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Stampa questo copione



                          Disney's classic


                        script (version 1.0)

Disclaimer: This script is taken from numerous viewings of the

feature and is not an official script by all means. Portions of

this script are copyrighted by Walt Disney Company and are used

without permission.

                        THE CAST

            (in order of appearance of the voices)

Narrator:               Charlton Heston

Muse 1:

Muse 5:

Muse 3:

Hera:                   Samantha Eggar

Zeus:                   Rip Torn

Hermes:                      Paul Shaffer

Baby Hercules:

Hades:                       James Woods

Pain:                   Bob Goldthwait

Panic:                       Matt Frewer

Atropos, Lachesis, Clotho:   Amanda Plummer,Carole Shelley,Paddy Edwards

Amphitryon:             Hal Holbrook

Alcmene:                Barbara Barrie

Muse 2:

Young Hercules:              Josh Keaton (speaking)

                        Roger Bart (singing)


Worker 2:

Man with pots:

Boy 1, Boy 2, Boy 3:


Phil:                   Danny DeVito


Adult Hercules:              Tate Donovan

Nessus:                      Jim Cummings

Megara:                      Susan Egan

Driver in Thebes:

Pita bread seller:





Strong man:

Thin woman:             Mary Kay Bergman

Heavy woman:                 Kathleen Freeman

Old man:

Panic as boy, Pain as boy:   Bug Hall, Kellen Hathaway



Fan girls:





Cyclops:                Patrick Pinney



End Title song vocals:       Michael Bolton

from movie credits, unassigned as of yet:

Calliope          Lillias White

Clio              Vaneese Thomas

Melpomene         Cheryl Freeman

Terpsichore       La Chanze

Thalia                  Roz Ryan

also unassigned yet:

Burnt Man         Corey Burton

Apollo      (where did he appear??)      Keith David

Demetrius (who is it?)  Wayne Knight

Ithicles (who is that?) Aaron Michael Metchik

also: Tawatha Agee, Jack Angel, Shelton Becton, Bob Bergen, Rodger Bumpass,

      Jennifer Darling, Debi Derryberry, Bill Farmer, Milt Grayson, Sherry

      Lynn, Mickie McGowan, Denise Pickering, Philip Proctor, Jan Rabson,

      Riley Steiner, Fronzi Thornton, Erik von Detten, Ken Williams.

                        THE SCRIPT

{Greek statues and vases fade in}

Narrator: Long ago, in the faraway land of ancient Greece, there was a golden

      age of powerful gods and extraordinary heroes. And the greatest

      and strongest of all these heroes was the mighty Hercules.

[a greek vase is shown with a picture of Hercules fighting some monster. Vase

 zooms in slowly]

      But what is the measure of a true hero? Ah, that is what our story is-

Muse 1:     Will you listen to him? He's makin' the story sound like some greek


Muse 5:     Lighten up, dude.

Muse 3:     We'll take it from here, darling.

Narrator: You go, girls

Muse 3:     We are the Muses. Goddeses of the arts and proclaimers of the heroes.

Muse 5: Heroes like Hercules

Muse 1: Honey, you mean "hunk-ules". Ooh, I'd like to make some sweet music

      with him-

[Muses start humming]

Muse 3:     Our story actually begins long before Hercules, many eons ago..

[scene changes colors and the Muses start walking and singing]

Muses:      (singing)

      Back when the world was new

      The planet Earth was down on its luck

      And everywhere gigantic brutes called Titans ran amok

[schematic pictures of whatever gets mentioned in the song start moving]

      It was a nasty place

      There was a mess wherever you stepped

      Where chaos reigned and the earthquakes and volcanos never slept

      (Whoo! Say it, girlfriend!)

      And then along came Zeus

      He hurled his thunderbolt    --    He zapped

      Locked those suckers in a vault    --    They're trapped

      And on his own, stopped chaos on its tracks

      And that's the gospel truth

      The guy was too "type A" to just relax

      And that's the world's first dish

      (yeah, baby!)

      Zeus tamed the globe while still in his youth

      Tough, honey, it may seem impossible

      That's the gospel truth

      On Mount Olympus life was neat

      And smooth as sweet vermouth

      Although honey, it may seem impossible

      That's the gospel truth

{schematic picture of Olympus zooms in and turns into a real one. While the

 Muses still repeat their 'ah's and 'yeah's, camera moves up the mountain slope,while it does, the movie title, HERCULES, is shown. Then camera goes inside,

passes various chattering gods and finds baby Hercules}

Hera: Hercules! Behave yourself

[Zeus come in to play with baby too]

Zeus: Oh, look at this, look how cute he is..

[Zeus babbles at baby Hercules and he catches Zeus by index finger and lifts

 above his cradle]

      Hah! Oh, he's strong! Like his Dad, hmm?

Hermes (moving through a crowd of gods): Whoa! Excuse me! Hot stuff coming

      through! Excuse me one side, Ares.

[Hermes hand Hera a bundle of glowing flowers]

Hera: Why, Hermes, they're lovely

Hermes:     Yeah, you know, I had Orpheus do the arrangement. Isn't that too nutty?

      (flying closer to Zeus now)

      Fabulous party, you know, I haven't seen this much love in a room since

      Narcissus discovered himself

[Narcissus is shown, staring into his mirror and making kissing sounds. Also

 Baby Hercules gets one of Zeus' lightnings and plays with it]

Hera: Dear, keep those away from the baby.

Zeus: Oh, he won't hurt himself. Let the kid have a little fun

[Baby Hercules tryes to eat the lightning, gets zapped, and throws it away in

 frustration. Three gods jump away from its path, untill Ares hits it with his

 sword so it hits a pillar, which immidiately reappears]

Zeus: Oh, on behalf of my son, I want to thank you all for your wonderful


Hera: What about our gift, dear?

Zeus: Well, let's see here.. we'll take, hmm, yes, a little cirrus, and, hmm,

      a touch of nimbostratus, and a dash of cumulus.

[Zeus moves his hand with a little pegasus-shaped cloud on it closer to baby

 Hercules and the cloud turns out to be a baby pegasus]

      His name is Pegasus, and he's all yours, son.

[Baby Hercules bonks his forehead against Baby Pegasus', he whinnies and licks

 Hercules, they hug, all gods sigh]

Hera: Mind his head

Zeus: He's so tiny

[Baby Hercules tries to bite the medallion that hangs from his neck and then


Zeus: My boy. My little Hercules.

Hades:      How centimental.

[camera moves to Hades fast after his voice is heard]

      You know, I haven't been this choked up since I got a hunk of moussaka

      caught in my throat! huh?

[All gods look sternly at him]

      So is this an audience of a mosaic? Hey, how you doin'? Lookin' good.

      Nice dress.

[as he is saying that, he moves from one god to another untill Zeus squeezes

 him in a hug]

Zeus: So Hades, you finally made it. How are things in the underworld?

Hades (taking Zeus' hand off his shoulder): well, they're just fine, you know,

      a little dark, a little gloomy, and as always, hey, full of dead

      people. What are you gonna do? Ah! There's the little sunspot, little

      smootchie. And here is a sucker for the little sucker, eh?

(he weaves a sucker with skeleton head out of thin mist)

      Here you go. Ya just--

[Hercules squeezes Hades' finger, and after some fight he gets away from the


      sheesh! uh, powerful little tyke.

Zeus (hugging Hades once again):  Come on, Hades, don't be such a stiff,

      join the celebration!

Hades (getting free from the hug again):  Hey, love to, babe, but unlike

      you gods lounging about up here, I regrettably have a full-time gig

      You know, by the way, so charitably bestowed on me, Zeus,

      So.. can't. Love to, but can't.

Zeus: You ought to slow down, you'll work yourself to death... Hah! work

      yourself to death!

[crowd laughing]

      Oh, I kill myself

Hades:      If only, if only..

{Scene changes back to the Muses}

Muse 3:     If there's one god who don't want to get steamed up, it's Hades,

      'cause he had an evil plan

{scene changes to a boat on the river Styx, in which a skeleton is carrying


Muses sing in background:

      He ran the underworld

      But thought the dead were dull and uncouth

      He was as mean as he was ruthless

      And that's the gospel truth

      He had a plan to shake things up

[Hades feeds the three-deaded dog Cerberus]

      And that's the gospel truth

[Hades gets on the shore]

Hades:      Pain!

Pain: Coming, your most lugubriousness.

[He trips, roll on the stair and gets seated on a sharp trident]

Hades:      Panic!

Panic:      Oh, I'm sorry, I can handle it!

[He rans, but trips over Pain, who just got free from the trident, falls over,

 and his horns get stuck in Pain the same place trident just was]

Pain: Pain!

Panic:      And Panic!

Both: Reporting for duty!

Hades:      Fine, fine, fine, just let me know the instant the Fates arrive.

Panic (who just got his horns free from Pain):  Oh! They're here!

Hades bursts into flames:

      What? The Fates are here and you didn't tell me?

Pain and Panic: We are worms! Worthless worms!

[they really shapechange into worms]

Hades:      Memo to me, memo to me, main you after my meeting

{scene change to a cavern with the Fates}

Atropos:    Darling, hold that mortal's thread of life good and tight

[She cuts a thread with scissors and a woman scream is heard]

Lachesis:   Incoming!

[Fates laugh as a soul enters the cave and flies into a tunnel. Counter above

 the tunnel now says "Over 5000000001 served"]

Hades:      Ladies! hah! I am so sorry that I'm--

Atropos: Late

Clotho:  We knew you would be

Lachesis: We know everything

[they pass their only eye from one another as they speak the next three lines]

Clotho: Past

Lachesis: Present

Atropos: And future (to Panic): Indoor plumbing - it's gonna be big.

Hades:      Great. Great. Anyway, see, Ladies, I was at this party, and I lost

      track of--

Fates:      We know!

Hades:      Yeah. I know.. you know. So, here's the deal. Zeus, Mr High and Mighty,

      Mr. "Hey, you, get off my cloud," now he has--

Fates:      A bouncing baby brat.

Clotho: We know!

Hades:      I know.. you know. I know. I got it. I got the concept, so let me just

      ask: Is this kid gonna mess up my hostile takeover big, or what?

      What do you think?

Lachesis:  Um--

Clotho silences her:  Oh no, you don't. We are not supposed to reveal the


Hades:      Oh wait, I'm sorry. Time out. Can I? Can I ask you a question, by

      the way? Are you, (to Lachesis), did you cut your hair of something?

      You look fabulous.

Lachesis giggles

Hade: I mean, you look like a fate worse then death

Lachesis giggles more, Clotho hits her on the head, the eye fells out into the

hands of Panic

Panic:      Oh, gross!

Pain: Yech! It's blinkin'!

[he kicks it into Hades' hand]

Hades: Ladies, please, my fate...  (he puts the eye to Lachesis' hand) is in

      your lovely hands

Lachesis: Oh, yeah

Clotho: All right.

[the eye raises in the air, showing pictures of the future]


      In 18 years precisely

      The planets will align

      Ever so nicely

Hades:      Ay, verse!. Oy.


      The time to act will be at hand

      Unleash the Titans, your monstrous band

Hades:      Mm-hmm, good, good.


      Then the once-proud Zeus will finally fall,

      And you, Hades, will rule all!

Hades:      Yes! Hades rules!!!


      A word of caution to this tale

Hades:      Excuse me?


      Should Hercules fight, you will fail

[Fates disappear, cackling]

Hades (burning into flame): What???

(cooling down): Okay, fine, fine, I'm cool, I'm fine

[bell dings]

      Pain? Panic? Got a little riddle for ya. How do you kill a god?

Pain: I do not... know!

Panic:      You can't. They're immortal?

Hades:      Bingo! They're immortal

(he takes a vial with red liquid and camera zooms at it, filling the screen)

      So, first you got to turn the little sunspot mortal.

{Mount Olympus, dusk. Baby Hercules and Baby Pegasus are sleeping together}

[Shadows of Pain and Panic crawl over Baby Hercules, sound of glass breaking,

 and Pain and Panic tittering makes Zeus and Hera wake]

Zeus: Huh?

Hera: What? what is it?

Both: The Baby!

[They run to the cradle but find only the Baby Pegasus]

Hera: Hercules! Oh!

[she starts sobbing.]

Zeus: No!!!

[as he screams that, lightnings flash and giant thunderstorm rages over Olympus.

Pain and Panic are flying down, carrying Baby Hercules]

Panic:      Now we did it! Zeus is gonna use us for target practice!

Pain: Just hang onto the kid, Panic.

[They fall and Baby Hercules starts crying]

Panic:      Hurry! Let's just kill the kid and het it over with, okay?

Pain (opening the vial): Here you go, kid, a little grecian formula.

Panic:      Look at that! He's.. changing

[Baby Hercules stops glowing as he drinks the potion]

      Can we do it now?

Pain: No, no, no, he has to drink the whole potion! Every last drop.

Amphitryon: Who's there?

[Pain and Panic run away, dropping the empty vial. It breaks and one

 last drop falls into the ground]

      Alcmene, over here.

Alcmene: Oh, you poor thing! Oh, don't cry

Amphitryon: Is anybody there?

[Pain and Panic look from bushes]

Panic:      Now?

Pain: Now.

[Their shadows are shown as they walk and transform into snakes]

Amphitryon: Oh well, he must have been abandoned.

Alcmene: Amphitryon, for so many years we've prayed to the gods to bless us

      with a child.

[Amphitryon reads Hercules' name from a medallion on his neck]

      Perhaps they've answered our prayers

Amphitryion: Perhaps they have... Hercules?

[Pain and Panic, as snakes, attack, but Baby Hercules catches them, and

 giggling happily, hits them several times against the ground, ties into a knot

 and throws far away. Amphitryon and Alcmene stare with they jaws dropped]

Pain and Panic: Help, help, help!

[they turn to their normal forms]

Panic:      Hades is gonna kill us when he finds out what happened.

Pain: You mean, *if* he finds out

Pani: Of course he's gonna f-- If.. if is good.

{pan to Mount Olympus in dark clouds and then resolve to the Muses}

Muse 2:     It was tragic. Zeus led all the gods on a frantic search

Muse 5: But by the time they found the baby, it was too late.

Muse 2 starts singing:

      Young Herc was mortal now

      But since he did not drink the last drop -- mm

      He still retained his godlike strength         -- oh

      So thank his lucky stars                 -- tell it, girl

      But Zeus and Hera wept                   -- ooh, ooh, ooh

      Because their son could never come home        -- ooh

      They'd have to watch their precious baby

      Grow up from afar

      Though Hades' horrid plan

      Was hatched before Herc cut his first tooth    -- ahh

      The boy grew stronger every day

      And that's the gospel truth

      The gospel truth

{resolve to country with sheeps baaing}

[A carriage with a lot of hay moves along the road unnaturally fast, then we

 see Amphitryon and his horse sitting before it]

Amphitryon: Hercules, slow down!

[We now see its young Hercules who is moving the carriage. They enter a country

 fair, hitting some workers on the top of the gate]

Amphitryong: Look out!

[workers fall]

Young Hercules: Oops! S-s-sorry guys!

Worker (falling down): Hey, watch where you're goin'!

Worker 2: Sunday driver!

[Hercules enters the middle of the square and stops, buring himself into the

 ground shoulders-deep]

Amphitryon: Thanks, son.  When old Penelope twisted her ankle back there,

      I thought we were done for.

Hercules: No problem, Pop.

Amphitryon: Uh, don't-don't-don't unload just yet. First I have to finagle

      with Phideas.

Hercules: Okay.

[he drops the hay on the cart which makes their horse, Penelope, fly up into

 the sky]

      Oops, sorry, Penelope.

Amphitryon: Now, Hercules, this time, please just--

Hercules: I know, I know

[he catches falling Penelope]

      Stay by the cart

Amphitryon: That's my boy.

[Hercules stays untill he sees a man loosing balance with a big clay pot]

Man:  Oh, my goodness. Whoa!

[Hercules catches him just in time]

Herules: Careful!

Man:  Why thank you

Hercules: No problem

Man (sees Hercules and looks frightened): Why, Hercules! It's you!

Hercules: Let me, let me help you with that

Man:  No, no, no, no, no, I got it.

[He almost falls under the giant pot]

      I'm fine, you just run along.

Hercules: Are you sure?

Man:  Oh, yes. Absolutely.

[He leaves Hercules outside in the street. A freesbee falls to his feet.

 He picks it up and sees three boys about his age]

Boy 1:      Yo! Give it here!

Hercules: Hey, you need an extra guy?

Boy 1:      Uh.. sorry, Herc. We already got.. five. And we want to keep it an

      even number.

Hercules: Hey, wait a second. Five isn't an even--

Boy 1: (snatching the freesbee): see ya, Herc.

Boy 2:      What a geek!

Boy 3:      Destructo boy.

Boy 1:      Maybe we should call him "Jerkules"

[Hercules sits alone in the center of a square untill the freesbee appears above

 his head]

Boy 1:      Heads up!

Hercules: I-I got it!

Boy 1:      No! Stop!

[Hercules hits a pillar, which starts falling]

Hercules: Uh-oh.. Oh no!.. It's okay..

[He holds the pillar he has hit, but others start falling one by one, like

 domino. He sees that and throws the pillar he was holding away, but it hits

 another standing pillar and another domino wave starts going around the square]

      Hey! Whoa!

Amphitryon: Son!

Hercules: Hang on, Pop! Be right back!

[The two domino waves seem to be aiming at the shop with clay pots]

Man: Oh my! Oh no! Don't! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

[The last two pillars stop above the man's head. He sighs, relaxed, but

 Hercules, who was running to save him, slips and slides to him fast]

Hercules: Watch out!

[Now everything is destroyed]

Boy 1: Nice catch, Jerkules.

Amphitryon: Son

Man: This is the last straw, Amphitryon!

Voice: That boy is a menace!

Voice 2: He's too dangerous to be around normal people!

Amphitryon: He didn't mean any harm, he's just a kid. He-he just can't control

      his strength

Man: I am warning you. You keep that-that-that.. freak away from here!

Boy: Freak! Yeah, go away!

{on a grassy hillside, Hercules and Amphitryon sit alone}

Amphitryon: Son, you shouldn't let those things they said back there get to


Hercules: But Pop, they're right. I-I am a freak. I try to fit in, I really do.

      I just can't. Sometimes.. I feel like, like I really don't belong here.

      Like I'm supposed to be.. someplace else.

Amphitryon: Hercules, son--

Hercules: I know it doesn't make any sense.

[Hercules walk away and sings]

      I have often dreamed of a far off place

      Where a great, warm welcome will be waiting for me

      Where the crowds will cheer when they see my face

      And a voice keeps sayin' this is where I'm meant to be

      I will find my way

      I can go the distance

      I'll be there someday

      If I can be strong

      I know every mile

      Will be worth my while

      I would go most anywhere to feel like I belong.

[he returns home]

Amphitryon: Hercules, there's something your mother and I have been meaning

      to tell ya.

{inside the house}

Hercules: But if you found me, then where did I come from? Why was I left here?

Alcmene: This was around your neck when we found you. It's the symbol of the


Hercules: This is it! Don't you see? Maybe they have the answers! I'll go to

      the temple of Zeus and--

      Ma, Pop, you're the greatest parents anyone could have, but..

      I-I gotta know

{Next morning, Hercules walks to the Temple and sings}

      I am on my way

      I can go the distance

      I don't care how far

      Somehow I'll be strong

      I know every mile

      Will be worth my while

      I would go most everywhere to find where I belong.

[Hercules enters the Temple of Zeus]

Hercules: Oh mighty Zeus, please, hear me and answer my prayer. I need to know:

      Who am I? Wh-where do I belong?

[wind blows, lightning hits the statue of Zeus, flame ignites in braziers..]


[..and the statue of Zeus comes to life]

Zeus: My boy. My little Hercules.

[He reaches for Hercules, who runs away, screaming]

      Hey, hey, hey, hold on kiddo! What's your hurry? After all these years

      is this a kind of hello to give your father?

Hercules: Father?

Zeus: Didn't know you had a famous father, did you? Surprise!!

      Look how you've grown. Why you've got your mother's beautiful eyes...

      and my strong chin. Hah!

Hercules: I-I don't understand. If you are my father, that would make me a--

Zeus: A god.

Hercules: A god. A god!

Zeus: Hey, you wanted answers, and by thunder, you're old enough to know the


Hercules: But why did you leave me on earth? Didn't you want me?

Zeus: Of course we did. Your mother and I loved you with all our hearts but

      someone stole you from us and turned you mortal, and only gods can live

      on Mount Olympus.

Hercules: And you can't do a thing?

Zeus: I can't, Hercules, but you can.

Hercules: R-really? W-what? I-I'll do anything.

Zeus: Hercules, if you can prove yourself a true hero on Earth, your godhood

      will be restored!

Hercules: A true hero. Great! Uh, exactly how do you become a true hero?

Zeus: First, you must seek out Philoctetes, the trainer of heroes.

Hercules: Seek out Philoctetes. Right. I'll--

[he falls off Zeus' palm]


Zeus: Whoa! Hold your horses! Which reminds me..

[Zeus whistles and the Pegasus flies through an opening in the roof]

      Ha-ha! You probably don't remember Pegasus but you two go way back, son

[Pegasus sniffs Hercules, then bonks foreheads with him and licks him]

Hercules: Oh, Pegasus !

Zeus: He is a magnificient horse. With the brain of a bird.

Hercules: I'll find Philoctetes and become a true hero!

Zeus: That's the spirit!

Hercules: I won't let you down, father! Yee-haw!

Zeus: Good luck, son.

[Hercules flies away, singing:]


      I will beat the odds

      I can go the distance

      I will face the world

      Fearless, proud and strong

      I will please the gods

      I can go the distance

      Till I find my hero's welcome right where I belong

{Isle of Philoctetes}

Hercules: You sure this is the right place?

[Hercules sees three nymphs laughing in the trees, then sees a goat's behind

 sticking from the bushes]

      What's the matter, little guy? You stuck?

Phil: Whoa! Hey, butt out, buddy!

Hercules: Ugh

Phil: Girls! Stop! Stop! Come back, come back, come back. Whoa, whoa--

[the nymph he gets hold on turns into flowers]

      oh, geez!

      Whait! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

[another nymph turns into a tree]

      Oh, nymphs! They can't keep their hands off me.

Nymph:      Hey!

Phil (to Hercules):

      What's the matter? You never seen a satyr before?

Hercules: Uh.. no. Can you help us? We're looking for someone called


Phil: Call me Phil.

Hercules sqeezes his hand: Phil!

Phil: Ow!

Hercules: Boy, am I glad to meet you! I'm Hercules. This is Pegasus.

[Pegasus licks Phil]

Phil: Animals!. Disgusting!

Hercules: I need your help. I want to become a hero. A true hero.

Phil: Sorry, kid, can't help ya.

Hercules: Wait!

[he pulls the door, Phil closed before him and raises it in the air with one


Phil: Whoo!

Hercules: Uh, sorry. Why not?

Phil: Two worlds: I am retired.

[Hercules counts on fingers]

Hercules: Look, I gotta do this. Haven't you ever had a dream, something you

      wanted so bad you'd do anything?

Phil sighes: Kid, come inside, I want to show you something.

[Inside, Hercules hits his head against some wooden mast]

Phil: Watch it! That was part of the mast of the Argo.

Hercules: The Argo?

Phil: Yeah. Who do you think taught Jason how to sail? Cleopatra? I trained

      all those would-be heroes. Odysseus, Perseus, Theseus. A lot of

      "yeuseus." And every single one of those bums let me down. Flatter then

      a discus.

      None of them could go the distance.

      And then there was Achilles.

      Now there was a guy who had it all - the build, the foot speed.

      He could jab, he could take a hit, he could keep on comin'.

      But that furshlugginer heel of his! He barely gets nicked there once

      and - kaboom! He's history. Yeah, I had a dream once. I dreamed I was

      gonna train the greatest hero there ever was. So great the gods would

      hang a picture of him in the stars... All across the sky, and people

      would say, "That's Phil's boy." That's right. Eh, but dreams are for

      rookies. A guy can only take so much disappointment.

Hercules: But I am different than those other guys, Phil! I can go the distance

      Come on, I'll show you.

Phil grunts: Geez, you don't give up, do ya?

Hercules: Watch this.

[He raises something big which looked like an UFO and sends it flying away]

Phil: Holy Hera.. You know maybe if I-- No! Snap out of it! I am too old to get

      mixed up in this stuff again.

Hercules: But if I don't become a true hero, I'll never be able to rejoin my

      father, Zeus.

Phil: Hold it! Zeus is your father, right?

Hercules: Uh-huh.

Phil laughs: Zeus! The big guy. He's your daddy! Mr. Lightning Bolts, read me

      a book, will ya.. da-da? Zeus!

(mimics Zeus): Once upon a time--

Hercules: It's the truth!

Phil: Please!


      So you wanna be a hero, kid, well, whoop-de-do

      I have been around the block before with blockheads just like you

      Each and every one was disappointment

      Pain for which there ain't no ointment

      So much for excuses

      Though a kid of Zeus is

      Asking me to jump into the fray

      My answer is two words:

[lightning hits Phil]


Hercules: You mean you'll do it?

Phil: You win.

Hercules: You won't be sorry, Phil.

Phil: Oh, gods.

Hercules: So when do we start? Can we start now?

Phil: Oy, vay.

Phil sing:

      I'd given up hope that someone would come along

      A fella who'd ring the bell for once not the gong

      The kind who wins trophies

      Won't settle for low fees

      At least semipro fees

      But no, I get the greenhorn

      I've been out to pasture, pal, my ambition gone

      Content to spend lazy days and to graze my lawn

      But you need an advisor

      A satyr, but wiser

      A good merchandiser and-- whoa!

      There goes my ulcer

      I'm down to one last hope and I hope it's you

      Though, kid, you're not exactly a dream come true

      I trained enough turkeys

      Who never came through

      You're my only last hope

      So you'll have to do

Phil: Rule #6: When rescuing a damsel, always handle with care

[Hercules falls into water]


Phil: Rule #95, kid: Concentrate!

      Rule #96: Aim!


      Demigods have faced the odds and ended up a mockery

      Don't believe in the stories that you read on all the crockery

      To be a true hero, kid, is a dying art

      Like painting a masterpiece it's a work of heart

      It takes more then sinew

      Comes down to what's in you

      You have to continue

      To grow!

[Hercules became adult now]

Phil: Now that's more like it!


      I'm down to one last shot and my last high note

      Before that blasted underworld gets my goat

      My dreams are on you, kid

      Go make 'em come true

      Climb that uphill slope

      Keep pushing that envelope

      You're my one last hope

      And, kids, it's up to you


Hercules: Did you see that? Next stop, Olympus.

Phil: All right, just take it easy, champ.

Hercules: I am ready, I want to get off this island. I want to see battles and

      monsters! Rescue some damsels.. You know, heroic stuff.

Phil: Well--

Hercules: Aw, come on, Phil!

Phil: Well, okay, okay. You want a road test? Saddle up, kid. We're going

      to Thebes!

Hercules: Yahoo!

[now flying on Pegasus]

      So, what's in Thebes?

Phil: A lot of problems. It's a big tough town, good place to start building

      a rep.

[they hear a woman screaming]

      Sounds like your basic D.I.D. - Damsel In Distress.

Hercules: Hyah!

[They land and see Megara chased by a monster centaur]

Nessus: Not so fast, sweetheart

Megara: I swear, Nessus. Put me down or I'll--

Nessus: Whoo! I like 'em fiery!

[in the bushes Hercules gets angry, while Phil instructs..]

Phil: Now remember, kid. First, analyze the situation. Don't just barrel in

      there without thinking. Eh?

[Hercules already walks to Nessus and Megara]

      He's losin' points for this!

Megara: You don't know what you're--

Hercules: Halt!

Nessus: Step aside, two legs.

Hercules: Pardon me, my good, uh, uh..... sir. I'll have to ask you to release

      that young...

Megara: Keep movin', junior

Hercules: ...lady. But you-- are-aren't you a damsel in distress?

Megara: I am a damsel, I am in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day.

Hercules: Uh-- *ahem* Ma'am, I'm afraid you may be too close to the situation

      to realize--

[he takes his sword out and Nessus immidiately hits him so he flies away]

Phil: Ohhh! What are you doin'? Get your sword!

Hercules (searching in water): Sword. Right, right.. Rule #15: A hero is only

      as good as his weapon!

[he picks up a fish and directs it at Nessus. Nessus laugh and Megara looks

 bored. Nessus then hits Hercules with a fist and Hercules flies away again]

Phil groans and tells to Pegassus who rushes to help:

      Whoa! Hold it! Hold on! He's gotta do it on his own.

      Come on, kid! Concentrate! Use your head!

Hercules: Oh...

[He runs and hits Nessus with his head. Nessus flies away]

Phil: All right! Not bad, kid. Not exactly what I had in mind, but not bad.

[Megara gets from water and coughs]

Hercules: Oh, gee, Miss, I'm I'm really sorry.

Megara:     Oh.

Hercules: That was dumb

Megara:     Yeah.

[Nessus runs in again]

Hercules: Excuse me.

[He attacks Nessus, hits his head several times and throws him]

Phil: Nice work! Excellente!

Megara: Is wonderboy here for real?

Phil: What are you talking about? Of course he's real..

(notices Megara)

      Whoa! And by the way, sweet cheeks, I am real too.

[Phil gets on Megara's lap, but she pushes him into water]

Megara: Ugh

[meanwhile, Hercules ride on Nessus]

Hercules: Yee-hah! Yahoo!

[He finishes Nessus in a spectacular fight]

      How was that, Phil?

Phil: Rein it in, rookie. You can get away with mistakes like those in the

      minor decathlons, but this is the big leagues!

Hercules sighes: At least I beat him. Didn't I?

Phil: Next time don't let your guard down because of a pair of big goo-goo

      eyes! D-oh! It's like I keep tellin' ya. You gotta stay focused, and


[Hercules walks up to Megara]

Hercules: Are you, uh, all right, Miss, uh--

Megara: Megara. My friends call me Meg. At least they would if I had any

      friends. So, did they give you a name along with all those rippling


Hercules: Uh, I'm, um, uh--

Megara: Are you always that articulate?

[she turns to leave]

Hercules: Hercules. my-- *ahem* My name is Hercules.

Megara: Hercules, huh? I think I prefer wonderboy.

Hercules: So, uh, how-how-how'd you get mixed up with the, uh--

Megara: Pinhead with hooves? Well, you know how men are. They think that "no"

      means "yes" and "get lost" means "take me, I'm yours". Don't worry,

      Shorty here can explain it to ya later.

[Phil growls]

      Well, thanks for everything, Herc. It's been a real slice.

Hercules: Wait! Um.. can we give you a ride?

[Pegasus snorts, whinnies, and jumps to a high branch]

Megara: Uh, I don't think your Pinto likes me very much

Hercules: Pegasus? Oh, no, don't be silly. He'd be more than happy to-- ow!

[Pegasus drops an apple on Hercules' head]

Megara: I'll be all right. I'm a big, tough girl. I tie my own sandals and

      everything. Bye-bye Wonderboy.

Hercules: Bye... She's something, isn't she, Phil?

Phil: Yeah, oh yeah, she's really something. A real pain in the patella!

      Earth to Herc! Come in Herc! Come in Herc! We got a job to do,

      remember? Thebes is still waitin'.

Hercules: Yeah. Yeah. I know.

[Megara walks into the forest and comes upon a rabbit and a small gopher]

Megara: Aw.. how cute. A couple of rodents looking for a theme park.

Pain (as a bunny): Who you callin' a rodent, sister? I'm a bunny!

Panic (as a gopher): A-and I'm his gopher.

Together: Ta-dah!

[they turn into themselves]

Megara sighes: I thought I smelled a rat.

Hades:      Meg.

Megara: Speak of the devil.

Hades:      Meg, my little flower, my little bird, my little nut, Meg. What exactly

      happened here? I thought you were gonna persuade the river guardian

      to join my team for the uprising, and here I am, kind of river


Megara: I gave it my best shot, but he made me an offer I had to refuse.

Hades:      Fine. So, instead of subtracting two years from your sentence, hey,

      I'm gonna add two on, okay? Give that your best shot.

Megara:     It wasn't my fault. It was that wonderboy, Hercules.

Panic:      Hercules? Why does that name ring a bell?

Pain: I don't know. Um, maybe we owe him money?

Hades:      What was that name again?

Megara: Hercules. He comes on with this big, innocent farm boy routine but I

      could see through that in a peloponnesian minute.

Pain: Wait a minute. Wasn't Hercules the name of that kid we were supposed


Pain and Panic: Oh my gods!

Panic:      Run for it!

Hades:      So you took care of him, huh? Dead as a door nail. Weren't those your

      exact words?

Pain: This might be a different Hercules.

Panic:      Yeah! I mean, Hercules is a very popular name nowadays!

Pain: Remember, like, a few years ago every other boy was named Jason and

      the girls were all named Brittany?

Hades:      I'm about to rearrange the Cosmos and the one schlemiel who can louse

      it up is waltzing around in the woods!

[Hades explodes]

Pain: Wait. Wait, big guy. We can still cut in on his waltzing.

Panic:      That's right! And-and-and at least we made him mortal, that's a good

      thing. Didn't we?

Hades:      Hmm.. Fortunately for the three of you we still have time to correct

      this rather egregious oversight. And this time, no foul-ups.

{Meanwhile, Hercules and Phil are flying on Pegasus}

Hercules: Wow! Is that all one town?

Phil: One town. A million troubles. The one and only Thebes. The big olive

      itself. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

[they enter the crowd]

      Stick with me, kid. This city is a dangerous place.

[they almost get hit by a passing carriage]

Driver:     Look where you're goin' numbskull!

Phil: Het, I'm walkin' here! You see what I mean? I'm tellin' you - wackos.

Man:  Pita bread, pita bread, get your pita bread here!

Smuggler: Hey, Mack.

[he opens his coat at Phil and Hercules]

Phil: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Smuggler: You wanna buy a sundial?

Phil: He's not interested, all right? Come on, kid.

Man:  The end is coming! Can't you feel it?

Phil: Yes, yes. Thank you for the info. Yes. We'll ponder that for a while.

      (to Hercules) Just stare at the sidewalk. Come on. Don't make eye

      contact. People here are nuts. That's because they live in a city of

      turmoil. Trust me, kid, you're gonna be just what the doctor ordered.

Woman:      It was tragic! We lost everything in the fire

Man:  Everything except old Snowball here.

[Snowball the cat meows]

Strong man: Now, were the fires before or after the earthquake?

Thin woman: They were after the earthquake, I remember

Heavy woman: But before the flood.

Old man: Don't even get me started on the crime rate

Heavy woman: Thebes has certainly gone downfall in a hurry.

Old man: Tell me about it. It seems like every time I turn around there's

      some new monster wreaking havoc and I--

Man: All we need now is a plague or locusts.

[Frog jumps in and scared everybody]

Old man: That's it! I'm movin' to Sparta!

Hercules: Excuse me. It uh *ahem* seems to me that what you folks need is

      a hero.

Strong man: Yeah, and who are you?

Hercules: I'm Hercules, and, uh, I happen to be... a hero.

[crowd laughs]

Old man: Is that so?

Woman:      A hero!

Old man: Have you ever saved a town before?

Hercules: Uh, no, uh, not exactly, but I--

Strong man: Have you ever reversed a natural disaster?

Hercules: Well, uh... no.

Strong man: Oh, listen to this. He's just another chariot chaser. This we need.

Woman: That's a laugh.

Phil: Don't you pea brains get it?

Woman:      Hmm?

Phil: This kid is a genuine article.

Man:  Het, isn't that the goat-man who trained Achilles?

Phil (getting angry) watch it pal

Strong man: Yeah, you're right. Hey, nice job on those heels! Ya missed a spot!

Phil: I got your heel right here!

(hits the man and starts beating him)

      I'll wipe that stupid grin off your face! You--

Hercules: Hey Phil! Phil! Phil! Take it easy, Phil.

Strong man: What are you, crazy? Sheesh

Heavy woman: Young man, we need a professional hero. Not an amateur.

Hercules: Well, wait. Stop!


      How am I supposed to prove myself a hero if nobody will give me

      a chance?

Phil: You'll get your chance, you just need some kind of catastrophe or


[Megara appears in the crowd]

Megara:     Please! Help! Please! There's been a terrible accident!

Hercules: Meg?

Phil: Speaking of disasters.

Megara:     Wonderboy! Hercules! Thank goodness!

Hercules: Wha-what's wrong?

Megara: Outside of town, two little boys, they were playing in the gorge.

      There was that rock slide, a terrible rock slide. They're trapped!

Hercules: Kids? Trapped? Phil, this is great!

Megara:     You are really choked up about this, aren't ya?

Hercules (dragging Meg): Come on!

Megara: No, I-- You don't under-- I have this terrible fear of heights!

Phil (running): I'm right behind ya, kid! Whoo!

     (panting): I am way behind ya, kid.

     (sputtering): I got a fur wedgie

[Hercules and Megara land and Hercules dismounts from Pegasus]

Hercules: Are you okay?

Megara: I'll be fine. Just get me down before I ruin the upholstery

Pain as boy: Help! I can't breathe!

Panic as boy: Hurry!

Pain as boy: Get us out!

Panic as boy: We're suffocating! Somebody call IX-I-I

Hercules: Easy fellas, you'll be all right

Pain as boy: We can't last much longer!

Panic as boy: Get us out before we get crushed!

[Hercules raises a huge boulder. Kids run out from under it and the crowd

 applauses lightly]

Hercules: How you boys doin'?

Panic as boy: We're okay now

Pain as boy: Jeepers, mister, you are really strong!

Hercules (still holding the stone): Well, try to be a little more careful

      next time, okay, kids?

Pain as boy: We sure will!

[they run away, up the slope and face Hades]

Hades:      A stirring performance, boys. I was really moved.

Panic:      "Jeepers, Mister" ?

Pain: I was going for innocence.

Hades:      And, hey, two thumbs way, way up for our leading lady.

(looking at Megara): what a dish. what a doll.

Megara (quietly): Get outta there, you big lug, while you still can.

Hercules: Phil, I did great. They even applauded.. sort of.

[growling sound appears]

Phil: Huh! I hate to burst your bubble, kid, but that ain't applause.

[Hydra appears]

Hercules: Ph-ph-ph-phil? What do you call that thing?

Phil: Two words! Am-scray!!

Hades: Let's get ready to rumble!

[Hydra and Hercules start fighting]

Phil: That's it. Dance around! Dance around! Watch the teeth. Watch the teeth

      Keep going. Come on. Come on. Lead with your left. Lead with your left!

      You other left!!

[Finally Hercules cuts the head of Hydra off. Crowd cheers]

Phil: All right! All right! You are bad! Okay!

Hercules: See, Phil? That-- That wasn't so hard

[he drops sword and falls flat on the ground]

Phil: Kid, kid, kid, how many horns do ya see?

Hercules: Six?

Phil: Eh, close enough. Let's get you cleaned up.

[above on the Hades' watching place Panic shivers and gulps]

Hades:      Guys, guys, relax. It's only halftime.

[below, Hercules and Phil hear rumbling from Hydra's body]

Phil: That doesn't sound good

[Hydra gets three new heads]

Phil: Definitely not good!

[Hercules on Pegasus fights with Hydra and keeps slicing her heads off, getting

 more and more new ones]

Phil: Will you forget that head-slicing thing?

[Hercules gets knocked off Pegasus and falls among heads and necks of Hydra]

Hercules: Phil, I don't think we covered this one in basic training!

[Hercules escapes, but falls back from the cliff and is now pressed against

 the wall by Hydra's paw]

Hades:      My favorite part of the game: sudden death.

[Hercules crushes the rock on Hydra and gets buried under rocks himself too]

Phil: Oh! There goes another one. Just like Achilles.

Hades:      Game. Set. Match.

[Hercules appears from Hydra's dead paw. Crowd chears real loud now]

Hercules: Phil, you gotta admit, that was pretty heroic.

Phil: Ya did it, kid! Ya did it! You won by a landslide!


Panic:      Hades mad.

Megara:     Well. What do ya know?

{cut to Muses}

Muse 5 sings:

      From that day forward, out boy Hercules could do no wrong

(spoken): He was so hot, steam looked cool

      Oh, yeah!

Muse 1:     Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll

      Person of the week in every greek opinion poll

Muse 2:     What a pro!

Muse 5: Herc could stop a show

      Point him at a monster and you're talkin' S.R.O.

      He was a no one

      A zero, a zero

      Now he's a honcho

      He's a hero!

      He was a kid with his act down pat

      Zero to hero in no time flat

      Zero to hero

      Just like that

      When he smiled the girls went wild

      With oohs and aahs

Muse 1:     And they slapped his face on every vase

Muse 3:     On every "Vahse"!

All:  From appearance fees and royalties

      Our Herc had cash to burn

      Now nouveau riche and famous

      He could tell you what's a grecian urn

      Say amen

      There he goes again

      Sweet and underrated

      And an awesome ten for ten

      Folks lined up just to watch him flex

      And this perfect package packed a pair of pretty pecs

      Hercie, he comes, he sees, he conquers

      Honey, the crowds were goin' bonkers

      He showed the moxie brains and spunk -- yeah!

      From zero to hero

      A major hunk

      Zero to hero

      And who'd have thunk...

      Who put the glad in gladiator?


      Who's darin' deeds are great theater?


      Isn't he bold?

      No one braver!

      Is he sweet?

      Our favorite flavor!


      My man




      Look at my Hercules



      Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll

      Underrated, riding high

      And the nicest guy

      Not conceited

      He was a nothing, zero, zero

      Now he's a honcho, he's our hero!

      He hit the heights at breakneck speed

      From zero to hero

      Herc is a hero

      Now he's a hero

Muse 3:     Yes, indeed.

[Hades practices shooting at targets]

Hades: Pull!

Megara: Nice shooting, Rex.

Hades:      I can't believe this guy. I throw everything I've got at him. And it

      doesn't even--

(sees Pain wearing Hercules(tm) sandals)

      What are those?

Pain: Um.. I don't know. I thought they looked kinda dashing.

Hades:      I've got 24 hours to get rid of this bozo, or the entire scheme

      I've been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke and you are wearing

      his merchandise!!!

[Panis interrupts them by slurping some cola from a Hercules(tm) plasic cup]

Panic:      Thirsty?

[Hades yells, causing a small earthquake]

Megara:     Looks like your game's over. Wonderboy is hitting every curve you

      throw at him.

Hades:      Oh yeah.. I wonder if maybe I haven't been throwing the right curves

      at him. Meg, my sweet.

Megara: Don't even go there.

Hades:      See, he's gotta have a weakness, because everybody's got a weakness

      I mean for what? Pandora, it was the box thing, for the Trojans, hey,

      they bet on the wrong horse, okay? We simply need to find out


Megara:     I've done my part. Get your little imps--

Hades:      They couldn't handle him as a baby. I need someone who can... handle

      him as a man.

Megara: Hey, I've sworn off manhandling.

Hades:      Well, you know, that's good because that's what got you into the jam

      in the first place, isn't it? You sold your soul to me to save your

      boyfriend's life. And how does this creep thank you? By running off

      with some babe. He hurt you real bad, didn't he, Meg? Huh?

Megara: Look, I learned my lesson, okay?

Hades:      Which is exactly why I got a feelin' you're gonna leap at my new

      offer. You give me the key to bringing down wonder breath and I

      give you the thing that you crave most in the entire Cosmos:

(he whispers at her ear):

      your freedom.

{Temple of Zeus}

Hercules: You should have been there, father! I mangled the minotaur, grappled

      with the Gorgon, Just like Phil told me, I analyzed the situation,

      controlled my strength and kicked! The crowds went wild! Thank you,

      thank you.

Zeus: Hah! You're doin' great, son. You're doin' your old man proud.

Hercules: I am glad to hear you say that, father. I've been waiting for this

      day a long time.

Zeus: Hmm.. What day is that, son?

Hercules: The day I rejoin the gods.

Zeus: You've done wonderfully, you really have, my boy. You're just not there

      yet. You haven't proved yourself a true hero.

Hercules: But father, I've beaten every single monster I've come up against.

      I'm-I'm the most famous person in all of Greece. I'm-I'm an action


Zeus: I'm afraid being famous is not the same as being a true hero.

Hercules: What more can I do?

Zeus: It's something you have to discover for yourself.

Hercules: But how can I--

Zeus: Look inside your heart

[Lightning strikes and statue of Zeus becomes inanimate]

Hercules: Father, wait!

{In the city, a carriage passes past rich gates}

Guide:      On your left is Hercules' villa. My next stop is the Pecs and Flex

      gift shop where you can pick up the Great Hero's 30-minute workout

      scroll "Buns of Bronze"

{inside the villa, Hercules is posing for a picture on a vase, dressed in the

 skin of the lion Skar from Disney's The Lion King}

Phil: At 1:00 you got a meeting with king Augeas. He's got a problem with

      his stables. I'd advise you not to wear your new sandals.

Hercules: Phil?

Artist: I told you, don't move!

Phil: D.G.R., the Drughters of the Greek Revolution

Hercules: Phil?

Phil: At 3:00 you gotta get a girdle from some amazons

Hercules (dropping club and shield) Phil, what's the point?

Artist screams: That's it!

Phil: Keep your toga on, pal

[Artist throws the paints on Phil, making him look like a clown and leaves]

Phil: What do you mean, "what's the point ?" You wanna go to Olympus, don't


Hercules: Yeah, but this stuff doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere.

[He throws the skin of Skar to Phil]

Phil (wiping the paint off his face with it): You can't give up now, I'm

      counting on ya

Hercules: I gave this everything I had.

Phil: Listen to me, kid. I seen 'em all. And I am tellin' you - and this is

      the honest-to-Zeus truth - you got somethin' I never seen before

Hercules: Really?

Phil: I can feel it right down to these stubby bowlegs of mine. There is

      nothin' you can't do, kid.

[door opens and fan girls scream]

Fan girls: It's him!

Phil: Hey, watch it! Watch it! watch--

Fan gils: I touched his elbow! I got his sweatband!

Hercules: Phil, help!

Phil: Okay, escape plan beta

Hercules: Gotcha.

[Phil blows whistle, fan girls look at him for a moment and Hercules disappears]

Fan girls: Hey! Where is he?

Phil: There he goes! On the verranda!

[Girls run away, Phil too, but when door closes, Megara appears from behind it,

 she walks and sees Hercules' toes under a curtain]

Megara: Let's see, what could be behind curtain number one?

Hercules: Meg!

Megara: It's all right. The sea of raging hormones has ebbed.

Hercules: Gee, i-i-it's great to see you. I-I-I missed you.

Megara (dropping on a couch): So, this is what hgeroes do on their days off

Hercules: I am no hero...

Megara: Sure you are. Everybody in Greece thinks you're the greatest thing

      since they put the pocket in pita

Hercules (chuckles): I know. It's-it's crazy you know, I can't go anywhere

      without being mobbed, I mean--

Megara: Ah. You sound like you could use a break. Think your nanny goat would

      go berserk if you played hooky this afternoon?

Hercules: Oh gee. I-I don't know, uh, Phil's got the rest of the day pretty

      much booked.

Megara: Ah, Phil, Shmill.. Just follow me. Out the window, round the dumbbells,

      you lift up the back wall and we're gone.

{evening, outdoors}

Hercules: Wow. What a day. First that restaurant by the bay,

Megara: Mmm..

Hercules: and then that, that play, that, that Oedipus thing. Man! I thought

      I had problems.

[both chuckle and such, two little birds sitting near turn into Pain and Panic

 to speak to Meg]

Panic:      Psst! Stop foolin' around!

Pain: Yeah. Get the goods, sister.

[Hercules turns back and they turn into birst and tweet innocently]

Hercules: I didn't know that playing hooky could be so much fun.

Megara: Yeah. Niether did I.

Hercules: Thanks, Meg.

Megara: Oh.. Don't that me just yet. Oh!

[she falls into Hercules' arms]

Hercules: Oop, careful.

Megara: Sorry. Weak ankles.

Hercules: Oh yeah? Well, maybe you better sit down for a while.

[He carries her on a bench and they sit down]

Megara: So, uh, do you have any problems with things like.. this?

[she stretched her leg and holds her foot right before Hercules' face]

Hercules: Uh.....

Megara: Weak ankles, I mean.

Hercules: Oh. Uh, no. Not really.

Megara (moving closer to him): No weaknesses whatsoever? No trick knee?

Hercules: Uh--

Megara (moving even more close): Ruptured... disks?

Hercules: No. I'm I'm afraid I'm, uh.. fit as a fiddle.

[he finally stands up from the bench]

Megara: Wonderboy, you are perfect.

Hercules: Thanks.

[he sends a coin jumping on a water in a fountain and it breaks the arms off

 the statue of Venus]


Megara: It looks better that way. No, it really does.

Hercules: You know, when I was a kid I, I would have given anything to be

      exactly like everybody else.

Megara: You wanted to be petty and dishonest?

Hercules: Everybody's not like that.

Megara: Yes they are.

Hercules: You're not like that

Megara: How do you know what I'm like?

Hercules: All I know is.. You're the most amazing person with... weak ankles

      I've ever met.

[Megara steps back and gets pricked on an arrow of a tiny statue of Amur]

      Meg, when I'm with you I-I don't feel so... alone.

Megara: Sometimes it's better to be alone.

Hercules: What do you mean?

Megara: Nobody can hurt you.

Hercules: Meg? I would never ever hurt you.

Megara: And I don't wanna hurt you, so... let's both do ourselves a favor and..

      stop this... um.. before... we--

[Their lips met for the kiss, but the moment before it happens bright light

 flashes into their eyes. It is Phil, on Pegasus, impersonating police


Phil: All right! Break it up! Break it up! Party's over! I been lookin' all

      over this town!

Megara: Calm down, mutton man! It was all my fault.

Phil: You're already on my list, sister, so don't make it worse

[Pegasus snorts at Megara, she snorts back, turning the light off]

Phil: And as for you, ya bum, you're gonna go to the stadium and you're gonna

      be put through the workout of your life! Now get on the horse.

Hercules: Okay, okay

Megara: I'm sorry

Hercules: Ah, he'll get over it.

[he bends a huge tree casually and picks a flower off it, gives it to Meg and

 kisses her in the cheek]

Phil: Move! Move, move, move, move, move! Move!

(on Pegasus): Whoo! Ya-eee!

      Hey, watch it, watch it! Whoo! Watch it! Keep your goo-goo eyes on the

[a branch finally hits Phil and he falls on the ground]

      That's it. Next time, I drive.

[Megara sits alone and smells the flower]

Megara:     Oh. what's the matter with me? You'd think a girl would learn.


            If there's a prize for rotten judgement

            I guess I've already won that

            No man is worth the aggravation

            That's ancient history been there, done that.

Muses:      Who d'ya think you're kidding? He's the Earth and Heaven to you

      Try to keep it hidden, honey, we can see right through you

Megara:           Oh, No

Muses:      Girl, you can't conceal it

      We know how you feel and

      Who you're thinkin' of

Megara:           Oh-no, no chance, no way, I won't say it, no, no

Muses:      You swoon, you sigh, why deny it, uh-oh?

Megara:           It's too cliche, I won't say I'm in love

Muses:      Shoo-doo, shoo-doo, oo-oo-oo

Megara:           I thought my heart had learned its lesson

            It feels so good when you start out

Muses:      Ahhh..

Megara:           My head is screaming get a grip, girl

            Unless you're dyin' to cry your heart, oh

Muses:      You keep on denying

      Who you are and how you're feelin'

      Baby we're not buyin' hon,

      We saw you hit the ceilin'

      Face it like a grownup, when you gonna own up that you



      Got it bad

Megara:           Oh, no chance, no way, I won't say it, no, no

Muses:      Give up, but give in,

      Check the grin, you're in love

Megara:           This scene won't play, I won't say I'm in love

Muses:      You're doing flips, read our lips, you're in love

      shoo-doo, shoo-doo

Megara:           You're way off base, I won't say I'm it

Muses:      She won't say in love

Megara:           Get off my case, I won't say it

Muses:      Girl, don't be proud, it's okay, you're in love

Megara:     Oh.. At least at loud I won't say I'm in love...

Muses:      Shoo-doo, shoo-doo, shoo-doo, shoo-doo



[Hades appears]

Hades:      Hey, what's the buzz, huh, Meg? What is the weak link in the

      Wonderboy's chain?

Megara: Get yourself another girl, I'm through.

Hades:      I'm sorry. Do you mind runnin' that by me again? I must have had a

      chunk of brimstone wedged in my ear or something.

Megara: Then read my lips! Forget it!

Hades:      Meg, Meg, Meg, my sweet deluded little minion. Aren't we forgetting one

      teensy-weensy, but ever so crucial little, tiny detail?

[he bursts into flame]

      I own you!

[Phil come in on the ground]

Phil: Oh. I got another horn here..

Hades (to Meg): You work for me!

Phil: That kid's gonna be doin' laps for a month

Hades:      If I say, "sing", you say, "hey, name that tune"

      If I say, "I want Wonderboy's head on a platter" you say--

Megara:     Medium or well done

Phil: Oh! I knew that dame was trouble. This is gonna break the kid's heart.

Megara: I'll work on that.

[Phil runs away]

Hades:      I'm sorry.. You hear that sound? That's the sound of your freedom

      fluttering out the window forever

Megara:     I don't care. I'm not gonna help you hurt him.

Hades:      I can't believe you're getting so worked up about some guy.

Megara: This one is different. He's honest, and-and he's sweet--

Hades:      Please!

Megara:     He would never do anything to hurt me.

Hades:      He's a guy!

Megara: Besides, oh, oneness, you can't beat him. He has no weaknesses, he's


Hades:      I think... he does, Meg. I truly think... he does.

{Stadium, Hercules is doing exercises}

Hercules: Ha-ha! Whoo-hoo!

[Phil walks sad]

      Hey, Phil! What happened to you?

Phil: Kid, we gotta talk.

Hercules: Oh, Phil, I just had the greatest day of my life! I-I can't stop

      thinking about Meg. She's something else.

Phil: Kid! I'm tryin' to talk to ya! Will you come down here and listen?

Hercules: Aw, how can I come down there when I'm feeling so up?

[He jumps up into clouds. Meanwhile a pegasus mare appears and makes the

 Pegasus follow her. In a pen, the mare splits in two parts which turn into

 Pain and Panic]

Pain: Gotcha!

[back on stadium]

Phil: Ah, very nice! What I'm trying to say is--

Hercules: That if it wasn't for you, I never would have met her. Oh, I owe ya

      big time. Little guy, I do.

Phil: Will you just knock it off for a couple of seconds?

Hercules: Rule #38, Come on, Phil, keep them up there, huh? Phil, I got two

      words for ya: Duck!

Phil: Listen to me! She's--

Hercules: A dream come true?

Phil: Not exactly

Hercules: More beautiful then Aphrodite?

Phil: Aside from that!

Hercules: The most wonderful--

Phil: She's a fraud!!! She's been playin' ya for a sap!

Hercules: Aw, come on. Stop kiddin' around

Phil: I'm not kiddin' around.

Hercules: I know you're upset about today, but that's no reason to--

Phil: Kid, you're missin' the point

Hercules: The point is - I love her.

Phil: She don't love you

Hercules: You're crazy

Phil: She's nothin' but a two-timin',

Hercules: Stop it!

Phil: no-good, lyin', schemin'--

Hercules (hits Phil): Shut up!

[Phil flies off and hits himself a little]

      Phil, I-- Oh, I'm, I'm sorry

Phil: Okay, okay, that's it. You won't face the truth? Fine.

Hercules: Phil, wait. Where you going?

Phil: I'm hoppin' the first barge out of here. I'm goin' home.

Hercules: Fine! G-- Go! I don't-- I don't need you.

Phil: I thought you were gonna be the all-time champ. Not the all-time chump.

[Phil leaves. Hades comes]

Hades:      Geez Louise! What got his goat, huh? Baboom. Name is Hades, Lord of

      the Dead. Hi. How ya doin'?

Hercules: Not now, okay?

Hades:      Hey, hey, I only need a few seconds and I'm a fast talker, all right?

      See, I've got the major deal in the works. A real estate venture, if

      you will. And Herc, you little devil you, may I call you Herc? You seem

      to be constantly getting in the way of it.

Hercules: You've got the wrong guy.

Hades:      Hear me out, ya little-- heh-heh. Just-- hear me out, okay? So I would

      be eternally grateful if you would just... take a day off from this

      hero business of yours. Geez, I mean, monsters, natural disasters. Phew

      You wait a day, okay?

Hercules: You're out of your mind.

Hades:      Not so fast, because, ya see, I do have a little leverage... You might

      wanna know about.

[Hades snaps fingers and Megara appears]

Hercules: Meg!

Megara: Don't listen, Herc--

[she disappears]

Hercules: Let her go!

Hades:      Here's the trade-off. You give up your strength for about 24 hours,

      okay? Say, the next 24 hours and Meg here is free as a bird and safe

      from harm. We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home

      happy. What d'ya say? Come on.

Hercules: People are, are gonna get hurt, aren't they?

Hades:      Nah! I mean, it's, you know, it's a possibility. It happens 'cause,

      you know, it's war, but what can I tell ya? Anyway, what do you owe

      these people, huh? Isn't Meg -- little smoochy face -- isn't she more

      important than they are?

Hercules: Stop it!

Hades:      Isn't she?

Hercules: You gonna swear she'll be safe from any harm

Hades:      Fine, okay, I'll give you that one. Meg is safe, otherwise you get

      your strength right back, yadda-yadda, fine print, boilerplate, baboom.

      Okay? We're done, what d'ya say we shake on it? Hey, I really don't

      have, like, time to bat this around. I'm kind of on a schedule here,

      I got plans for august. Okay? I need an answer, like, now.

      Going once, going twice

Hercules: All right!

Hades:      Yes, we're there! Bam!

[they shake hands and Hades takes strength of Hercules]

Hades:      You may feel just a little queasy, it's kinda natural. Maybe you should

      sit down.

      Now you know how it feels to be just like everybody else. isn't it just

      peachy? Oh! You'll love this. One more thing. Meg, babe. A deal's a

      deal. You're off the hook. By the way, Herc. Is she not, like, a

      fabulous little actress?

Megara: Stop it.

Hercules: What do you mean?

Hades:      I mean your little chickie-poo here was working for me all the time.


Hercules: You're-- you're lying!

Panic as boy: Help! (coughs)

Pain as bot: Jeepers, mister, you're really strong. (in normal voice) Ha-ha!

Hades:      Couldn't have done it without you, sugar, sweetheart, babe.

Megara:     No! It's not like that! I didn't mean to-- I-I couldn't-- I--

      I'm so sorry.

Pain and Panic:   Our hero's a zero! Our hero's a zero!

Hades:      Well, gotta blaze. There's a while cosmos up there waiting for me with,

      hey, my name on it. So much for the preliminaries, and now on to the

      main event!

{The stars are aligned and the gate to the Titans opens}

Hades:      Brothers! Titans! Look at you in your squalid prison! Who put you

      down there?

Titans:     Zeus!

Hades:      And now that I set you free, what is the first thing you are going to


Titans:     Destroy him!

[Hades frees the Titans]

Hades:      Good answer

Lythos:     Crush Zeus!

Hydros:     Freeze him!

Pyros:      Melt Zeus!

Stratos: Blow him away!

Titans:     Zeus!

Hades: Uh, Guys? Olympus would be that way.

Lythos: Zeus!

Hydros: Freeze him!

Hades:      Hold it, bright eye

Cyclops: Huh?

Hades:      I have a special job for you, my optic friend

[Olympus. Hermes sees the titans first]

Hermes:     Ah. Huh?

Lythos: Destroy Zeus!

Hermes: Oh, we're in trouble! Oh, big trouble! I gotta--

[he zooms to Olympus]

      My Lord and Lady, the Titans have escaped. And they're practically

      at our gates!

Zeus: Sound the alarm! Launch an immediate counterattack! Go! Go!

Hermes:     Gone, babe.

[Gods prepare to war]

Areus:      Charge! On to battle!

Zeus (throwing lightnings at Lythos in vain): Yee-hah!

Mars (getting sucked in by Stratos): You windbag!

Hades (watching this): Boom, badda-boom, boom, boom! Hah!

[meanwhile, Tital 5 looks for Hercules, causing destruction in Thebes]

Cyclops: Hercules! Where are you?

Tall woman: What can we do?

Fat man: Where's Hercules?

Old man: Yeah, Hercules'll save us.

Cyclops: Hercules! Come out! Face me!

Megara (to Hercules who starts going): What are you doing? WIthout your

      strength, you'll be killed.

Hercules: There are worse things.

Cyclops: Run!

Megara: Wait! stop!

Strong Man: Hey, look! It's Hercules.

Heavy Woman: Thank the gods, we're saved!

Cyclops: So, you mighty Hercules

[He hits Hercules who flies away and hits a mosaic of himself. Meanwhile

 Megara finds Pegasus tied up in the stables]

Megara: Easy, horsefeathers. Whoa! Stop twitching, listen. Ah! Hercules is in

      trouble. We gotta find Phil, he's the only one who can talk some

      sense into him.

[Meanwhile on Olympus, battle between Zeus and the Titans goes on]

Zeus: Get back, blast you!

[Lythos smashes the gates of Olympus open]

Hades:      Ooh, chihuahua.

Lythos: Zeus!

[Phil is going to leave Thebes and is walking to a boat]

Sailor:     Come on! Hurry up! We're shovin' off here!

Megara:     Phil! Phil, Hercules needs your help!

Phil: What does he need me for when he's got friends like you?

Megara: He won't listen to me

Phil: Good! He's finally learned something.

Megara: Look, I know what I did was wrong, but this isn't about me, it's

      about him. If you don't help him now, Phil, he'll die


Zeus: I need more thunderbolts!

Hermes: Uh, Hephaestus has been captured, my Lord. Everyone's been captured,


[Pain and Panic get him]

      I've been captured! Hey, hey! Watch the glasses.

[Pyros and  Hydros make a mountain of ice and fire with Zeus on top.]

Hades:      Zeusy, I'm home!

Zeus: Hades, you're behind this!

Hades:      You are correct, sir!


[Cyclops tosses Hercules and plays with him]

Cyclops: Flea!

Phil: Hercules!

Hercules: Phil..

Phil: Come on, kid, come on. Fight back. Come on, you can take this bum,

      This guy's a pushover, look at him

Hercules: You were right all along, Phil. Dreams are for rookies.

Phil: No, no, no, no, kid, givin' up is for rookies. I came back 'cause

      I'm not quittin' on ya. I'm willing to go the distance, how 'bout you?

[Cyclops grabs Hercules]

Cyclops: Me bite off head!

[Hercules burns the Cyclops' face with a burning stick]

Phil: Whoa, baby!

[while Cyclops is yelling, Hercules ties up his legs and Cyclops falls off

 a cliff. His fall make a quake, from which a pillar starts falling on Hercules]

Megara: Hercules! Look out!

[she pushes him out from the pillar's way and is struck by the pillar]

Hercules: Meg! No!

[Hercules raises the pillar, getting the strength back]

Hercules: What's happening?

Megara: H-Hades' deal is broken. He promised I wouldn't get hurt.

Hercules: Meg. Why, why did you-- you didn't have to--

Megara: Oh. People always do crazy things... when they're in love.

Hercules: Oh, Meg. Meg, I-- I--

Megara: Are you... always this articulate? You, you haven't got much time.

      You can still stop Hades.

Phil: I'll watch over her, kid.

Hercules: You're gonna be all right. I promise.

      Let's go Pegasus!

{Olympus. gods in chains}

Pain: Hup, two, three, four, come on, everybody! I can't hear you!

Hermes: Oh, oh!

Zeus (being frozen from one side and burnt from another): I swear to you,

      Hades, when I get out of this--

[he is finally buried under molten rock]

Hades:      I'm the one giving orders now, bolt boy. And I think I'm gonna like

      it here.

Hercules: Don't get too comfortable, Hades!

Areus:      Hercules!

Hercules: This oughta even the odds!

[he breaks the chain by which the gods were chained]

Hermes (hitting Pain and Panic): Yeah, Hercules! Thank you, man!

Hades:      Get them!

[Pyros misses Hercules and covers Hades in molten lava]

Hades:      Whoa! Hey! No! Get him, not me! Him!

      Follow the fingers! Him!

[Ice storm from Hydros who was trying to hit Hercules freezes Hades]

      The yutz with the horse!

[Hercules opens the stone block and releases Zeus]

Zeus: Thank you, my boy.

[meanwhile Pegasus chases Pain and Panic]

Pain: Nice horsey! My intentions were pure! I really was attracted to you.

Zeus (to Hepheastus): throw!

[he catches two leads of lightnings]

      Hah! Now watch your old man work!

Lythos: Uh-oh

[lightnings explode heads of Lythos, other Titans leave]

Hades:      Guys, get your titanic rears in gears and kick some olympian butt!

[Pegasus blows at Hades' head and blue fire which was his head is out]

      Whoa, is my hair out?

[Hercules meanwhile catches Stratos and sucks into him Lythos, Hydros, and

 Pyros. He launches them into the sky where they all explode]

Zeus (high-fiving Hercules): Hah!

Hercules: Whoo-hoo!

Hades leaves: Thanks a ton, Wonderboy. But at least I've got one swell

      consolation prize -- a friend of yours who's dying to see me.

Hercules: Meg!

[Atropos cuts the thread of life and Megara is dead]

Hercules arrives to her: Meg. Meg, no.

Phil: Oh, I'm sorry, kid. There's some things you just can't change.

Hercules: Yes I can.

{in Hades}

Hades:      We were so close! So close. We tripped the finish line. Why?

      because our little nut, Meg, has to go all noble.

[Cerberus the three-headed dog breaks the wall, Hercules on top of his middle


Hercules: Where's Meg?

Hades:      Oh, look who's here. Wonderboy, you are too much.

Hercules grips Hades: Let her go.

Hades:      Get a grip! Come here, come here. Let me show you around.

[they walk around the Hades]

      Hmph. Well, well. It's a small underworld after all, huh?

[They come to the shore of a river. Hercules sees Meg in it]

Hercules: Meg! Ahhh!

[his hands which he put into water turned old]

Hades:      No, no, no. Mustn't touch.

      You see, Meg's running with a new crowd these days. And not a very

      lively one, at that.

Hercules: You like making deals. Take me in Meg's place.

Hades:      Oh, well. The son of my hated rival trapped forever in a river of


Hercules: Going once!

Hades:      Hmm. Is there a downside to this?

Hercules: Going twice!

Hades: Okay, okay, okay, okay. You get her out - she goes, you stay.

[Hercules dives]

      Oh, you know what slipped my mind? You'll be dead before you can get

      to her. That's not a problem, is it?

[Hercules swims, turning older and older. Atropos goes to cut the thread

 of life, but it suddenly shines and the scissors don't cut it.]

Atropos: Oh?

Lachesis: What's the matter with these scissors?

Clotho:     The thread won't cut.

[shining and your again Hercules floats out from the river with soul of Meg]

Hades:      This is-- this is impossible! You, you, you can't be alive!

      You'd have to be a, a--

Pain and Panic:   A god?

Hades:      Hercules, stop! You can't do this to me. You can't--

[Hercules hits him in the face]

      Fine. okay. listen. Hah! Okay, well, I deserved that, Herc, Herc, Herc.

      Can we talk? Y-Your dad, he's a fun guy, right? So maybe you could

      put in a word with him and he'd kinda blow this whole thing off, you

      know? Meg, Meg, talk to him, a little schmooze--

[Hercules hits Hades stronger and he flies away into the river of death. Souls

 try to drown him]

      Eew! Get away from me! Don't touch me! Get your slimy souls off me!

      Ooh, ah--

Panic:      He's not gonna be happy when he gets outta there.

Pain: You mean, if he gets outta there.

Panic:      If. If is good.

Hades:      Taxi! I don't feel so good, I feel a little--

[he disappears]

{outside, Hercules brings the soul of Megara and puts it inside her body}

Megara:     Wonderboy, what-- why did you--

Hercules: Huh. People always do crazy things... when they are in love.

[they go for a kiss, but suddenly a cloud appears under their feet, sent by

 Zeus, and they fly to Olympus]

Phil: Whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Whoo!

[Pegasus picks Phil up and brings along]

{Olympus (restored already). Crowd of gods welcome Hercules}

Areus:      Three cheers for the mighty Hercules!

Hermes:     Oh, Yeah! Flowers for everybody! Oh!

Hera: Hercules, we're so proud of you.

Hercules: Mother.

Zeus: Hah! Fine work, my boy! You've done it! You're a true hero.

Hera: You were willing to give your life to rescue this young woman.

Zeus: For a true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but

      by the strength of his heart. Now, at last, my son, you can come home.

[Gates open, gods cheer for Hercules. Megara is left behind.]

Megara: Congratulations, Wonderboy. You'll make one heck of a god.

[Hercules turns around and sees her leaving]

Hercules: Father, this is the moment I've always dreamed of. But...

[he comes to Megara and takes her hand]

      A life without Meg, even an immortal life, would be... empty.

      I-- I wish to stay on Earth with her. I finally know where I belong.

[Zeus nods, they finally kiss and Hercules stops shining]

Hermes:     Hit it, ladies!

Muses sing:

      Oh, gonna shout it from the mountaintops

      A star is born!

      It's the time for pulling out the stops

      A star is born!

      Honey, hit us with a hallelu

      That kid came shining through

      Girl, sing the song

      Come blow your horn

      A star is born!

      He's a hero who can please the crowd

      A star is born!

      Come on, everybody shout out loud

      A star is born!

      Just remember in the darkest hour,

      Within your hear's the power

      For makin' you

      A hero too

[Here the Constellation of Hercules appears]

      So don't lose hope

      When you're forlorn

[Phil sees the Strong Man pointing at it and saying: "That's Phil's boy!"]

      Just keep your eyes

      Upon the skies

      Every night,

      A star is right in sight,

      A star is burning bright,

      A star is born

      A star is born

{Closing Titles start, song continues}

      Like a beacon in the cold dark night    

      A star is born!

      Told ya everything would turn out right

      A star is born!

      Just when everything was all at sea

      The boy made history

      The bottom line

                  Bottom line!

      He sure can shine

                  He can shine!

      His rising sign is Capricorn

      He knew how to

      He had a clue

      Telling you

      A star is born!

      Here's a hero who can please the crowd

      A star is born!

      Come on, everybody shout out loud

      A star is born!

      Just remember in your darkest hour

      Within your heart's the power

      For making you

      A hero too

      A hero too

      So don't lose hope

      When you're forlorn

      No, no!

      Just keep your eyes

      Upon the skies

      Every night,

      A star is right in sight,

      A star is burning bright,

      A star is born!


      I have often dreamed

      Of a far off place

      Where a hero's welcome

      Would be waiting for me

      Where the crowds will cheer

      When they see my face

      And a voice keeps sayin'

      This is where I meant to be

      I'll be there someday

      I can go the distance

      I will find my way

      If I can be strong

      I know every mile

      Will be worth my while

      When I go the distance I'll be right

      Where I


      Down an unknown road

      You embrace my fears

      Though that road may wander

      It will lead me to you

      And a thousand years

      Would be worth the wait

      It might take a lifetime

      But somehow I'll see it through

      And I won't look back

      I can go the distance

      And I'll stay on track

      No, I won't accept defeat

      It's an uphill slope

      But I won't lose hope

      Till I go the distance and my journey

      Is complete

      Oh, yeah.

      But to look beyond the glory

      Is the hardest part

      For a hero's strength is measured

      By his heart


      Like a shooting star

      I will go the distance

      I will search the world

      I will face its harms

      I don't care how far

      I can go the distance

      Till I find my hero's welcome

      Waiting in

      Your arms

      I will search the world

      I will face its harms

      Till I find my hero's welcome

      Waiting in

      Your arms


      What do you say? It's happy ending time! Everybody's got a little

      taste of somethin' but me. I got nothin'. I am here with nothin'.

      Anybody listenin'? It's like I'm-- what am I, an echo or something?

      Hello? Hello? Am I talking to, what? Hyperspace? Hello, it's me.

      Nobody listens.

                              CLOSING TITLES

Directed by

      John Musker and Ron Clements

Produced by

      Alice Dewey

      John Musker and Rob Clements

Animation screenplay by

      Rob Clements & John Musker

      Donald McEnery & Rob Shaw and Irene Mecchi


      Music by

            Alan Menken

      Lyrics by

            David Zippel

Original score by

      Alan Menken

Associate Producer

      Kendra Haaland

Art Direction

      Andy Gaskill

Production Designer

      Gerald Scarfe


      Tom Finan

Sound Designer

      Gary Rydstrom

Artistic supervisors:


            Barry Johnson

      Production Stylist

            Sue C. Nichols


            Rasoul Azadani


            Thomas Cardone

      Visual Effects

            Mauro Maressa

      Computer Graphics Imagery

            Roger L. Gould


            Nancy Kniep

      Artistic Coordinator

            Dan Hansen

Production Manager

      Peter Del Vecho

Technical Coordinator

      Ann Tucker


                               SCRIPT CREDITS

Typed by:

      Sergei Zubkov, FDC Tummi/FDCmuck Cubbi

      cubbi@comp.chem.msu.su, cubbi@org.chem.msu.su, 2:5020/315.17@Fidonet


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