The big turnip

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Theatre script

Theatre script “The big turnip”


John the man

Victoria the wife

Lisa the girl

Jack the boy

Bella the dog

Jerry the cat

Tom the mouse

Reader: In a nice farmer, John  puts the seed

 in    the ground. John is very happy because the     seed    grows.

John: Oh it’s a turnip… it’s very big!

Reader: John wants to eat the turnip, but the turnip doesn’t move. He calls Victoria his wife. She’s at home, she’s doing her homework.

John: Victoria , come and help!

Victoria: It’s very big. Pull, pull…Oh no! The turnip doesn’t move!

Reader: They see a boy.

Victoria and John :  Come and help!

Boy: Pull, pull… Oh no! The turnip doesn’t move

Reader: They see a girl.

Everyone: Come and Help! 

Girl: Pull, pull… Oh no!   The turnip doesn’t move!

Reader: Near there are Bella the dog, Jerry the cat, Tom the mouse. They decide to help John, his wife, the boy, and the girl. 

Dog:  Excuse me my friends…

Cat, mouse:   Can we help to try?

Everyone: Yes thank you.   One turnip, two turnip, three turnip… Hurrah!

Victoria : We have got a big turnip .

John: Thank you very much.  Have dinner with us.

Reader: While they have dinner a poor man knock the door. John open the door .

The poor man: Can I have some think to eat?

John: Come in and sit down with us.

Every one: Now we understand, it’s good to help other people.







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