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LOST IN TRANSLATION LOST IN TRANSLATION                                         Written by                                       Sofia Coppola                                                              Shooting Draft               Lost in Translation, Inc.               September 2, 2002               FADE IN:               EXT. NARITA AIRPORT - NIGHT               We hear the sound of a plane landing over black.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S ROOM - NIGHT               The back of a GIRL in pink underwear, she leans at a big                window, looking out over Tokyo.                                                                    CUT TO:               Melodramatic music swells over the Girl's butt in pink sheer                underwear as she lies on the bed.               TITLE CARDS OVER IMAGE.               LOST IN TRANSLATION               INT. CAR - NIGHT               POV from a car window - the colors and lights of Tokyo neon                at night blur by.                                                                    CUT TO:               In the backseat of a Presidential limousine, BOB (late-               forties), tired and depressed, leans against a little doily,                staring out the window.               P.O.V. from car window- We see buildings covered in bright                signs, a billboard of Brad Pitt selling jeans, another of                Bob in black & white,looking distinguished with a bottle of                whiskey in a Suntory ad... more signs, a huge TV with perky                Japanese pop stars singing.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. PARK HYATT - NIGHT               Bob's black Presidential (looks like a 60's diplomat's car)                pulls up at the entrance of the Park Hyatt, a modern sky                rise.               The automatic doors open on the car, as Bob gets out.   Eager                BELLHOPS with white gloves approach at the sight of the car,                welcoming Bob and helping him with his bags.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. PARK HYATT - NIGHT               Bob stands in the back of a crowded elevator surrounded by                Japanese businessmen below his shoulders.               The elevator stops at the 50th floor and the doors open onto               the massive, streamline lobby of the Park Hyatt.               Bob follows the JAPANESE BUSINESSMEN out into the marble and                glass lobby that frames the view of Tokyo.               The CONCIERGE and several eager HOTEL MANAGERS greet Bob. He                just wants to sleep, but more STAFF continue to greet him,                ask him about his fright. They lead him to reception.               INT. HOTEL RECEPTION - NIGHT               At the reception area four JAPANESE BUSINESSMEN and two WOMEN                quickly sit up from their seats on sight of Bob, and extend                handshakes and gifts. They bow and introduce themselves from                the commercial company, extend name cards and welcome him                enthusiastically.               More staff welcomes him and offer their service during his                stay.               One of them presents a fax that has come for him.               INSERT -               "TO: BOB HARRIS               FROM: LYDIA HARRIS               YOU FORGOT ADAM'S BIRTHDAY.               I'M SURE HE'LL UNDERSTAND.               HAVE A GOOD TRIP, L"               He doesn't know what to do with it, and stuffs it in his                pocket.               The commercial people tell him when they'll be picking him                up, and ask if he needs anything else.               Some JAPANESE ROCK STARS with shag haircuts and skinny leather                pants pass by. Each commercial person has to shake Bob's                hand before leaving.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. BOB'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               Bob sits on the end of the bed in a too small hotel kimono.               INT. PARK HYATT BAR - NIGHT               Bob sits at the bar. A few minutes pass as he sits in silence                looking around, drinking a scotch.  Chet Baker sings "The                Thrill is Gone" over the stereo.               We see Bob's POV of tables of people talking. JAPANESE WOMEN                SMOKING, AMERICAN BUSINESSMEN tying one on, talking about                software sales. A WAITER carefully setting down a coaster,                and pouring a beer very, very slowly. It's all very foreign.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. BOB'S HOTEL ROOM - MORNING               The automatic hotel curtains open, pouring light into the                room.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT.HOTEL BATHROOM - DAY               Bob gets in the shower overlooking the view of Tokyo. The                shower head is at his elbows, he raises it as high as it                goes, and leans down to have a shower. This hotel was not                designed with him in mind.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. STUDIO - DAY               Whiskey commercial shoot.               The set is full of activity as the JAPANESE CREW work. Bob,                in a shawl collared tuxedo sits at a European style bar set                with a cut crystal glass of whiskey. A JAPANESE GIRL quickly                powders his face as they adjust lights and the DIRECTOR and                crew speak in hurried Japanese.               The Director (with blue contact lenses) says a few long                sentences in Japanese.               TRANSLATOR, a middle-aged woman in a coordinated outfit,                translates but it is only a short sentence now.                                     TRANSLATOR                         He wants you to turn, look in camera                          and say the lines.               Bob wonders what she's leaving out, or if that's the way it                works from Japanese to English.                                     BOB                         That's all he said?                                     TRANSLATOR                         Yes, turn to camera.               Bob thinks let's just get it over with.                                     BOB                         Turn left or right?               The Translator blots her face with a tissue, and asks the                director in a Japanese sentence 5 times as long. The Director                answers her in a long excited phrase.                                     TRANSLATOR                         Right side. And with intensity.                                     BOB                         Is that everything? It seemed like                          he was saying a lot more.               The excited Director says more in Japanese. Translator nods                in understanding. Bob doesn't really know what's going on.                                     TRANSLATOR                         Like an old friend, and into the                          camera.                                     DIRECTOR                              (to Bob))                         Suntory Time!               They get ready, and roll camera:               Bob turns and looks suavely to the camera:                                     BOB                         For relaxing times, make it Suntory                          Time.               The Director yells something about ten sentences long. The                translator nods.                                     TRANSLATOR                         Could you do it slower, and with                          more intensity?                                     BOB                         Okay.               The Translator answers for him in four sentences.               ON THE MONITOR - we see the next take: the moody lighting                shines on Bob, the camera gets closer as he stares into camera                and gives them the line.                                     BOB                         For relaxing times, make it Suntory                          Time.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. TOKYO - NIGHT               Shinjuku High rises sparkle.               INT. PARK HYATT BAR - NIGHT               Tall glass walls show the neon and high-rises of the city.               A sad and romantic Bill Evans song plays. Bob sits alone                with a scotch at the bar.               Some drunk AMERICAN BUSINESSMEN, with their ties thrown over                their shoulders recognize him.                                     BUSINESS GUY                         Hey- you're Bob Harris- you're                          awesome, man.                                     ANOTHER BUSINESS GUY                         Yeah, I love Sunset  Odds! BOB Oh,                          Ok, thanks.                                     BUSINESS GUY                         Man, that car chase-               Bob  nods.               INT. BOB'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               Bob comes back to his room. The maids have left everything                perfect, his beige bed is turned down, and the TV has been                left on to a channel playing a montage of flower close-ups                in nature while sad violin music plays. It's supposed to be                relaxing, but it's just sad.                                                                    CUT TO:               Bob lies in bed. He flips through TV channels from the remote                control.  He passes a Japanese game show, to an 80s Cannon                Ball run-type movie with him in it dubbed into Japanese. He                turns it off as he hears a knock at the door.               He goes to the door, and opens it part way.                                     WOMAN (O.C.)                              (Raspy Japanese voice)                         Mr. Harris?                                     BOB                         Yes?                                     WOMAN                         Mr. Kazuzo sent me.                                     BOB                         Oh?                                     WOMAN                         Can I enter?               He pauses, then opens the door.               A WOMAN in her forties in a short tight leather mini skirt                and stockings comes in. She is wearing '60s style make-up.               Bob sits on the bed not sure what to do as he watches her.               Bob's POV - We see her back to us as she puts a CD on the                stereo - it begins to play: Serge Gainsberg and Brigitte                Bardot sing "Bonnie & Clyde".  The woman turns slyly around                and shimmies over to Bob.                                     WOMAN                              (as she tries to                               undress him)                         Mr. Harris?                                     BOB                         Yes?                                     WOMAN                         Do you like massage?                                     BOB                         I don't think so.                                     WOMAN                         Mr. Kazuzo send Premium Fantasy.               She pushes him back onto the bed. He hesitates, but then                goes along with it passively.                                     WOMAN                         My stockings.                                     BOB                         Yes?                                     WOMAN                         Take them.               He fumbles with her stockings, trying to do as she says.                                     WOMAN                         No - Lip  them... Don't touch me!               He takes his hands back confused.                                     WOMAN                         Lip my stockings!                He backs away, as he tries to understand her.                                     WOMAN                         Lip them!                She throws her leg up to him on the bed.                                     BOB                         Huh?               She pantomimes ripping them. He finally understands.                                     BOB                         Oh, you want me to rip them?               He pulls at her stockings trying to rip them, but they just                snap.               She pretends to struggle.                                     WOMAN                         Please let me go!               He pulls his hands away. She grabs them and puts them back                on her, and keeps struggling dramatically. They wrestle around                awkwardly, her pretending to try to get away, but not letting                him go. She rips her stockings and falls off the bed in fake-               defense.                                     WOMAN                         Let me go!                She pulls a confused Bob down on top of her. He doesn't know                what she wants.               She rips another stocking and pins him on the ground. He                tries to crawl away, she grabs his leg and trips him. He                grabs a nearby table leg as he falls, the lamp crashes to                the floor, the room goes black.                                     BOB                         I think you should leave.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL RESTAURANT - DAY               In the harsh sunlight of the big windows Bob eats breakfast                alone. Next to him is a table of TEXANS in cowboy hats. At                another table a JAPANESE COUPLE in sunglasses chain smoke                and drink coffee.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL ELEVATOR - DAY               Bob gets into the ded elevator. He is stopped momentarily by                the Concierge who asks him if everything is fine for his                stay.               In the elevator Bob's surrounded by JAPANESE BUSINESSPEOPLE                and a FAMILY dressed for a wedding.               Across, at the other side of the elevator he sees CHARLOTTE,                a pretty Ivy-league girl in her mid-twenties, and the only                other Westerner in the elevator. Her honey-colored hair stands                out in the crowd.               She's looking at him like you do when someone new comes in                the elevator, but the Japanese look straight ahead at the                elevator doors.               Charlotte and Bob look at each other across the Japanese                heads. She smiles, from one foreigner to another. The door                opens and she gets out with the crowd. Bob watches her leave.                                     MISS KAWASAKI                         Mr. Harris               He is approached by a group of eight excited people from the                commercial company there waiting to take him.                                     PRESS AGENT                              (as they are on their                               way)                         We just got a request from Tanabe                          Mori-he is the Johnny Carson of Japan!                          It is a big honor to be invited to                          his show.               Bob feigns enthusiasm briefly.                                     MISS KAWASAKI                         Can you stay until Friday?                                     BOB                         I'll have to see about that.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. PHOTO STUDIO - DAY               Bob's back is to us as a MAKE-UP ARTIST is putting some final                touches on him. The PHOTOGRAPHER is giving her enthusiastic                direction in Japanese. Bob talks on his cell phone, not paying                attention to the make-up artist.                                     BOB                         Can you get me on a flight Thursday                          night?                                     ELAINE (O.S.)                         We're looking into it Bob, but they                          really want you to stay to do that                          talk show Friday, apparently it's a                          really big deal, he's the Johnny                          Carson of Japan.                                     BOB                         Yeah, they told me.                                     ELAINE (O.S.)                         These people are paying you a lot,                          do you think you could consider it?                                     BOB                         Just get me out of here as soon as                          you can.                                     ELAINE (O.S.)                         Ok, you're scheduled to leave                          Saturday, but we'll hold a seat                          Thursday in case, but first class is                          full, you're waitlisted for an                          upgrade... there might be a seat on                          Lufthansa...                                     BOB                         Oh, great. I'll talk to you later,                          bye.               He hangs up. The make-up artist dusts him with powder.               The commercial people are crowding around. Bob's chair is                swivelled around and we see him in his tuxedo, wearing too                much make-up and some weird looking eyeliner.               In front of a grey backdrop, moody lighting is being adjusted                and Bob is handed a bottle of Suntory.               small documentary crew moves in on Bob with a video camera-                the camera man is tilting the camera at his face in arty                dutch camera moves.               The agency people crowd around. The photographer is excited                and urges Bob to do dumb poses, he won't do.                                     PHOTOGRAPHER                         Can you put hands close to face.               The photographer demonstrates a dramatic pose with his hands                at his face.                                     BOB                         Urn, I don't think so. How bout I                          just hold the bottle.               The photographer starts shooting. Bob obviously hates the                whole thing, what you do for money.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. PARK HYATT BAR - NIGHT               Bob, still in his tuxedo and make-up from the shoot, sits                alone having a drink. A JAZZ BAND FROM SAUSALITO performs.                The SINGER is a middle-aged woman with red wavy hair, dressed                in red, and takes her singing very seriously. She sings a                slow version of "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme".               C.U. - a golden beer is poured very slowly.               Bob drinks his scotch, hoping it will all go away.               Across the bar, Charlotte sits with JOHN, her husband (he is                in his late twenties and sloppy in a fashionable way), and                some FRIENDS - super stylish, weird Japanese fashion people                (all smoking). One of them, CHARLIE, in a shiny suit, keeps                taking pictures, and showing them magazine layouts.                                     JAZZ SINGER                         Thank you. We're glad to be here,                          we're Sausalito.               Charlotte laughs and looks down, the Japanese audience clap                very seriously... she and Bob catch eyes - about Sausalito                and how weird it is there.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. ELEVATOR - LATER               The mirrored elevator doors close and Bob sees himself close-               up in the elevator's mirrored walls - noticing the heavy                makeup and weird eyeliner from the shoot which he had                forgotten about. He looks at himself.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               Charlotte lays close to her young husband, John. She looks                to see if he's awake, but he's sleeping soundly. She leans                her chin on his shoulder.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Are you awake?               He doesn't answer.                                     CHARLOTTE                         John?               He grumbles something, opens one sleepy eye to look at her,                and grabs her under the covers. He kisses her.                                     JOHN                         Go to sleep.               He holds her close, but she can't sleep.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlotte sits on a ledge looking out at the big buildings.                The sun is starting to come up. Below she watches cars going                places.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. BOB'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               Bob lies in bed awake. The clock says 4:20.               The in-room fax machine is making noise as a fax rolls in.                Bob looks at the fax machine but doesn't get out of bed.               The fax curls and falls to the floor.               CLOSE ON FAX -               "BOB-               YOU DIDN'T TELL ME WHICH SHELVES YOU WANT IN YOUR STUDY.                PLEASE PICK ONE OUT AND LET ME KNOW. I'M HAVING LOTS OF                QUALITY TIME WITH THE CONSTRUCTION CREW. HOPE YOU'RE HAVING                FUN THERE. LOVE, L"               Three pages of shelf diagrams follow.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL GYM - NIGHT               The gym is empty except for an old man vacuuming. Bob passes                piles of little towels and bottles of water. He takes a water                for his workout.               He approaches an exercise machine and puts the water in the                drink holder of the machine. He looks at the lit-up                instruction panel'99 it is all in Japanese.               He pushes a button, and the machine starts beeping, then a                soothing woman's voice recites instructions in Japanese.               He gets on it, and sinks. He tries to make the arms and foot                peddles coordinate. He pushes a button and it starts moving                too fast. In an upward rotation he tries to reach the control                panel, but is not fast enough. The soothing woman's voice                continues instruction.(she occasionally includes an English                word- gently,   gently...vigorous)   He tries to keep up                with it, and tries again to push the right button to slow it                down, but the machine steps starts going swiftly backwards                instead.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. PARK HYATT LOBBY (GROUND FLOOR) - DAY               The agency group wait for Bob. They stand up as he approaches                from the elevator, trying to mask a slight limp.                                     BOB                              (everything's fine)                         Good morning.               Miss Kawasaki notices his limp with concern as they leave                the hotel.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. SHIBUYA STATION - DAY               Charlotte gets out at shibuya station, a crowded neighborhood                filled with neon, ads, and people.               She looks up at the huge intersection as tons of JAPANESE                PEOPLE wait to cross the street, no one steps forward until                the cross-walk light changes, and all of them cross.               A TV screen covering a building plays commercials.               She roams around the narrow streets, crowded with stylish                JAPANESE KIDS, tan SCHOOLGIRLS pass her.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlotte wanders down a crowded street, looking around.               On a small side street she stops at a little park. She watches                a JAPANESE MAN AND WOMAN together:               CHARLOTTE'S POV -               C.U. The man reaches his hand to the back of the woman's                neck, and leans in close. The woman smiles at him, in love.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               John is sound asleep. Charlotte is awake next to him. She                looks at the clock - it's three a.m.               She slides close to him, kisses his mouth. He grumbles                something in his deep sleep, and rolls over.               She goes to the couch, stepping over camera equipment.               She looks at the fruit basket, decides to try an apple. She                has a piece but isn't really hungry.               She reaches over some proof sheets and looks at a magazine,                but she's already looked at it a few times before. She decides                to go downstairs.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. PARK HYATT BAR - NIGHT               Bob sits alone at the bar. Charlotte sits down a seat away                from him, lost in his thoughts, he doesn't see her until he                turns and finds her next to him. They look at each other. A                young BARTENDER with a sweet face tends to them.                                     BARTENDER                         What can I get you?                                     CHARLOTTE                         I'm not sure.                                     BOB                              (line from commercial)                         For relaxing times, make it—                                     BOB & BARTENDER                         'Suntory time'!               Charlotte smiles at him sympathetically                                     CHARLOTTE                         What are you doing here?                                     BOB                         My wife needs space, I don't know my                          kids ' birthdays.  Everyone wants                          Tiger Woods, but they could get me,                          so I'm here doing a whiskey                          commercial.               She looks at him.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Oh.               She lifts a cigarette, he lights it for her.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I'll just have a beer.               He makes small talk about the pickled seaweed breakfast and                jet lag, they commiserate about having not slept in days.                                     BOB                         What about you? Why are you here?                                     CHARLOTTE                         My husband's here for work-he's a                          photographer- and I just came                          along...I'm not really doing anything                          right now, and we have some friends                          who live here.                                     BOB                         How long have you been married?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Two years.                                     BOB                         Try twenty-five.                                     CHARLOTTE                         You're probably just having a mid-                         life crisis. Did you buy a Porche?                                     BOB                         I'm thinking about it.                                     CHARLOTTE                         25 years... that's a long time...                          Are you still in love with your wife?                                     BOB                         Yes... I don't know, I don't know                          her anymore. I don't know if you can                          be in love with one person the whole                          time. I was... actually I was in                          love with her sister first, when I                          was twenty-one. And one day her sister                          said to me she wanted to move to                          Paris, so I said okay, and she said                          no, she wanted to move to Paris with                          Francois,   and she's still married                          to him. And I moved in with Lydia...                          but I always really liked Lydia.                                     CHARLOTTE                              (amused with too much                               info)                         Oh.                                     BOB                         What do you do?                                     CHARLOTTE                         I'm not sure, yet... I graduated                          last spring.                                     BOB                         What did you study?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Philosophy.                                     BOB                         Oh, what do you do with that?                                     CHARLOTTE                         I don't know, but I can think about                          it, a lot.                                     BOB                         It takes a while to figure it out.                          I'm sure you will, though.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Thanks. I'm sure your mid-life crisis                          will work out,too.                                     BOB                         Thanks.               They clink glasses.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I wish I could sleep BOB Me, too.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL LOBBY - DAY               The hotel is filled with business people. A dressed up FAMILY                is going to lunch. We follow a jet-lagged Charlotte and John,                as they walk down the lobby hall.               An energetic blonde actress, KELLY, pops up to them. (She's                carrying a copy of Memoirs of a Geisha.)               John, who was holding Charlotte's hand, drops it.                                     KELLY                         John! What are you doing here?                                     JOHN                         I'm just here shooting this band,                          what about you?                                     KELLY                         Promoting that action movie I did...               She does a karate chop and laughs.                                     KELLY                         ...doing like twenty million                          interviews a day... It's soo good to                          see you. How long are you here for?                                     JOHN                         We're here for the week. I'm shooting                          in Osaka for a few days.                                     KELLY                         It's amazing  there!                                     JOHN                         Have you met Charlotte? My wife.                                     KELLY                         No!  Hi! So great to meet you!                                     CHARLOTTE                         Hi, nice to meet you.                                     KELLY                         You know, John, you're my favorite                          photographer, I only want to be shot                          by you.               Charlotte looks at John.                                     JOHN                         Uh..thanks.                                     KELLY                              (as she fans out her                               top)                         Sorry if I have the worst B.O., I've                          been sweating in this little room                          with T.V. lights for hours...               Kelly, giggling and acting all too comfortable with herself,                is eating up all the oxygen around them.                                     JOHN                         Oh no...                                     KELLY                              (with a big smile)                         ...Well, I have the worst  headache,                          I have to go find some aspirin. But,                          call me, let's have a drink, I'm                          under Evelyn Waugh.               Kelly giggles. Charlotte smirks.                                     JOHN                         Ok, see you later.               And Kelly and her make-up artist and publicist are off. John                and Charlotte continue.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Evelyn Waugh?                                     JOHN                         What?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Evelyn Waugh was a man.               John shrugs.                                     JOHN                         Oh, c'mon, she's nice.  Not everyone                          went to Yale.               Charlotte shoots him a look.                                     JOHN                         Its just a pseudonym, it doesn't                          matter.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Why do you have to defend her?                                     JOHN                         I'm not, but do you have to point                          out how stupid everyone is.                                     CHARLOTTE                         No, I thought it was funny. Forget                          it.               His producer comes up to them. John puts his arm around                Charlotte, kisses her, everything's fine.                                     PRODUCER                              (looks at his watch)                         We should get going.                                     JOHN                         OK, I'll see you later.               He kisses her on the cheek, and is gone.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - DAY               Charlotte walks into the empty hotel room. C.U. - Charlotte's                feet as she clips her toenails.                                                                    CUT TO:               C.U. -Charlotte's hand by an ashtray, writes in a journal.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlotte looks in a mirror, trying on an unfinished scarf                she's knitting.  She checks the length on herself.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlotte sits on the big window sill checking her messages                on the phone.                                     CHARLOTTE (O.S.)                              (voice mail recording)                         Hi, leave a message...               We hear the # key as Charlotte hits it to interrupt the                message.                                     VOICE MAIL                         You have eighteen new messages. Press -               She hits a button.                                     MAN'S VOICE (O.S.)                         Hi Charlotte, I don't know if you're                          in town... but I'm having a birthday                          party for my dog, Louise, tomorrow                          night, at my house around eight...               She pushes a number to delete the message.                                     MOTHER (O.S.)                         fabulous time in Japan!  How exciting,                          and hope you and your adorable husband                          are enjoying it...I was sitting next                          to Cathryn Myles last night at this                          dinner and she was telling me about                          her daughter who had this awful                          boyfriend and a messy break-up and                          how hard it is,and now she's single                          and wants to start a family, I'm so                          glad that you're settled, and not in                          that situation.  Anyway, call me                          when you have a chance, I'm trying                          to put Thanksgiving plans together,                          whether we want to go skiing or.                          Daddy wants to stay home and have it                          here, which might be easier with                          Lauren and the children, but let me                          know what your feelings are, I do                          hope you and John can make it. Call                          me, I love you.               Charlotte pushes a button.                                     VOICE MAIL (O.S.)                         Charlotte hangs up                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlotte lies on the bed, in the knit scarf and underwear                She's doing a quiz in a magazine:               "ARE YOU HAVING A MID-TWENTIES CRISIS?               ARE YOU FATIGUED?               DO YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHERE YOUR CAREER IS GOING?               DO YOU HATE MOST PEOPLE?"                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL POOL - DAY               An Olympic pool is framed by tall glass walls with the Tokyo                view. Bob is handed a swim cap and goggles.               Bob watches a Japanese BUSINESSMAN swimming, he looks like                an over-grown baby.               Bob swims laps in the pristine pool.               He continues his laps. Under water he sees the jumping legs                of MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN.               A disco mixed tape starts, and above water we see a WESTERN                INSTRUCTOR in tight shorts leading an aqua-aerobics class to                the group of WOMEN, They jump up and down to Sister Sledge.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL SPA - DAY               Bob walks past the rows of lockers to the Sauna room.               He sits in the sauna, two HOTEL GUESTS speak German in the                corner.               Bob comes out from the sauna, red and sweaty.                                                                    CUT TO:               Bob submerges in the cold water of a small pool in the sauna                room, having a moment of relief.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S ROOM - DAY               Charlotte lies on the floor with big headphones on, listening                to a book on tape. After a corny music intro, a very serious                scholar man's voice speaks clearly :               DR. KENGARD (0.S.) Did you ever wonder what your purpose in                life is? This book is about finding your soul's purpose or                destiny. Every soul has its path, but sometimes that path is                not clear.  The acorn theory is an example of each soul                beginning with an imprint....               Charlotte tries to get into it, but can't get past feeling                like a loser listening to a self-help tape. She looks at the                doctor's photo on the audio-book box, he's bald, in a                turtleneck and glasses.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL - DAY               Charlotte follows a JAPANESE FAMILY in formal dress out of                the elevator onto the mezzanine level. She wanders down a                big hall.               She sees an open door and steps in the crowded room, which                is in the midst of a press conference. Cameras flash as Kelly,                with wide eyes, behind a table, answers questions                enthusiastically.               KELLY You know, barbecuing, and yoga, and I love taking my                dogs, Buster and Lulu, for walks on the beach... and it was                great learning karate for "Midnight Racer" - I did all my                own stunts!               The JAPANESE JOURNALISTS seem excited by her answer.               Kelly throws a Karate punch for a PHOTOGRAPHER.                                     SWEATY JOURNALIST                         What was it like working with Keanu                          Reeves?                                     KELLY                         It was great. I've known him for a                          while now- you know we both live in                          L.A. We both have dogs...               Charlotte walks out.               INT. HOTEL HALLWAY - DAY               Charlotte continues down a hall, she stops at an open door                and peeks in.               A quiet group of JAPANESE WOMEN are gathered around a table.                Charlotte goes in, as she gets closer she sees they are being                instructed in Ikebana floral design. Each woman has a little                vase and elegant flower cuttings. She watches as they                delicately arrange the tiny flowers.               The INSTRUCTOR hands Charlotte a vase and cuttings. Alongside                the women, Charlotte tries to follow along.               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL - BATHROOM               Charlotte reclines low in the bathtub staring off. She can                see mount Fuji in the distance.               The audio tape plays on the stereo.                                     DR. KENEGARD                              (dry & monotonous)                         Plato's text calls this image the                          "paradeigma".  So the lot is the                          image that is your inheritance, your                          place on earth, all compacted into a                          pattern that has been selected by                          your soul before you even got here-                         or better said, that is always and                          continually being selected by your                          soul,because time does not enter the                          equation of myth.-                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - EVENING               With her back to us, Charlotte looks out the big window.               John comes up and kisses her.                                     CHARLOTTE                         How'd it go today?                                     JOHN                         Good...I'm tired.               He hugs her for a moment, leaning on her.                                     JOHN                         I gotta go meet Kelly for a drink                          downstairs. She wants to talk about                          some photo thing.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Ok. Maybe I'll walk down with you.                                     JOHN                         You wanna come?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Sure.                                     JOHN                              (doesn't really want                               her to)                         Ok.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. PARK HYATT BAR - NIGHT               At a corner table Charlotte sits with John, Kelly, and DJ                CLEAN, a skinny kid in a sweatshirt, on tour in Japan.               Charlotte is bored while Kelly talks on.               Sausalito performs in the background.                                     KELLY                         ...My Dad was anorexic.                                     CHARLOTTE                         (she's never heard of that)                         Really?               John shoots Charlotte a look.                                     KELLY                              (very serious)                         He was on the American side at the                          Bay of Pigs, in Cuba, and he was                          taken prisoner, and they tortured                          them about their food the whole time.                                     BENZO                         Where?                                     KELLY                         My dad fought on the American side                          at the Bay of Pigs. So, when he was                          a prisoner, they would tell them                          they had put poison in their food                          and they would make themselves throw                          up... and when he got back, he did                          better, but he still has food issues.                          He has to have really clean food.                           And really simple. He can't just go                          have, say, Chinese food.                                     JOHN                              (trying)                         Oh, that's too bad.               Charlotte ashes her cigarette in a clean ashtray, and she                watches as it is quickly replaced with a new one by a WAITER.                                     BENZO                              (nodding at the view)                         How crazy is this shit?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Yeah, it is.               DJ Clean starts doing a human beat box at her.               Charlotte looks over at Kelly.                                     KELLY                         ...Oh my god you have to try it,                          this power cleanse is amazing- it's                          lemon juice and grade B maple syrup                          and cayenne pepper for seven days.                          Just like a half a teaspoon of                          cayenne. The first few days you're a                          little scattered, but by day four -                          it's amazing... my eyes were so                          white...               Charlotte excuses herself.               She passes Bob who sits at his usual spot at the bar, as she                is leaving.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Hi again, how's it going?                                     BOB                         Who do I have to fuck to get off                          this planet?               Charlotte laughs with sympathy, but doesn't know what to                tell him.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               John sleeps soundly (turned away from her), Charlotte can't                sleep. She turns on the T.V. to a crazy local T.V. variety                show.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT BOB'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               Bob can't sleep, he watches the same show on T,V.               He flips the channel- it's an old black & white Japanese                movie of a man committing Hari Kari.               FADE IN:               EXT. TOKYO - MORNING               Charlotte finds her way down a narrow street in an old section                of Tokyo.               She turns a corner and finds a square with what she was                looking for.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. TEMPLE - DAY               The sun shines over a beautiful old temple. Birds chirp,                Charlotte approaches and goes inside.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. TEMPLE - DAY               Charlotte stands in the back and watches a ceremony.               A ROSHI speaks in Japanese, monks chant. It's all very                foreign.  Charlotte tries to feel something.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - AFTERNOON               Charlotte sits on the bed talking to John who's coming out                of the bathroom, getting ready to go to work. He checks                himself in the mirror, CHARLOTTE Am I shallow?                                     JOHN                         No, what are you talking about.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I went to a temple today and I didn't                          feel anything.                                     JOHN                         That's ok.               He looks for his mobile phone.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I don't know what to do.                                     JOHN                         That's ok, you'll figure it out.               He comes close and kisses her.                                     CHARLOTTE                         You smell weird.                                     JOHN                         What?               She leans back to look at him.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Like popcorn?                                     JOHN                         I got some hair stuff.               She looks at him funny.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Hair stuff?                                     JOHN                         I gotta go to work.               He grabs her, kissing her good-bye, she wraps her him, when                his cell phone rings.                                     JOHN                         I'll be right down...I'm just                          leaving...ok.               He kisses her, and leaves.                                     JOHN                         See you later.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Bye.                                                                    CUT TO:               She makes a call. We see her back and hair, as she looks out                the bright window.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Lauren?                                     LAUREN (O.S.)                         Charlotte?! How's Tokyo?                                     CHARLOTTE                         It's cool... but,I don't know... I                          went to a shrine today and all these                          little monk's were chanting... and,                          I didn't feel anything... I even                          tried ikebana, ...   and John's using                          hair products... I don't know who                          I—.               Lauren's Call-waiting beeps, cutting off her sentence.                                     LAUREN                         Oh, wait, can you hold on one sec?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Sure.               Charlotte waits.                                     LAUREN                         Sorry about that, what were you                          saying?               In the background a baby starts crying.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Oh, it's nothing... I better go,                          I'll talk to you later.                                     LAUREN                         Ok, have fun there, you're so lucky                          you don't have any kids yet and you                          can go off to Japan... call me when                          you get back.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Ok, bye.               She hangs up. She sits there for a moment, starting to cry,                she wipes the tears, trying to make them go away.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. SUBWAY - AFTERNOON               Tokyo goes by out the window. Charlotte looks at the PEOPLE                on the crowded train. A sweaty BUSINESSMAN blots his face                with a little handkerchief.  Another older BUSINESSMAN reads                an erotic comic book.               INT. SUBWAY STATION - AFTERNOON               Charlotte looks up at the many signs, trying to figure out               which way to go, but they are all in Japanese characters.                Confused, she chooses the west exit.               EXT. STREET - AFTERNOON               Charlotte walks down a little street in a quiet neighborhood.               She stops at a window of a portrait studio and looks at all                of the wedding portraits. They are very formal and retouched,                Japanese brides and grooms dressed in a Western old-fashion                style.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. ARCADE - DAY               Charlotte looks through the window as a tan Japanese boy,                tries to win a stuffed animal for his girlfriend.               INT. ARCADE - AFTERNOON               In a crowded arcade, Charlotte watches some kids play Dance                Revolution, a video game where you dance along to cues on                the               light-up floor. One BUSINESSMAN in a suit is really good and                into it.               She sees a sushi chef game where you have to cut an electronic                fish.               She looks at a firefighter game, and rows of plexi boxes                filled with some little character dolls you try to win.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. GALLERY BOOKSTORE - DAY               Charlotte looks at the shelves of books she passes, she flips                through some books.               She walks over to a small gallery space and goes up to the                wall to see the small photos.               They are of tied-up, partially naked Japanese school girls,                one girl is spanking another one with a stuffed animal. She's                making a face of ecstacy.               Charlotte looks at it, not getting it.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. SHIBUYA - DAY               Charlotte stands alone on a side street, smoking a cigarette                and watching the CROWDS go by.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. SHIBUYA - DAY               Charlotte walks up a little street filled with shops.               She stops at a window of cute underwear that she.looks at.                She goes into the shop.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - LATE AFTERNOON               51C.U. Charlotte's lips. She puts watermelon color lipstick                on.She looks at herself in the mirror in her new underwear.                                                                    CUT TO:               We hear the shower running in the bathroom.               Charlotte decorates the room, putting up some paper cherry                blossom decorations.               She goes over to the bed and stubs her toe on it, as she                flops down.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Ouch.               She holds her toe, annoyed with her klutziness.               John talks to her from the shower.                                     JOHN (O.C.)                         At the fitting, they had all these                          rock n roll clothes, the label guys                          kept saying lock n loll, though, but                          the band doesn't look tough at                          all...they look better just skinny                          and nerdy, like how when they came                          in...they looked so uncomfortable in                          these Keith Richards clothes, they                          should just be like they are, don't                          you think?               She's drifted off.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Yeah.                                     JOHN                         Yeah, I think you're probably right...                          because when you try to...               He gets out and is rushing to get his stuff together to go.                Charlotte's lounging on the bed in her new pink underwear.               She tries her scarf on that she's been knitting.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Do you think it's done?                                     JOHN                         I don't know.               He goes to get all his stuff together.               He passes an ashtray with cigarette butts in it.                                     JOHN                         Will you please stop smoking?                                     CHARLOTTE                         But I like to... and I don't smoke                          that much.                                     JOHN                         Its bad for you.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Ok, I will... later.               He picks up a camera from a table in the corner. He looks at                the self-help audio book box.                                     JOHN                         A Soul's Search: Finding Your True                          Character and calling? Is this yours?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Oh... that's nothing, someone gave                          it to me.                                     JOHN                         You don't have to be embarrassed.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I'm not. It's just corny, but I'm                          not into it.                                     JOHN                         It's ok if you are.               He kisses the side of her face and her shoulder like a cute                pet, and then continues getting his stuff together.               John sets two bottles of Cristal on the bed next to her, not                really seeing her.                                     JOHN                         Oh, the record company sent these...                                     CHARLOTTE                         Mmm, I love Cristal, let's have some.                                     JOHN                         I gotta go... and I don't really                          like champagne.               As he unplugs his cell phone from the wall.                                     JOHN                         Are you sure you want to stay?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Are you sure you have to go?               He looks at her - like don't make it harder.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Yeah, I know you have to work the                          whole time, I'll probably have more                          fun here. I'll call Charlie and those                          guys.                                     JOHN                         Ok, definitely call them, I'll be                          back Friday. I love you.               They kiss.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I love you.               He tackles her, kisses her, bites her, grabs her ribs,                tickling her in a burst of affection. She laughs, her arms                around his neck.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I miss you.                                     JOHN                         It'll just be a few days.               He kisses her and is off.               Charlotte sits there alone with the unopened bottles of                champagne.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. PARK HYATT POOL - EVENING               Water splashes as Charlotte dives into the pool (in a one-               piece bathing suit) as the sun goes down.                                                                  FADE OUT:               INT. PARK HYATT HALL - EVENING               Leaving in her robe, Charlotte runs into Bob, in his robe,                going to the pool.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Oh, hi.                                     BOB                              (awkward, but glad to                               run into her)                         Hi. Did you have a nice swim?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Yeah. Did you get some sleep?                                     BOB                         No, how about you?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Not really. How long are you here                          for?                                     BOB                         I'm here for the week.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Oh, good. Do you want to go to a                          party tonight with me and some friends                          who live here?                                     BOB                         Ok.                                     CHARLOTTE                         See you later.               He watches her go.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. BOB'S ROOM - EVENING               As Bob opens his door to his room, a FedEx package falls in                his path.               He opens it - large carpet swatches fall out with a note               "BOB - WHICH ONE DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR STUDY? I LIKE THE                BURGUNDY, BUT WHATEVER YOU WANT. LOVE, L"               He looks at them for a second, they all look the same, and                why is she sending these? He puts them down.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               The elaborate chiming doorbell rings.               Charlotte opens the door to see Bob. He's wearing an orange                camouflage T-shirt. She looks at his shirt, suppressing a                smile.                                     CHARLOTTE                         You really are having a mid-life                          crisis.                                     BOB                              (embarrassed)                         I know, it's stupid.               He goes into the bathroom to change it. He comes out with it                on inside out so it's just an orange T-shirt.               He asks her to cut the label out for him. She goes to find                some scissors. He picks up A Soul's Search: Finding Your                True Calling audio-book box.                                     BOB                         A Soul's Search: Finding Your True                          Calling - are you reading this?                                     CHARLOTTE                         No.               She returns with the hotel room sewing kit.                                     BOB                         I read it, too.               She smiles, busted, but doesn't say anything as she cuts his                shirt label with little hotel sewing-kit scissors.               She slips on her shoes on to leave.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. TOKYO BAR - NIGHT               All white nightclub, lit with black lights so it seems to                glow in the dark, with the booming sound of helicopters.                JAPANESE GALLAGER BROTHERS walk by.               Bob watches Charlotte as Charlie, in a crazy outfit, hugs                her.  Charlotte tries to talk to Bob over the loud music.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Charlie, this is Bob. Bob — Charlie                          Brown.                                     BOB                         Hi, Charlie.               They shake hands.                                     CHARLOTTE                         His real name's Hayashi, but someone                          started calling him Charlie because                          they thought he looked like Charlie                          Brown. They've all got American                          nicknames because its easier for me                          to remember... they were just out in                          L.A. last month doing a shoot with                          John... that guy's Mr.Valentine,                          he's the art director of their                          magazine, I don't even know his real                          name, or why I call him that.               Bob looks over at some SKINNY GUY in huge glasses smiling at                them. Charlie hands them some drinks.                                     CHARLIE                         This is Bambi.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Hi.               A young SHY GUY with a shaved head smiles at her, and takes                her picture.               A JAPANESE KRAFTWERK COVER-BAND plays Trans Europa Express.               Some people at the bar buy drinks for Bob and insist on                drinking with him.               Bob and Charlotte look over as Charlie gets into some problem                with the BARTENDER.  The Bartender gets mad and starts                shooting a real-looking BB gun at him. Orange bullets fly                through the air. They all rush out of there.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. BAR - NIGHT               Bob and Charlotte try to get past the crowd at the entrance.                A big BOUNCER stops them and is yelling fast Japanese at                him.               The crowd parts as the Bartender emerges shooting his BB                gun, and Bob and Charlotte run for it.               BB GUN CHASE -               The Bartender climbs on a car, threatening them from above.                Bob covers Charlotte as they duck behind the car.               They make a run for it, ducking into a pachinko parlor.               INT.PACHINKO PARLOR - NIGHT               Bob and Charlotte run past the blinking machines, and                gamblers, to another door to the street.               EXT. STREET - NIGHT               Bob spots a cab and they run to it, seeing Charlie now                throwing bottles in the direction of the bartender.               Bob and Charlotte get in the cab.               INT. CAB - NIGHT               Charlotte hits her head as they get in. Bob yells to the                driver to go, but he doesn't understand.               Through the windshield they see the Bartender and sidekick                coming with baseball bats.               They hear a bang on the door and Charlie hops in. He makes                sure she is ok and shouts something to the Driver, and they                speed away.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. KARAOKE BAR - NIGHT               Charlie, in his flashy outfit, sings "God Save the Queen"                into the Karaoke mic. He rolls his r's just like Johnny                Rotten.               Charlotte laughs and loves watching Charlie. They're other                friends wear the different color wigs they provide at this                place. There are big bottles of beer and sake.  They are all                pretty formal. Bambi tries to talk to Charlotte with a big                grin, he can barely speak English.                                     BAMBI                         How's california?                                     CHARLOTTE                              (smiles)                         Good.                                     BAMBI                         Good... I like your swimming pool.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Thanks, you guys should come back                          sometime.                                     BAMBI                         Yes.               He tries wigs on her. He puts a light pink wig on her and                beams. Bob smokes and watches.                                     BAMBI                         Kawaii.                              (Kawaii means "cute")               She smiles a lovable smile at Bambi.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlie and Charlotte sings "Brass in Pocket" by The                Pretenders ("you're special, so special..."), everyone is                drunk now, as they all sing along at the chorus. WOMEN keep                refilling the glasses.                                                                    CUT TO:               Mr. Valentine sings a popular slow heartfelt Japanese song                that everyone knows and sings along to. Charlotte and Bob                look at each other, it is very foreign, but Bob likes being                there with Charlotte and her friends.               She flips through a big binder of songs.                                     CHARLOTTE                         What do you feel like singing, Bob?                                     BOB                         No way.                                                                    CUT TO:               Bob sings "I fall to Pieces" to Charlotte. Charlie and                everyone cheers for him.               Beer pitchers are replaced. Charlie starts singing "Angle".                The little room is fxlled with smoke, Charlotte makes her                way to the door to get some air.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. KARAOKE BAR HALLWAY - NIGHT               Taking a break from the crowded and hot Karaoke room,                Charlotte sits for a break alone on a bench in the bright                hallway. It is quiet with just the muffled sound of music                from the Karaoke room. She's wearing a pink geisha wig. Bob                sits down next to her.               Charlotte lights his cigarette with some crazy Japanese light-               up lighter.               She leans her head back - it's getting too heavy.               She looks at his hands.                                     CHARLOTTE                         You bite your nails?               He nods.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I could cut the ones that are left                          for you.                                     BOB                         Ok.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. NOBU'S COMPOUND - NIGHT               NOBU, a cool skinny stoner guy in a Hawaiian shirt, plays                phsycadellic records in his seventies hippie surfer-pad.               His JAPANESE  GIRLFRIEND, who looks like a 60's pin-up,                  pours cold sake.               Bob is  handed a ridiculously big bong.               Charlie is drunk and taking polaroids.               Nobu, really stoned, talks to Bob about surfing.               A SHORT GUY with thick glasses introduces himself to                Charlotte, extending his hand.                                     HANS                         I'm Hans.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Hans?  Nice to meet you.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlie takes pictures of Charlotte and HIROMIX, a sexy                Japanese girl, posing on a sheepskin run. They are being                hammy for Charlie who loves it.               Bob walks up and is amused watching her, she sees him and                gets embarrassed.                                                                    CUT TO:               DECADENT TOKYO PARTY - NIGHT               Hiromix dances — Charlotte dances with Hans - she looks sweaty                but beautiful... Bob dances with his eyes closed, really                into it, in the midst of all of them... the song "I Feel Too                Young" plays.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. NOBU'S ENTRY - NIGHT               Bob and Charlotte are leaving Nobu's. She's wearing Bob's                jacket.                                     CHARLIE                         Make sure she gets home okay?                                     BOB                         I will.               Bob takes Charlotte's arm carefully just as she bangs her                head walking into the glass door - it makes a loud thud.                                     BOB                         Are you ok?               She nods. Bob looks back at Charlie who is watching- she's                fine.               He leads her into a waiting cab.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. TOKYO - NIGHT               POV from cab - Tokyo neon blurs by. It looks beautiful.               INT. CAB - NIGHT               Charlotte looks at the neon going by. She looks over at Bob,                her eyelids are too heavy for her.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I don't want to go home.                                     BOB                         I know. I don't either.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL HALL - NIGHT               Bob carries a very drunk Charlotte to her room. Her purse                dangling from his arm.               INT. CHARLOTTE'S ROOM - NIGHT               He puts her on her bed. He takes her shoes off for her and                pulls a blanket over her.               He looks at her lying on the bed.               She opens her eyes to smile at him. He wants to kiss her,                but he leaves.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT.HOTEL HALL - NIGHT               He walks down the empty hall, not wanting to leave her.               As he goes he looks at various trays of leftover room service                in the hallway.               INT. BOB'S ROOM - NIGHT               Bob comes back to his room, tripping over the carpet samples.               He makes a phone call from bed. He's still a little drunk                and thinking about his night out in Tokyo.                                     BOB                         Lydia?                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Hello, darling.                                     BOB                         Lydia, I went to this great house                          tonight, this guy designed and built,                          you would have loved it.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Oh, yeah? I wish I had seen it.                                     BOB                         He was this fashion guy, and there                          were all these Japanese fashion people-                         it's a whole other world, and I was                          talking to these Japanese surfers...                           He was playing all this great music-                          I have to find out what it was...                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         That sounds great — can you hold                          on...                              (talks to daughter)                         What Zoe?                                     ZOE (O.S.)                         I don't want it.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Well, you have to have something for                          breakfast. Do you want cereal?                                     ZOE (O.S.)                         No.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Just trying to get her to eat                          something...I'm glad you're having                          fun.                                     BOB                         Yeah, its really different here.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Well, that's good, I have to get the                          kids off for school.  Can I call you                          in a little while?                                     BOB                         It's four in the morning... I'm going                          to go to sleep.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Ok, well... I love you.                                     BOB                         I love you, too, good-night, or good-                         morning .                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Good-night.               He hangs up.                                                                  FADE OUT:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S ROOM - MORNING               Charlotte can-'t get out of bed. She looks at the clock-                it's 10 a.m.  She picks up the phone.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. BOB'S ROOM - MORNING               Bob (still in camouflage T-shirt from last night) answers                the phone by his bed.                                     BOB                              (grumbly)                         Hello?                                     CHARLOTTE (O.S.)                         It's Charlotte.                                     BOB                         Charlotte, who?                                     CHARLOTTE (O.S.)                         Thanks for getting me back in one                          piece.                                                                    CUT TO:               C.U. Charlotte's feet on her bed                                     BOB (O.S.)                         Of course.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Do you want to have some breakfast?               C.U. her hand wraps the phone cord around her fingers.                                     BOB (O.S.)                         Yeah, I'm going to take a shower and                          I'll meet you downstairs.                                     CHARLOTTE                         OK, see you downstairs.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL RESTAURANT - DAY               They sit in the bright light. She squints and drinks a Bloody                Mary. Bob is distant.               She looks across at two middle-aged MID-WESTERN WOMEN talking                about plastic surgery, you can't hear them, but can tell as                they gesture and one pulls her eye lids up.               Charlotte looks at another table by the elaborate buffet and                sees the redhead Singer having breakfast with the rest of                Sausalito.                                     CHARLOTTE                              (trying to make it                               light)                         Hey look, it's Sausalito.                                     BOB                         I see them every morning.               They don't know what to say. Somehow it's too intimate having                breakfast. She eats her breakfast aware of her every movement.               C.U. - her POV of soft scrambled eggs.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. GOLF COURSE - DAY               In the distance, Bob swings on a perfect golf course.                                                                  FADE OUT:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               Charlotte lies in bed awake. The clock says its 4 a.m.               Finally she gives up on trying to sleep, and turns the light                on. In John's old T-shirt and Ugg boots, she goes to the                couch, looks at some strange pastry with an elaborate                presentation left by the hotel.               She picks up a magazine, but she's already looked at it a                few times before. She hears something and goes over to the                door. On her way, she passes her red T. Anthony suitcase                overflowing with stuff that looks like a bomb went off in                it.               A HOTEL MESSAGE envelope is slipped under the door. She opens                it to see a typed note from the operator:               "From: Mr. Harris. Message: Are you awake?"               She smiles like she's gotten a valentine.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. BOB'S ROOM - NIGHT               Bob opens the door, Charlotte's standing there trying to                look casual, she's happy to see him (she's put some pants on                and flip flops instead of her dumb looking Ugg boots).               She knocks into a low table, bumping her knee as she comes                in.               Bob pours some cold sake, smoothly.               Bob and Charlotte watch La Dolce Vita with Japanese subtitles                on the TV.                                     BOB                         Hans was very attentive to you.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I think he kind of liked me...Is                          that so hard to imagine?                                     BOB                         No, its easy.                                     CHARLOTTE                         How'd a Japanese guy get a name like                          Hans?                                     BOB                         I don't know.                                                                    CUT TO:               Anita Ekberg holds the kitten on T.V.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlotte gets up to pour more sake.               She picks up and looks at a prescription bottle on his night                stand and reads the label : Lipitor.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Do you remember when we met at the                          bar? ...You were wearing a tuxedo.                                     BOB                         But the first time I saw you was in                          the elevator.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Really?                                     BOB                         Yeah, you don't remember?               She shrugs.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Did I scowl at you?                                     BOB                         No, you smiled.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I don't remember.                                     BOB                         I know, I kind of blend in here.                                                                    CUT TO:               PAN the view of Tokyo at night as we hear their conversation:                                     CHARLOTTE (O.C.)                         Why do they switch the r's and l's                          here?                                     BOB (O.C.)                         I don't know. My fax said "have a                          good fright".                                     CHARLOTTE (O.C.)                         Let's never come here again, because                          it would never be as much fun.                                     BOB (O.C.)                         Ok, whatever you want.                                     CHARLOTTE (O.C.)                         Did you see Hiromix last night dancing                          with Bambi?                                     BOB (O.C.)                         No, I was looking at you.                                     CHARLOTTE (O.C.)                         Oh.  Well... they were dancing on                          the couch with that weird English                          guy who kept talking about hanging                          out with the Sex Pistols on Kings                          Road...                                     BOB (O.C.)                         I got a fax today from your friend                          Hiromix.                                     CHARLOTTE (O.C.)                         Oh, for her show?                                     BOB (O.C.)                         No, for a candlelight dinner, yes,                          for her show.                                     CHARLOTTE (O.C.)                         Oh.                                     BOB (O.C.)                         You're possessive.                                     CHARLOTTE (O.S.)                         I know.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlotte and Bob lie a few feet apart on the bed.                                     CHARLOTTE (O.S.)                         I'm stuck. Does it get easier.                                     BOB                         No, yes, it does...                                     CHARLOTTE                         Yeah? But look at you.                                     BOB                         Thanks. It does, the more you know                          who you are... you don't care about                          things the same way...                                     CHARLOTTE                         I just don't know what I'm supposed                          to be. I thought maybe I wanted to                          be a writer... but I hate what I                          write, and I tried taking pictures,                          but John's so good at that, and mine                          are so mediocre... and every girl                          goes through a photography phase,                          like horses, you know dumb pictures                          of your feet...                                     BOB                         You'll figure it out. I'm not worried                          about you. Keep writing.                                     CHARLOTTE                         But, I'm mean.                                     BOB                         That's ok.                                     CHARLOTTE                         And marriage, does that get easier?                                     BOB                         It's hard. We started going to a                          marriage counselor.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Did that help? Did you learn anything?                                     BOB                         We established that we have no                          communication.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Oh.                                     BOB                         We used to have fun, she used to                          like to go to places with me for my                          movies and we would laugh at all the                          weirdos, but now she's tired of it                          all. She never wants to leave the                          kids, she doesn't need me, and they                          don't need me, I feel like I'm in                          the way. It gets complicated when                          you have kids... that changes                          everything.                                     CHARLOTTE                         That's too scary.                                     BOB                         When they're born its like Vietnam.                          It's terrifying.                                     CHARLOTTE                              (getting tired)                         No one ever tells you that...                                     BOB                         But, it's great being with them,                          after they can talk, and can do things                          with you.                                     CHARLOTTE                         That's nice. My parents were always                          traveling, they weren't around so                          much.                                     BOB                         Where'd you grow up?                                     CHARLOTTE                         In D.C., my dad was the Ambassador                          to France in the eighties, so we                          went to school in Paris for a few                          years... but we mostly lived in D.C.,                          and they were never around... and                          then I moved to Los Angeles when                          John and I got married... it's so                          different there.               They are starting to get tired.                                     BOB                         I know.                                     CHARLOTTE                         John thinks I'm so snotty.                                     BOB                         You are.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I know, but that's what you like                          about me.               She looks over at him. He does like her.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Why do you have to be with your                          opposite, why cant similar people be                          together?                                     BOB                         Because that would be too easy.               They fall asleep dressed, on top of the sheets, on opposite                sides of the bed.                                                                  FADE OUT:               EXT.STREET BASKETBALL COURT - DAY               Full of life, Bob plays basketball with some local guys.               All over the court, and towering over the other players, Bob                dominates the game.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. BOB'S HOTEL ROOM - DAY               Bob looks at himself in the bathroom mirror, he feels his                stubble and sees that it's turning grey.               He opens the hotel shaving kit. He squirts shaving cream                from the child-size can. Even the razor is small. He covers                his face with shaving cream when the phone rings.                                     BOB                         Hello?                                     RECEPTION                         Mr. Harris, we have fax for you!                                     BOB                         Ok.                                     RECEPTION                         Do you want I send it to your room?                                     BOB                              (sarcastic)                         Great.                                     RECEPTION                         Thank you, Mr. Harris.               He hangs up and shaves.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL GROUND FLOOR LOBBY - DAY               Bob gets out of the elevator- the Suntory group is waiting                for him. He ducks behind a wall and sneaks out a side entrance                of the hotel.               EXT. PARK HYATT - DAY               Bob comes out of the hotel into the sunlight. The street is                crowded with MOTORCYCLE GANGS going by, one waves a big flag.               Bob watches the strange scene in the street for a moment,                and then makes his way past.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. DAKINYAMA - DAY               He walks down a little street in a more old-fashioned                neighborhood. He's wearing new techno sneakers. He makes a                call on his cell phone.                                     BOB                         Miss Kawasaki? It's Bob Harris...                          I'm not going to be able to do that                          interview today.., yeah... ok....                          Yes, I'd love to stay to be on his                          talk show... sure.. ok... bye.               A light rain starts as he looks at a fax from Charlotte with                a map she's drawn and tries to figure out where he is - there                are no street signs.               EXT/INT. ICHICAN SUSHI - DAY               Bob finally finds the small restaurant. The automatic door                opens for him, and Charlotte, at the bar with the cute chubby                SUSHI CHEF, turns to Bob happy to see him. He is disheveled                from the rain and adorable.               He sits down next to Charlotte, she pours him a beer and                orders for him.                                     CHARLOTTE                         You made it.                                     BOB                         They really have to work on that                          street name thing.               A perky recording voice says "Kornichiwa!" from his pocket.                                     CHARLOTTE                         What's that?               He pulls a pink Hello Kitty watch from his pocket.                                     BOB                         It's for my daughter.                                     CHARLOTTE                         How old is she?                                     BOB                         Four.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Oh, she'll love it.               The Sushi Chef gives him perfect little pieces of sushi on a                banana leaf.               Charlotte takes a bite of a piece - but it won't break, so                she has to stuff the whole thing in her mouth, embarrassed.                Bob makes fun of her gracelessness.                                     BOB                         Nice one.                                     CHARLOTTE                              (mouth full)                         Fuck off.               They have lunch, he makes her laugh.               He looks down at her feet in flip flops, her toe is purple.                                     BOB                         What happened to your toe?                                     CHARLOTTE                         I don't know, I think maybe I broke                          it? I knocked into something the                          other day...               She slips her shoe off and shows it to him- her middle toe                is black and blue.                                     BOB                         That doesn't look good.               She enjoys the sympathy.                                     CHARLOTTE                         It's bad isn't it?                                     BOB                         We should get you to the doctor.                                     CHARLOTTE                         You think so?                                     BOB                         Yeah, look at that thing.               She smiles at him.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. DAIKANYAMA STREET - DAY               Bob tries to get a taxi, finally one stops and they get in.                He tries to explain "hospital", he does pantomime, draws a                first aid cross, but the DRIVER doesn't understand. Charlotte                is enjoying Bob's effort.               Finally he finds a Park Hyatt matchbook and calls the hotel                number.                                     BOB                         How do you say "hospital" in Japanese?                                     RECEPTION (O.S.)                         Excuse me?                                     BOB                         Hospital?                                     RECEPTION (O.S.)                         One moment, please.               She transfers call, it rings.                                     CONCIERGE (O.S.)                         Concierge desk, may I help you?                                     BOB                         Yes, can you tell me how to say                          "hospital" in Japanese?                                     CONCIERGE                         "Hospital" in Japanese? Hosupitari.                                     BOB                         Hosupitari?                He tells the Driver who looks at him funny. Bob says it again-               faster, with a Japanese accent. The driver nods excitedly                and drives off.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT.HOSPITAL LOBBY - DAY               Bob and Charlotte walk in, looking around at where to go.               Bob talks to a woman at the desk to explain what they need.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOSPITAL 2ND FLOOR - DAY               Bob takes a seat in waiting area as Charlotte goes into a                little room with a number on it.               Bob waits next to a 100 year old lady.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOSPITAL - DAY               Charlotte stands alone barefoot on a little box, wearing a                lead apron, as a MAN and ASSISTANT X-ray different angles of                her foot.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOSPITAL GIFT SHOP - DAY               Bob looks around at all the Japanese gift stuff, and buys a                little stuffed bunny. His phone rings as he's paying for it.                                     BOB                         Hello?                                     ELAINE (O.S.)                         Bob, it's me.                                     BOB                         Oh, hi, Elaine.                                     ELAINE (O.S.)                         So, we got you on an earlier flight,                          but I really think you should think                          about staying for that talk show.                                     BOB                         Ok.                                     ELAINE (O.S.)                         You'll do it?                                     BOB                         Yeah, I'll stay.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY               Charlotte's foot X-rays are displayed on a big light box. An                older DOCTOR talks about them in Japanese to his younger                ASSISTANT as he wraps Charlotte's toes together. She doesn't                know what they're talking about.               INT. HOSPITAL WAITING ROOM - DAY               Charlotte comes out where Bob waits with the little stuffed                bunny.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Is that for me?                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. PARK HYATT - LATE AFTERNOON               Bob and Charlotte arrive back at the massive hotel, they                stroll in casually, she is carrying the stuffed rabbit in                her arm.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL SPA BATH - EVENING               Bob reclines in the big Japanese wooden tub, steam rises as                he is turning red. His phone rings. He dries his hands quickly                to reach it before it stops ringing.                                     BOB                         Hello?                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Bob?                                     BOB                         Hi, Lydia.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Is this a bad time?                                     BOB                         Uh, no.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         (O.S.) It's really hard to reach                          you... Did you get the carpet samples?                          I like the burgundy.                                     BOB                         Ok, whatever you think... I'm lost.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         It's just carpet.                                     BOB                         That's not what I'm talking about.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         What are you talking about?                                     BOB                         I don't know.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Is there anything I can do?                                     BOB                         I don't know... I want to be more                          healthy. I want to eat better.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         What?                                     BOB                         You know, eat healthier.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Alright?                                     BOB                         Not all that pasta.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Fine.                                     BOB                         Like Japanese food.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                              (sarcastic)                         Why don't you just stay there, and                          you can have it everyday.                                     BOB                         Oh, come on.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         I have to go, Adam's tormenting Zoe,                          I'll talk to you later. Are you going                          to be Ok?                                     BOB                         Yeah, I'll be fine. Bye.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CAR - NIGHT               Bob rides in the back of a cab.                                     CHARLOTTE (V.O.)                              (voice-mail message)                         Hi Bob, it's Charlotte... how are                          you doing today?... I'm going to                          meet Charlie and those guys at this                          place called Orange around ten...                          come meet us if you get this...                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. OFFICE BUILDING - NIGHT               Bob's cab pulls up at an empty office building.               INT. OFFICE BUILDING - NIGHT               Bob looks at a fax from Charlotte with a map, wondering if                he's in the right place. It's quiet and looks like a generic                office building.               He goes in the little metal elevator, and the door opens on                the 8th floor onto a little nightclub you would have never                thought was there.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. ORANGE NIGHTCLUB - NIGHT               Lights strobe and Peaches' seedy "Fuck the Pain Away" booms                through the speakers.               Tan JAPANESE STRIPPERS with platinum hair dance and hang                from a pole on a little platform.               Bob sits alone on a brown ultra suede couch feeling out of                place and empty.               He looks over at a table of young AMERICAN INVESTMENT BROKERS.                He wishes he wasn't there, but tries to seem comfortable.               Charlotte shows up with Charlie and the other guys. She sits                down next to him, and gives him an 'are you going to kill                me?' look.                                     CHARLOTTE                         How long have you been here?               He looks at her like it's been forever. She smiles for                forgiveness.               They look over and see a WEIRD GUY in the corner getting a                lap dance, they look at each other, sharing the joke of the                place, but both uncomfortable about the sexuality of it.               Through a beaded curtain, Charlie and Bambi get lap dances                in a dark corner of pillows.               Charlotte looks at Bob.                                     CHARLOTTE                         C'mon, let's go.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. TOKYO STREETS - NIGHT               Bob and Charlotte go up to a cab, but the driver refuses                them. They don't know why, but just make their way down an                empty side street. Little plastic cherry blossom decorations                hang above them.                                     BOB                         Where's your husband?                                     CHARLOTTE                              (like she's said it a                               million times)                         Working.                                     BOB                         Do you ever see him?                                     CHARLOTTE                              (sorta)                         Yeah.                                     BOB                         Do you know where we are?                                     CHARLOTTE                         No.               She puts a coin in a vending machine and takes a cold sake                "one-cup". A tiny brad Pitt head smiles at her next to an                iced coffee.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Isn't it weird there are no street                          names in Tokyo... you'd think a city                          like this would have street names...                          you need a map to get anywhere...                          look, there are no signs...               They keep walking, small figures on a little empty street.                                                                  FADE OUT:               INT. PARK HYATT LOBBY - NIGHT               As they make their way back, they pass a lounge off the lobby.                It's late, it's pretty empty,  a housekeeper vacuums and                just a SLEEPING MAN sits in the back of the lounge, and a                snuggled up romantic JAPANESE COUPLE sit close to: Kelly,                the blonde actress, singing to them.               She stands facing them with a karaoke mic singing "Nobody                Does It Better" with all her heart.               Bob and Charlotte look at each other and keep walking (trying                to be invisible).               FADE IN:               INT.CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - MORNING               Charlotte lies in bed. She picks up a photo next to the bed                as she dials the phone.-               The picture is of her and John on their honeymoon. The phone                answers - it's a weird Japanese recording.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Um..Hi, John, if this is your phone?                          I'm not sure...I'm going to go to                          Kyoto for the day...I'11 try you                          when I get back. Hope it's going                          good... I love you, bye.               INT. TRAIN - DAY               Charlotte watches the Japanese countryside go by out her                window.               EXT. KYOTO - DAY               Charlotte walks through a beautiful garden. She's a small                figure in the landscape.               She approaches a temple where she stops to watch a wedding                procession. A young bride and groom in traditional kimono                walk under a parasol with their family.               Charlotte looks as- the nervous, young bride clutches her                mother's hand. The young groom walks along with them.               Charlotte is moved by the whole scene, the beauty of the                temple and the wedding party. Her eyes well up.                                                                    CUT TO:               She walks up a narrow path, surrounded by red maple leaves.               At the top of a little hill, she comes up to a shrine.               At its entrance she sees a tree covered in little white pieces                of paper tied to its branches. She sees Japanese people                writing on the paper and tying them to the tree. Charlotte                writes her wish on a paper and ties it to a branch.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. T.V. STUDIO - DAY               Exciting music plays as the talk/game show starts.               Bob, in an elegant suit, goes out to meet the HOST.                                     TV HOST                              (in Japanese)                         We hear you're quite a golfer.               A TRANSLATOR translates.                                     BOB                              (nodding)                         I enjoy the sport.               The Translator translates - four sentences longer and with                added enthusiasm.               After a few questions the Host excitedly announces something                to the AUDIENCE in Japanese. They scream, the lights flash,                Bob has no idea what's going on.               A cloud of smoke reveals the IRON CHEF, with feathered hair,                wearing an 18th century waistcoat.  A large red chef hat is                placed on Bob's head.                                     TRANSLATOR                         They now have the competition for                          you with the Iron Chef.               Bob looks around as a counter is pulled up to him and now                Bob and the Iron Chef are at dueling counters. The Host barks                instructions in Japanese, an apron with a stuffed animal                lobster on it is tied around Bob, the crowd cheers - there's                no way out.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CAR - NIGHT               Bob rides in the back of the presidential, looking out the                window at the city.               He pulls a polaroid out of his pocket and looks at it. It's                Charlotte, peering over her shoulder with a little smile,                from their sake-drenched night at Nobu's compound.               INT. PARK HYATT BAR - NIGHT               Melodramatic '70s Japanese music plays. Bob sits alone, hating                himself, at the bar. The redheaded Jazz Singer takes a break,                and a seat next to him.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. BOB'S ROOM - MORNING               In the harsh-morning light, Bob wakes up in his bed.               He hears the Jazz Singer singing in the shower "Midnight at                the Oasis".               Her red mane of hair passes frame as she ushers in room                service. She seems to have taken over the whole room. He                wants it all to go away. She walks off to the bathroom and                there's a knock at the door. Bob rushes to get it before she                can.               He opens the door a crack, Charlotte looking sweet, is                standing there. Her hair is back in a pony-tail. Bob's just                wearing a towel around his waist, and his hair is sticking                up.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Rough night?               He's not in the mood, he looks at her like he already hates                himself, doesn't need more help.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I'm going to Daikanyama, do you want                          to come walk around?                                     BOB                         Yes, but no, I can't right now.               The singer starts singing again in the background.               Charlotte gives Bob a look.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Oh, I guess you're busy, huh.                                     BOB                         I don't want to be.               He watches Charlotte walk away down the beige hall.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. TOKYO STREETS - DAY               Bob is walking down the crowded street looking for Charlotte,                when his cell phone rings.                                     BOB                         Hello?                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Hello, Bob, it's me.                                     BOB                              (can't hear)                         Hello?                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         It's Lydia, your wife.                                     BOB                         I couldn't hear you. How are you?                                     LYDIA                              (sighs)                         Fine. Is it going ok?                                     BOB                         It's ok.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Do you want to-                              (garbled)                                     BOB                         What?                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Do you want to talk to  Zoe?                                     BOB                         Yeah.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                              (calls in background)                         Zoe, come say hello to your father...               A little girl's voice shouts "No!" in the background.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         I guess she's busy.                                     BOB                         That's ok.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         When are you coming home?                                     BOB                         Tomorrow.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Her ballet recital is Saturday, don't                          forget.                                     BOB                         Ok.               In the background the daughter calls for her Mommy over and                over and a dog starts barking.                                     LYDIA (O.S.)                         Ok, well, travel safely. See you                          soon.                                     BOB                         Bye.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. ICHICAN SUSHI RESTAURANT - DAY               Charlotte, with sunglasses on, leans against the wall as Bob                approaches.                                     CHARLOTTE                         You can't get sushi anywhere in Japan                          after 2 o'clock. Did you know that?                                     BOB                         No, we'll find something around here.               She goes with him.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. SHABU SHABU RESTAURANT - DAY               Bob and Charlotte are seated at a big booth in a corny Shabu                Shabu restaurant.                                     CHARLOTTE                         The Jazz singer? The red-head?               Bob looks at her like- don't make it worse.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Well, I guess she's more around your                          age...  You guys could talk about                          things in common, like growing up in                          the fifties.                                     BOB                         You're a brat, wasn't there anyone                          else around to lavish you with                          attention?               She scowls at him.               The waitress brings them drinks- she pours beer slowly, and                turns on a pot on the table to cook their food.               Charlotte looks at the menu - it is filled with photos of                different trays of meat. The waitress doesn't speak English.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I can't tell the difference?               They have trouble ordering, but point to a picture on the                menu.                                     BOB                         We'll have two of these.               He makes some small talk, she is bugged.                                     BOB                         What do you want to drink?                                     CHARLOTTE                         A coke.               He orders the drinks.                                     BOB                         So, where'd you go today.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Around.               "This is the End" by The Doors starts playing on the stereo.                The waitress brings two huge trays of sliced raw beef. Steam                rises from the pot on the table.               The song ends, and another Doors song comes on.                                     CHARLOTTE                         They're not going to play the whole                          album, are they?               They look across the table, over the steam and meat, at each                other- the whole thing is awful.                                                                  FADE OUT:               INT.CHARLOTTE'S HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT               In the darkness, under covers, Charlotte is woken up by a                loud fire alarm.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. PARK HYATT - NIGHT               The fire alarm booms as the hotel guests and staff hurry out                of the hotel.               Amidst the crowd of Hotel guests in their pajamas, Charlotte                finds Bob- he's wearing a kimono and slippers. She's in boxer                shorts and an undershirt and slippers.                                     BOB                         I'm sorry.                                     CHARLOTTE                         That lunch was the worst, huh.               He laughs.               She looks down at his feet stuffed into the little hotel                slippers.                                     CHARLOTTE                         When are you leaving?                                     BOB                         Tomorrow.                                     CHARLOTTE                              (friendly)                         I'm going to miss you.                                     BOB                         That's what you said the other night.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Well, I mean it more now.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. PARK HYATT BAR - NIGHT               and Charlotte, still in their pajamas, sit at their usual                spot at the bar, with the bartender, drinking cold sake. She                lights two cigarettes and passes one to him.               A NEW JAZZ BAND is now playing. The SINGER is full of                enthusiasm as they start their stint at the Park Hyatt.                                     NEW SINGER                         Good Evening. I'm Carl West, and                          we're thrilled to be joining you                          this week, here at the NY bar in                          Shinjuku.               He sings "Where or When" with all his heart.               Now, old-timers there, Bob and Charlotte look at each other                and chuckle.                                     SINGER                         Jt seems we stood and talked like                           this before,   we looked at  each                          other in  the same way thenr   but                           I cant remember where or when...               Bob and Charlotte sit there together.                                     BOB                         I don't want to go back tomorrow.                                     CHARLOTTE                         I know. But, it doesn't last, you                          have to go back sometime.                                     BOB                         Why can't it last?                                     CHARLOTTE                         I don't know, it just doesn't, reality                          changes things....we can't stay here                          forever, unless maybe we started a                          Jazz band.               (alt Charlotte dialog: I don't know it just doesn't, reality                changes things...and we can't stay here forever)               He looks over at her.               The singer continues Where or When, as they sit there                together, the view sparkling.                                     SINGER (O.C.)                         Somethings  that happen for the first                          time,   seem to be happening again                          and so it  seems we have met before,                            and laughed before,   and loved                          before,   but who knows where or                          when...                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. ELEVATOR - NIGHT               Bob and Charlotte, drunk in the elevator.                                     CHARLOTTE                         54?               He nods, she pushes 54 for him and 56 for herself.               They look at each other across the empty elevator, both                leaning against the walls.               The elevator stops at 54, he leans in to kiss her good-night.                They kiss like you would on the cheek- but it's closer to                their mouths. The door shuts- he missed his floor.               The elevator continues up, and stops on her floor. They kiss                good-night again and she gets out before the door closes.               He watches the door close on her as she makes her way down                the long beige hall.                                                                  FADE OUT:               INT. CHARLOTTE'S ROOM - DAY               A fax comes through the machine in the empty room.               IT'S A NOTE AND CUTE DRAWING FROM JOHN -               SEE YOU ON SATURDAY, I MISS YOU..."                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. PARK HYATT LOBBY LOUNGE - DAY               A sexy EXECUTIVE WOMAN asks Bob for a light. He looks at her                great legs as he lights her cigarette. He looks around,                keeping an eye out for Charlotte. The group of commercial                people arrive to see him off.               He excuses himself for a moment and goes to a phone on a                little table in the corner.               Bob picks up the house phone.                                     RECEPTION (O.S.)                         Hello? Yes?                                     BOB                         Hello, can I have room 5601.                                     RECEPTION                         One moment.               Traditional Japanese music plays on hold.                                     RECEPTION                         I will connect you.               Bob gets the room voice-mail.                                     BOB                         Uh...Hi, Charlotte... it's me, Bob...                          ok, I guess you're not there... wanted                          to say good-bye...               He hangs up, feeling lame.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. HOTEL RECEPTION -DAY               Bob with his bags tries to call again. The commercial people                and hotel staff crowd around to help him, asking about his                stay.                                     BOB                         Charlotte?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Hi, Bob.                                     BOB                         I'm just leaving.... do you have my                          jacket?                                     CHARLOTTE                         Uh, yeah... I'll bring it down.                                     BOB                         That'd be great.                                     CHARLOTT                         E Ok, see you in a second.               A member of the hotel staff brings him an envelope on a little                silver tray.               Miss Kawasaki gives him some gifts from their company in                traditional Japanese wrapping, he doesn't know what to do                with them and has to carry them.               The Executive Woman from the bar walks up to him. He hangs                up the phone.                                     BOB                         0hr hi.                                     EXEC WOMAN                         You're leaving?               She looks at him like, we could have had some fun.                                     BOB                         Yeah, yeah, I'm going.               He sees Charlotte come out of the elevator.                                     BOB                         I have to go, thanks, bye.               He rushes over to Charlotte. She looks at his bag.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Just saying good-bye to everyone                          before you leave?                                     BOB                         Yes, no.               She hands him his jacket.                                     BOB                         Thanks.               She waits for him to say something more. He wants to tell                her he loves her, that she should come with him.                                     CHARLOTTE                         That's it?               The concierge tells him his car is here.                                     CHARLOTTE                         You're leaving right now?                                     BOB                         Yes.                                     CHARLOTTE                         Well... have a good flight.                                     BOB                         Thanks.                                     CHARLOTTE                              (hurt)                         Ok, bye.               She walks away.               A hotel manager asks Bob about his luggage, another asks if                he had a pleasant stay. Charlotte gets in the elevator to go                out, the doors close on her back.                                                                    CUT TO:               EXT. PARK HYATT - DAY               It's bright outside the main entrance. A presidential pulls                up and the automatic door opens. Bob squints as the Bellboy                in white gloves slowly loads his luggage into the trunk.               INT. CAR - DAY               In the backseat, Bob leans back on the little doily.               The car pulls away.               Around the corner, he looks down a crowded alley and sees                Charlotte's blonde hair.                                     BOB                         Can you pull over a second?               The DRIVER, wearing white cloth gloves, pulls the car over                slowly. Bob tries to open the door'99 it won't open, he has                to wait for the automatic doors to open for him (slowly).               EXT. TOKYO STREETS - DAY               Bob gets out and rushes down the street to where he saw                Charlotte. The street is crowded with JAPANESE PEOPLE, and                different colored umbrellas, (it's sunny out with a light                rain).               Music blasts from speakers on the street, and there is some                promo going on with GIRLS handing out little cologne samples.                Bob looks around for her, but only sees dark hair, umbrellas,                and super tan JAPANESE KIDS.               In the distance an umbrella moves to reveal Charlotte.                                     BOB                         CHARLOTTE!               But she can't hear him over the loudspeaker. He rushes to                her.               C.U. she turns and we see she is crying.               The music swells. He embraces her, holding her close to him                in the crowd.                                     BOB                         Why are you crying?                                     CHARLOTTE                              (sincere)                         I'll miss you.               He kisses her, hugs her good-bye.                                     BOB                         I know, I'm going to miss you, too.               He holds her close.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlotte watches Bob as he reaches his car, he turns and                looks at her.               She smiles at him, and is lost in the crowd.               Bob gets into his car.                                                                    CUT TO:               Charlotte walks with the crowd as they go on their way.                                                                    CUT TO:               INT. CAR - DAY               Back in the Presidential, alone, Bob leans against the little                doily.  They drive off.               He looks out the window, Bob's happy he's going home, he's                happy he came to Tokyo.               Bob's P.O.V.-  Tokyo goes past his window.                                                             FADE TO BLACK:                                         THE END
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