off.  Flash pan to Archie running, who sees Otto as he disappears into departure lounge.

170      int.   Departure lounge.    Day.

Archie sees Otto hurring after another late arrival, Hutchison.   Hutchison and Otto go round a corner.  Otto catches up Hutchison.

OTTO              (english)  Exuse ne sir.  May I see your boarding card. M15.

HUTCHISON    Oh certainly.

OTTO              (examining it) Brritish passport!


Otto bonks Hutchison on the head with his gun, puts it on the fllor and starts hauling Hutchison out of sight.   Archie comes round the corner and can hardly  believe his luck.  He picks uo the gun

and sticks it in Otto's ribs as he straightens up.

ARCHIE           Down the stairs.

Otto stiffens, but   goes down the stairs without arguing.

OTTO              Ok, Ok, don't get excited.

Archie pushes him down to the bottom of the steps and shoves him against the wall.

ARCHIE           Get over there.

Otto turns and  sees Archie.

OTTO              Oh!  It's you. You had me worried for a minute.

He takes fis hands down.

ARCHIE           Keep your hand up.

OTTO              NO.

ARCHIE           Put them up.

OTTO              I'll do you a deal.  I'll kepp one up.

Otto puts one  arm up.

ARCHIE           Put the other one uo.

Otto puts the other one up but takes the first one down.

OTTO              Which looks better?

He alternates raised arms experimentally.

ARCHIE           I warn you....

OTTO              What do you want?

ARCHIE           I just want to tell you what a deeply unpleasant creature you are.

OTTO              Correct. Now I've got a plane to catch....

ARCHIE           Hold it!

OTTO              What are you going to do? Shoot me, Archie? Gun me down in cold blood like a dog? Look, if you have something to settle with me, fight me.

Otto adopts Queensbury pose.   Archie stares.

OTTO              You are a man aren't you. Well, let's figh like men.

ARCHIE           ….Alright.

OTTO              Come on then.

ARCHIE           Ok.

Dramatic music starts.  Archie puts the gun down and they circle.

OTTO              Hey, you look good.

ARCHIE           That's right Otto.  I used to box for Oxford, and I'm going to teach you....

Otto has picked the gun up.  Archie stands, breathtaken, with his fist up.

OTTO              Sorrry.  I changed my mind.

ARCHIE           You.....

He fires a shot, which rips a shoulder pad off Archie's jacket.

OTTO              Now, hands up.

ARCHIE           No.

Otto shoots his other shoulder pad away.  Archie puts up his hands.

OTTO              You spineless bimbo.  Where's your boarding pass?

Archie, now really scared, nods towards his breast pocket.

OTTO              Get it.

Archie pulls it out.

OTTO              Eat it.

Archie looks astonished. Two more shots dismantle his jacket.  Archie starts eating it very fast. Otto peers out on to the landing field.

OTTO              For your continued comfort abd safety – out.

He indicates.  Archie goes through the door.

171      ext.   Taxi-ing area.   Day.

They come out on to   the taxi-ing area.  It's fairly deserted, bar two British Airways planes.  The cement is being resurfaced and there's masses of trsurfacing equipment.  Among this is a large barrel of black goo.   Archie and Otto are moving towards it.

OTTO              I have to shoot you now Archie. But first I'm going to humiliate you.  So....get in the


ARCHIE           What?

OTTO              ...In the barrel.

Otto fired and removes some cloth in the region of Archie's crotch.   Archie starts getting into the barrel.  As he does so...

OTTO              You English!  You think you're so superior, don't you.  Well, you're the filth of the planet.  A bunch of disadvantaged, pompus, badly-dressed, homosexual football hooligans...

Archie is in the barrel.  We now see behind Otto a distant steamroller.

OTTO              ….running a trash can of an Empire.  (English accent)  Declaring war on the Falkland

                        Islands!!  Why don't you pick on someone your own sizel!  Bay Archie!

Archie, up to his waist in disgusting oleaginous substances, is staring past Otto with a look of amazement.  Then he thinks quickly.

ARCHIE           ...Like Grenada?

OTTO              ...What?

ARCHIE           Lihe Grenada?  That was a triumpf wasn't it?

In the background, Ken is slowly bearing down on Otto.

OTTO              You know your problem? You just don't like winners!

ARCHIE           Winners?

OTTO              Yeah, winners!

ARCHIE           Like North Vietnam?

OTTO              Shut up!  We didn't lose Vietnam, it was a tie.

ARCHIE           (in bad American accent)  I'm tellin'ya baby, they kicked a little ass there. Boy, they whupped your hide but good.

OTTO              No they didn't

ARCHIE           Yes they did.

OTTO              No they didn't

ARCHIE           Oh yes they did.

OTTO              Bullshit.  America is the most powerful country on earth!

ARCHIE           The most violent! The largest proportion of paychopaths in the Western Worl. The

                        only nation on earth where Rambo could be a national Hero. No wonder the Mafia's

                        based there.  Looks at your television. It's car crashes, American Football, the most

                        brutal game ever invented, and people being shot every twelve seconds. And if you

                        get any decent leaders, you shoot them too. And  then you pretend we're all

                        supposed to be scared of the Russians!

The steam roller is now closer to Otto. Otto raises the gun.

ARCJIE                        And that's forgetting the violence you do to our beautiful language.

OTTO              (calmly)  Oh shut up. Bye Archie.

ARCHIE           Going to shoot me?

OTTO              I'm afraid so old chap.  Sorry.

ARCHIE           Old American debating trick is it?  Win your argument the American way, blow his

                        head off.

OTTO              Cheerio.

ARCHIE           Look!  Look Otto!  (He points)

OTTO              Oh tha's good.  That's original. Almost had me there Archie.

Then Otto has second thoughts and glances  over his shoulder and sees Ken bearing down on him.  He  is so tickedd, he unknowingly steps into some wet concrete.

OTTO              Ha ha ha ha.  It's Kkkkkken cccoming to Kkkkkkill me.  And what's he going to Kill me

                        with, a steam roller. Ah ah ah!  Couldn't you find anything a little bit faster, Ken?

                        How are you toing to ccccatch me Kkkkken?  Ah ah ah ah ah.

He turns bach to Archie, who is half out of the barrel.

OTTO              Where was I? OH!...Goodbye chicken.

He aims the gun at Archie's head, but then pauses. He moves his shoulders oddly. He glances down, double-takes as he sees he is standing in wet concrete and tries to move his feet.  He can't.  He starts to panic.  He swivels round towards the steam roller.  It's very close. Otto fires at Ken. The bullet akims the and of Ken's nose, leaving a red tip.

KEN                 Ddddddeath   Dddddeath!

Otto pulls the trigger again. Nothing.

OTTO              No. No!  Ken!  Wait! Wait!!!

KEN                 Remember Wanda!

OTTO              Aaaah!  Ken!  This is the deal of a life time!  50-50.  You and me.  Ok?  60-40. That's

                        my final offer.

KEN                 Revenge!

OTTO              Wait! I've had an idea. You can have it all!  Here's my boarding pass. No, no, please.

                        I've just seen God! Onward Christian Soldiers, marching as to....

The roller is very close. Otto has his boarding pass in his aoutstretched hand.

OTTO              Look!  Ken!  I can cure your stuttter! Ken, I'm sorry I ate the fish.  I'm sorry!! Jesus!

                        I said “sorry” you c....!!

The steam roller runs him over.

KEN                 Revenge!

ARCHIE           Is out of the barrel. But he watches in horror as Otto is squashed. A tiny blob loops through the air and lands on his cheek.  Archie wipes it off with a finger. Where Otto had stood there is a large patch of strawberry yoghurt. A solitary hand is left. It holds a boarding pass. Archie sees it.

KEN                 The next one's for George.

He comes back on a second run.  Archie runs forward.

KEN                 (shouts)  You bastard!  You filthy bugger!

Archie dashes over to the strawberry yoghurt and Otto's right hand.  Archie takes the boarding pass and leaps out Ken's way as he thunders by again, flattening the hand, which has frozen in a rude sign position.

KEN                 Got you again! Hey. I've lost my stutter!  Ha ha!  It's ggggggone!

In as wide a shot as we can afford, Ken runs over the yoghurt again. Various folk and vehicles run towards Ken and his roller, shouting.

172      INT.   ENTRANCE OF PLANE BA 313.   DAY.

Archie, in underpants only, is presenting the boarding pass to a steward. The cabin staff are all bemused. The steward leads him to his seat, next to Wanda.  Passengers stare.  He sits.  Wanda jumps, and stares.

Archie  leans towards her.  She moves to embrace him, but he leans past her,  picks up her hand luggage, and places it between them.  Wanda smiles. He puts his hand on hers.

                                                                      THE   END



















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